Working Holiday Visa To Australia – So are you thinking of getting an Australian working holiday visa? First of all, congratulations! An Australia Working Holiday Visa experience is a great opportunity to live and travel in a new country, while also being able to earn funds for your travels or onward travel!

This Australia working holiday visa guide is for anyone planning to enter Australia specifically on a working holiday subclass 417 visa, including the UK. , and the Work and Holiday Subclass 462 visa, which includes US citizens. These visas cover all eligible countries and nationalities that can enter Australia on a WHV (Working Holiday Visa), so please read if you are considering living and working in Australia on one of these visas. have been

Working Holiday Visa To Australia

Working Holiday Visa To Australia

If you are from another nationality that is not listed for 417 or 462, please double check the relevant requirements on the Australian Immigration website.

Two Australian Working Holiday Visas With Dual Nationality?

I am from UK and my partner is from US, we were going to Australia on working holiday visa in October 2019, so I hope our own Australia working holiday visa experience and advice will be useful for those who are doing the same. want to do and will give you some tips on how to prepare for a working holiday in Australia.

I struggled to find all the information I was looking for in one place, so this guide should cover everything you need to know, things I want to know about Australia working holiday visas. What to Know Before Applying for and Avoiding Australian Working Holiday Visa Mistakes!

We were in Australia until October 2020 so I will keep updating this with any new information as well.

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Differences Of Working Holiday Visa Australia Subclasses

After the travel uncertainty of the last 2-3 years, Australia’s borders are now open and Australia is accepting working holiday visas again.

Recent agreements between Australia and the UK (2023) now mean that UK citizens can apply for an Australian working holiday visa up to the age of 35.

Application Process – How to Apply for Working Holiday Visa in Australia? Which visa do I need?

Working Holiday Visa To Australia

Application Process – How to Apply for Australian Working Holiday Visa? Which Australian Working Holiday Visa to Get? Australian Working Holiday Visa: UK Citizens

Working Holiday Australia: Experiences And Things To Know

UK nationals are eligible to enter Australia on a working holiday visa subclass 417, you can apply for this visa here.

To get a working holiday visa for Australia, you will need to create an ImmiAccount. This is the Australian Government Home Affairs portal where you can upload your supporting documents, pay for your visa and check the status of your application.

The official website advises that 75% of applications are processed within 12 days and 90% within 35 days. Obviously you need to take into account the timescale when you expect to travel to Australia and when you need to book your flights. Do not book your flights before your application is approved.

In my experience, my visa was approved immediately. I submitted my application, closed my browser and 30 seconds later an email popped into my inbox saying: Approved.

Dreaming Of A Working Holiday In Australia Or New Zealand? Here’s Your Ultimate Comparison Guide

Most people have no problem with the application process. I really recommend that you provide as much evidence as possible, answer all the questions correctly and I’m sure your application will be straightforward as well.

US citizens are eligible for the Australia work and holiday visa subclass 462 which you can apply for here.

The official website advises that 75% of applications are processed within 28 days and 90% of applications within 48 days. It has a much longer processing time than a UK visa for a few reasons.

Working Holiday Visa To Australia

US citizens are required to provide other information for this application such as education level, education certificate and health check. In our case, the issue my partner ran into was that he had spent more than 3 consecutive months outside the US in the last 5 years. He was required to give a detailed report of the dates and countries he had visited and was then requested to undergo a health check-up. This screening must be completed at certified medical offices that are spread across the states. His nearest medical office was in Seattle and he lived in Portland.

Looking For A Working Holiday Job In Australia? Don’t Make One Of These 9 Common Mistakes

After all, if you haven’t been out of the States for that long of a stretch, this won’t be an issue. However keep this timescale in mind if you have a specific date by which you intend to arrive in Australia.

This is a question I get asked a lot and whether I use a third-party company or complete the application myself.

I completed the application myself and I really don’t see the need for you to pay extra money to a third-party company on top of the cost of your Australia working holiday visa.

Visa is not cheap but the process and imi account is very straight forward, you have to collect a lot of documents but you have to do it anyway and supply to a third-party company, so why pay more for something like this Very easy to do yourself?

Moving To Oz On A Working Holiday Visa: How To Start Your Life In Australia

However this is really personal preference and if it makes you feel more comfortable with the application process there are companies like STA Travel (UK) or Bunc (US) who will take care of this for you.

Some people say they prefer using a third-party company because they offer additional benefits such as your Tax File Number (TFN), sending you a package to help you find a job and your first few minutes in town. Again, all these are easily done by you, from booking days of accommodation to arrival, so decide what works best for you.

For most countries, you must be between 18-30 years of age to be eligible for these visas. This is still the case for US citizens applying for working holiday visas in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa To Australia

However the Australia Working Holiday Visa UK process has recently been updated and the age limit has been increased to 35 years which is in line with the eligibility of Canadians, Irish citizens and French citizens.

All You Need To Know About Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

It’s worth noting that this age requirement relates to the age at which you enter Australia. As long as you enter Australia before your 31st birthday, it doesn’t matter if you turn 31 while living there, you still entered the country within the eligible age bracket.

Most people think that the cut-off age is 30 but it includes 30. This essentially means you have an extra year.

Proof of Funds: Australia Working Holiday Visa – How much money do you need to travel to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa?

As part of the application process, you will need to submit proof of funds. This is essentially the Australian government checking that you have enough funds to support yourself until you find a job and enough funds to buy a plane ticket.

The Ultimate Guide To The Australian Working Holiday Visa

To do this you will need to submit a bank account statement to show your available funds. You can submit multiple documents to show this amount in multiple bank accounts, just make sure the statements show your name and are as recent as possible, within the last three months. Allow to be but I think the more recent, the better.

So even though my current account statement was about to change after submitting my application and arriving in Australia (due to paying checks back in the UK and booking flights etc.), I was able to show a number of funding sources and My bank statements were too. Recent (I made sure they were all less than a week old – you can request them on most online banking apps).

I’ve had this question a lot too and the answer is: not a lot. Australia has a reputation for being very strict with people arriving on visas and people bringing banned or restricted food or substances. Everyone knows this, so my advice is not to risk it. Don’t risk bringing anything on their restricted items list, they will put you on the next flight home and there will be no refund for the visa.

Working Holiday Visa To Australia

As long as you follow the rules, you don’t have to show anything. Your visa is linked to your passport number, so when your passport is scanned, that information is already there.

How To Get A Working Holiday Visa For Japan

I had all my visa and proof of funds documents ready to show (because I read they were requested), maybe they are in other airports but I went through the automated immigration gates, scanned my passport, customs. Passed through, they did a quick bag check that was random; I was in Australia then!

Unfortunately this is a decision only you can make! But you can make an informed choice when visiting Australia on a working holiday visa.

Do your research, see information about major cities, think about what

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