Where To Get Egypt Visa – If you are traveling to Egypt, a visa is required for most nations, but can easily be obtained on arrival at the main border crossings. Here I will focus on arriving at Cairo International Airport (CAI) and why I prefer a visa on arrival over an e-Visa.

The process is very straightforward, which is one of the reasons I wrote this short guide. Many Award Expert clients visiting Egypt express the fear of having to purchase a visa on arrival. No need to fear: it’s easy as pie and nothing more than a revenue generator for the Egyptian government (rather than a means of separating the desirable from the undesirable travelers). There’s no background check or anything like that: just pay the $25 and you’ll be handed a sticker that you can stick in your passport (some agents will put the sticker directly in your passport for you).

Where To Get Egypt Visa

Where To Get Egypt Visa

When exiting the flight, follow the signs for passport control. For my last trip, we arrived at Terminal 2 (my first time flying in or out of Cairo on an airline other than EgyptAir). Once you get down, the immigration counters will precede the baggage claim area. Do not proceed directly to immigration. Instead, find the visa on arrival (clearly marked). There, you can get your visa (cash USD, EUR or GBP only – no credit or debit cards). Only single entry visas are sold. You will be handed the sticker (pictured above), which you can put directly into your passport before you get to the front of the passport control line.

Cairo Airport Review

A few additional considerations. First, Egypt now offers e-visas online. I’m not a fan of them because I understand you don’t get a visa sticker on arrival if you arrange an eVisa. However, the e-visa may be more attractive precisely because it takes up less space, because it can be arranged in advance without waiting in line, it can be paid for by credit card and a multiple-entry visa can be purchased for 60 USD. .

Second, if you are only traveling to the Sinai region (eg Sharm El Sheikh), no visa is required for stays under 15 days, provided you do not leave the region.

Obtaining a visa on arrival in Egypt is a straightforward process. I still prefer to do it the old-fashioned way to get a sticker on my passport, but now an e-Visa is also possible.

Matthew is an avid traveler who calls Los Angeles home. Each year he travels more than 200,000 miles by plane and has visited more than 135 countries. Working in both the airline industry and as a travel consultant, Matthew has been featured in major media around the world and uses his Live and Let’s Fly blog to share the latest airline news, frequent flyer program commentary and detailed accounts of his travels around the world. . In the latest news and without prior notice, Egypt apparently plans to more than double the visa-on-arrival fee from $25 to the new price of $60 starting next Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Everything You Need To Know About Egypt E Visa

That new price is absolutely untouched and will hit many unprepared travelers, including yours truly, as I was due to fly to Cairo on March 2nd.

I’m not sure what’s on the minds of the Egyptian authorities, but multiple news sources, including travel industry newsletters, have just reported that this new measure will go into effect next Wednesday.

Egyptian airport officials say authorities are more than doubling the cost of entry visas for foreign visitors from next week. Officials said Friday that foreigners will have to pay $60 per visa, up from $25 and $70 for multiple-entry visas. From there, they add that banks and travel agencies have received a notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the new price increase, which will come into effect on Wednesday. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

Where To Get Egypt Visa

Is this it? Indeed, there is no official media like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the people. Note that the visa on arrival in Cairo must be purchased in cash foreign currency at the exchange counters just prior to immigration. Not everyone carries $60 USD or the equivalent of Euros in cash just in case.

Passports And Visas

I currently live in Asia and I either use the leftover dollars from my recent travels or have to exchange the local currency to USD ahead of time.

Publishing this measure more or less through leaks is not only bad form, but also evidence of the chaos and dysfunction of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why would they expose visitors to such uncertainty, especially after the country has already suffered huge losses in tourism following the revolution and the downed Russian plane.

We will keep an eye on this matter. I have a ticket arriving in Cairo next Thursday, where I’ve already considered not going all the way and jumping to the Middle East instead. I think this pretty much seals the deal for me not going to CAI, especially since the points earned levels for that short segment are very low and paying $60 plus a deal with Cairo airport is not a good trade off.

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Where To Get Egypt Visa

Under ALL United States and Canada 20% off Winter Sale for stays until April 30, 2024 (Book by March 29) On November 16, the Egyptian Cabinet approved entry visa facilitation for Haya Card holders for the 2022 World Cup, with in order to stimulate local tourism in anticipation of the international event.

Egypt Announced New Visa Rules, Visa On Arrival For Indian Tourists

According to the decree, the Egyptian visa fee will be waived for Haya card holders upon arrival in Egypt, be it for leisure or transit. This will remain true throughout the World Cup, hosted by Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

In addition to the eased visa procedures, the Ministry of Tourism announced a 50 percent discount on all museums and heritage sites for Haya card holders, in addition to instructing hotels in the coastal cities of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh to offer discounts on their online rates.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation will also work with Air Cairo, EgyptAir and other airlines in the region to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals in order to expand the capacity of their carriers.

The Haya Card is a digital identification card that allows holders to enter Qatar, access its stadiums, services and transport; however, the card can only be obtained if an individual is also a match ticket holder.

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The Haya card is customized to the individual and includes the cardholder’s name, photo, match ticket, Haya number, passport number and more. Only one per person is required.

With a heart for radio and an appetite for culture, Mona is a writer and illustrator based in Cairo. At Erasmus University Rotterdam, she earned a BA and MA in Media, Culture and Society, while actively writing for the faculty magazine. After graduation, Mona was an academic advisor at the American University in Cairo, as well as the CEO of a small advertising firm based on campus. Shifting gears, her knack for cultural research took over—enter: The Streets of Egypt. Mona’s focus is on issues of identity politics, culture and social architecture.

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Where To Get Egypt Visa

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Egypt Visa Requirements For Tourists. Visa Requirements, Fees, Processes & Exemptions For Visiting Egypt

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War on Gaza Live: IS targets entrance to Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital, 47 aid trucks by Rafa Farah Rafiq November 4, 2023 In this article I explain exactly how you can get a 6-month visa to Egypt when staying in South Sinai (Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba).

The process explained is that of applying for a visa from citizens of most European Union countries, as well as Canada and the United States.

It’s a bit more complex for Russians, Ukrainians and some Eastern European countries, I don’t know the exact process for these nationalities, just that it involves an interview.

Canadians With Egypt Evisa Issued Before Oct. 1, 2023 Get A Reprieve

If you are staying in one of the previously mentioned cities, the visa office responsible for your case is in Nabq, a little outside the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. The whole process takes two and a half days.

Some people go to El Tour because it is possible to get the visa on the same day

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