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Digital nomads from around the world are settling in Mexico after the country became a hotspot for location-independent workers during the pandemic. It was one of the few countries that welcomed tourists throughout the height of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 crisis. So it’s no surprise that this North American paradise is prime for nomads to base themselves for remote work.

Work In Mexico For Foreigners

Work In Mexico For Foreigners

If you’re planning to follow their lead, it’s your lucky day as we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for you!

Why Invest In Mexico As A Foreigner?

As a remote worker, it is essential to have a stable and productive work environment. Mexico offers that, plus the added benefits of great weather, delicious food and affordable prices.

Mexico is popular among established digital nomads, as well as remote working newcomers. Cities like Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Mexico City have also become digital nomad hubs over the years. Therefore, the infrastructure for remote work is particularly well developed in those locations.

Furthermore, with COVID-19 variants still a factor for travel, we expect many location-independent professionals from the US, Canada and other countries to look to Mexico for their next move.

Thanks to Mexico’s ideal geographic location, the country is easily accessible to US and Canadian citizens. People coming from Europe also do not have a very long flight time to reach the country.

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Therefore, when working away from Mexico, you will be a short flight from your friends and family.

Flights from Canada or the United States take approximately 2-4 hours depending on your departure city, and from Europe 10-11 hours. Typically, you’ll fly into Cancun and then take a one-hour bus or taxi to Playa del Carmen. Tulum is another popular destination and can also be reached by bus or taxi from Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

In terms of accessibility and distance, Mexico is the lowest cost digital nomad destination to reach from North America.

Work In Mexico For Foreigners

Mexico’s time zone is another advantage of working remotely there. It’s perfect if you’re working US working hours, and European hours aren’t that far off either. Mexico City is just one hour behind the capital Washington DC and six hours behind London.

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When you wake up in Mexico, it’s noon in London. Therefore, workers far away from Europe have a time difference of six or seven hours.

However, if you have a day job in the UK or Europe, that can be difficult to manage. You have to wake up at midnight to start the UK shift.

There really isn’t much to say other than it’s perfect! In the popular Yucatan Caribbean side of the country, temperatures range from late November to December between 25-26°C, and go up to 29°C in the afternoon.

If you’re from Europe or North America, Mexico is a great place to escape the colder months, which start in November and last until April.

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When visiting Mexico, you also need to keep the location in mind. Some parts of Mexico are colder at that time of year. Mexico City and the surrounding areas are some of those cooler places. It can be as low as 9 degrees Celsius in the morning, but it warms up during the day.

Consequently, Tulum and Playa del Carmen are some of the best destinations in Mexico during the winter months in terms of weather.

Digital nomads and remote workers need to be aware that the cost of living in Mexico is not the lowest you can get in Latin America.

Work In Mexico For Foreigners

Some of the cheapest destinations in the region are Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. Mexico’s prices are slightly higher because of the abundance of foreign and distant workers who are happy to pay higher prices since most are American wage earners.

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However, it’s still cheap to live like a local in Mexico. You’ll spend $5 USD for a bottle of kombucha or $6 USD for a salad. At the same time, the food is at least half as cheap as the local.

Furthermore, as a digital nomad coming to Mexico on a short-term basis, you can expect high prices on many items. But if you stay longer, it’s less expensive.

Talking in more detail about the cost of living in Mexico, you can live a basic life on about $1,000 a month. The average cost of living for expats, digital nomads and remote workers varies from $600 to $2,000 depending on a person’s lifestyle choices and location. In more touristy places like Playa Del Carmen or Mexico City, if you don’t keep an eye on expenses, you can easily spend $1,500 to $2,000.

As a starting point for those on a limited budget, you should aim to spend $1,000 per month while living in Mexico and working remotely.

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A reliable and stable internet connection is like bread and butter for remote workers and digital nomads. In Mexico, you can easily get a 4G SIM card at almost any convenience store. For around $25 US dollars, you can buy 6 GB of data. It can be used for mobile hotspot when there is no internet connection.

In a study from March 31, 2021, Mexico was ranked 80th out of 177 countries in the world for fixed broadband speed and 69th for mobile broadband speed.

The global broadband average speed is 98.67, while Mexico barely reaches 46.77 Mbps. If you want the fastest internet in Mexico, head north.

Work In Mexico For Foreigners

The main internet providers in Yucatan (near Cancun) are Telcel, Telmex and AiTel. Telmex is the largest provider and has the best service.

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Overall, your experience with the Internet in Mexico can vary from very good to very bad. Most Airbnbs will have a fiber connection with speeds of around 80 Mbps for download and upload. We strongly recommend doing your research when booking accommodation, asking your landlord and reading reviews.

In any case, buy a backup internet package that you can have on your phone and use it as a hotspot. Also, everyone needs to familiarize themselves with how to do it

So what is our final verdict on Internet for remote workers in Mexico? We give the country a score of five out of ten.

Of course, Mexico does not have the same level of development and socioeconomic progress as the United States, although a less developed country is not synonymous with a lower quality of life.

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Of course you can pay high prices for luxury retreats and high-end restaurants in Mexico. But staying at the beach on a budget is also fun for many people.

Culture is another big draw for those moving to Mexico as remote workers. Mexican culture is vibrant, rich, colorful and joyful. Its historical music, festivals, dance and food are essential elements of local life.

In addition, Mexican people are very friendly and open. They in no way like foreigners or have anything against them.

Work In Mexico For Foreigners

The main language of Mexico is Spanish, which is known as an easy language to pick up. You can quickly learn some basic vocabulary words. Furthermore, there are mutual terms between English and Spanish, as well as some other European languages. Even Mexican people don’t judge if your Spanish is bad, as long as you are at least trying to communicate.

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Visa regulations are another place where Mexico shines. It is the only country in the world that gives you a 180 day stamp in your passport upon arrival. It is called the Mexican Tourist Card. US citizens, along with many others, can stay in the country for up to 180 days without a visa. However, the Mexican Tourist Card cannot be extended or renewed.

In general, citizens of the US, European Union, EFTA, Canada and Australia can visit Mexico without a visa. Other nationalities will need to apply for a Mexican visa before traveling. You can see the exact list here.

There are many exemptions to Mexican visa rules, so check here to see if you qualify. Citizens requiring a Mexican visa are required to apply before entering the country.

Defense is not Mexico’s strongest point. It is considered a relatively dangerous country in terms of scams, pickpocketing, dacoity and other crimes. For example, foreigners may experience scams at convenience stores when receiving change from a cashier. But this is a minor issue. There is also a lot of gang and cartel violence that occurs from time to time. However, serious incidents are rare, especially involving foreigners or tourists.

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When living as a foreigner in Mexico, you just need to be careful of your surroundings. If you’re staying in a mainly touristy area, like Playa Del Carmen or Tulum, you don’t have to worry too much about your safety. Some of the most dangerous places in Mexico don’t see much tourist activity.

Although Mexican cuisine is one of the best in the world, you may be a little disappointed with its quality. Compared to places like Europe or Southeast Asia, Mexican food scores pretty poorly.

For example, in Europe, you will have

Work In Mexico For Foreigners


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