Why Is A Red Car More Expensive To Insure – The most expensive car paint costs $2,000 per gallon. It is made by Lexus and replicates the beautiful and bright blue of the American Morpho Butterfly. Except, the wings of the American morpho butterfly have no blue color, so it’s not exactly blue. It’s a trick of light, and Lexus has gone to great lengths to recreate the chemical structure that creates that effect, and it can only do so using 40 different layers of paint.

It took years to develop and apply, but Lexus has pulled off the blue color and put it right on your heart for people. However, that’s only if you can snag one of the 40 Lexus LC special editions that feature the color. If Lexus offered it as a color option it would be crazy expensive. That thought made us wonder what are the most expensive color options to order from the factory.

Why Is A Red Car More Expensive To Insure

Why Is A Red Car More Expensive To Insure

“The engineered paint using mica, metal flake and ultra-high transparency nano paint uses PMC’s advanced robotic paint system to increase color strength using multiple base coats. This is followed by two clear coats to increase color vibrancy,” says Acura. One of the two most expensive color options for the long-for-this-world NSX. Mica is a crystalline mineral that produces a multi-colored pearl effect. Nano pigments provide many positive properties to paint, including increased strength in color and the ability to achieve an even finish. On the NSX, it’s a $6,000 option, and you can see in the photos how vibrant the color and saturation are. In the body, see the depth and shine for color.

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In the year In 2012 BMW produced 40 BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition models as well as grey, silver and blue versions. The special editions celebrate 40 years of BMW’s M division and cost $81,060, about $10,000 more than the same spec model. Frozen Edition models came with a Competition Package to complement the 414-hp V8 and dual-clutch transmission, and rode on 19-inch M3 GTS-style black wheels. The paint is a thin coat that can be easily damaged, and BMW makes customers sign a warranty if they don’t take care of the paint job properly. The Frozen Edition M3s are fairly priced, and last year we saw one go for $40,000.

According to legend, the reason Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Silver Arrow cars ran their metalwork bare and clear instead of painted with white lead paint was to save weight. True or not, the glass finish looks incredible. It is very expensive to get any kind of true glass effect from paint; Therefore, it is rarely seen on cars. However, Mercedes offered the album color to SLS AMG customers at a cost of $12,750. That’s around $200,000 for the car.

The vehicles must be carefully prepared to achieve the correct result of the silver mirror paint. The aluminum bodywork is perfectly smooth before seven layers of deep, slick-looking paint are applied. During the production life of the SLS AMG, only three are done per week, but the paint does not require special care. Since then, the color has been available on other Mercedes vehicles. However, if color correction is needed for a scratch or scratch, it can be incredibly expensive.

This is not a comprehensive list because when you start talking about really high-end cars, prices are not officially discussed. However, Koenigsegg, one of the 125 people on the shortlist to buy Jesco, hinted at the options for the structure. The price is insane to say the least. The bare carbon fiber bodywork costs $292,000 and the colored carbon fiber costs a staggering $346,100. Although the bare carbon fiber body option costs $443,000. However, these are not considered color options. The price of the metallic finish is $13,900, the pearl color is $24,800, but if you want the candy colors, apple red or sweet mandarin, you will add $63,300 to the price of $2,800,000. Given the other options and the price of the car, $63,300 seems reasonable for the paint job.

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You can pick up a custom color from Porsche now for $12,380, but if you want to spend crazy money on paint, you’ll want one of the Chromaflair finishes via Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Chromaflair, the unique finish below is Urban Bamboo, changes color depending on viewing angle and lighting. The reason it’s so expensive is that the paint has a multilayer interference film formed into micron-sized flakes. Bottles have an aluminum center surrounded by a glass-like layer, so the difference in the size of the paint layer affects the difference in color. To get the finish right, the tolerance of the layers is measured in atoms. Painting the gift of paint is an understatement.

Unfortunately, Chromaflair is amazing to look at, but a photographer’s nightmare. You really have to see a painted car to see how amazing it looks.

McLaren envisions the Speedtail as a functional piece of jewelry, as imperfectly as an automotive conveyance. Indeed, a hypercar is a work of art and McLaren is happy to reveal all 106 made exactly how their customers want them. This includes a client who wants her Speedtail to match her favorite sunset view. However, the most expensive color we’ve seen from the McLaren factory is full of diamond flakes. At $130,000, it’s over the top but not as silly as the solid-gold hardware options or the hefty $56,000 Platinum badge.

Why Is A Red Car More Expensive To Insure

The value of this paint job has never been officially confirmed. However, from the complex “geometric design consisting of diamond shapes with unique color contrasts” and Bugatti officially admitting that it is close to leaving the customer’s request, we do not doubt the multi-million dollar estimate. The problem arises when the diamond pattern spreads across the shape and edges of the divot and becomes distorted. Bugatti had to apply 2D graphics to a 3D model before painting. Each of the 1,600 diamond shapes must be adjusted, and even one millimeter of one diamond will spoil the result. Bugatti had to carefully plan the scheme on a test car before testing it on a customer vehicle, then took an extra two weeks to paint it by hand before the graphite and clear coat went up.

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When it comes to factory paint, Rolls-Royce’s Betok division is more than willing to take on the challenge and make dreams come true. In this case, the color added by a thousand diamond dust. Rolls-Royce won’t disclose the price of the paint job, but we believe it’s in the double-digit millions. Conservatively, a good 2-carat would cost around $16,000. But these were ethically sourced in Namibia by an expert who assessed each diamond’s distribution and light reflection. They were then ground into dust and dyed to help create the first Rolls-Royce Geist Elegance model.

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Why Is A Red Car More Expensive To Insure

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