What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check – For many, 2022 will be the year when travel dreams and bucket list trips become reality. Some of you may be taking your first big vacation, while others may be making a great return to travel after a two-year hiatus. Whatever inspires your adventures this year, now is a great time to rethink an important part of travel: your carry-on.

From choosing the right bag for your trip to determining the carry-on size for the airline you’re flying, packing the perfect suitcase brings you one step closer to your dream trip. Check out our comprehensive carry-on guide for most US carriers and prepare for your next unforgettable adventure.

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check

This is one of the most popular travel questions. And for starters, it’s best to note that baggage rules, from carry-on size guidelines to weight limits, can vary depending on which airline you’re flying with and where you’re traveling to—flights from the US often have different restrictions. than, for example, flights within Europe and other parts of the world.

Carry On Luggage: Size And Weight Restrictions For International Flights

The baggage size guide below suggests general rules shared by the world’s most popular airlines, but there are exceptions: it’s always best to check the websites of your preferred carriers for the official baggage size they will allow.

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The perfect carry-on is as essential to your trip as a sturdy pair of shoes to help you conquer the cobblestone streets of Rome, or a high-tech camera to seamlessly capture the moments of a once-in-a-lifetime safari. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping for your next handbag.

Once you’ve chosen the carry-on that best suits you and your trip, it’s time to start strategizing what to pack, which can be a fun way to get excited for your trip. If you plan to travel with only hand luggage, you will need everything you need. Even if you’re going to check in a larger bag, it always helps to keep the following essential items with you on the flight, as well-organized luggage can make traveling a lot easier.

Carry On Vs. Checked Bag: What To Know

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What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check

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What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check

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The Best Soft Sided Luggage For Travelers, Tested & Reviewed

Trying to figure out which luggage is right for your needs? Below is what you need to know about baggage sizes, airline size restrictions, carry-on bags vs. what fits in the overhead bin or under the seat, and more to help you decide which suitcase or carry-on is the best size for you. is

Luggage, like shoes, should fit well. You’ll go the distance and depend on what you need wherever you go. But today, buying new luggage is not as easy as choosing a large or small suitcase.

For traveling light, there are compact travel bags, weekenders and handbags. Checked luggage also comes in a variety of styles and shapes, including different sized suitcases with hard cases or soft sides; some are extensible, some are not. Maybe a rolling bag is better for your needs, or a garment bag… There are so many things to consider even before you get to the rainbow of colors available.

The right luggage can save hassle, time and a lot of money. Start by knowing what size you need, then move on to finding what you want.

Carry On And Personal Item Size Limits For 32 Major Airlines

These are all great questions that we’ll answer along with other important information to help you choose the right luggage size and style for you.

Airlines publish size limits for both carry-on and checked baggage, but those size limits can vary depending on the carrier, the route, and whether you’re flying cabin, business, or first class. If that’s not complicated enough, some airlines list luggage dimensions in inches by height, width, and depth, such as “22 x 14 x 9,” while others combine the three measurements to arrive at a single dimension: which in this case is 45 total linear inches.

To measure your bag, lay it upright with the wheels (if you have them) at the bottom and the extension handle at the top, but do not extend it. Measure from the bottom of the wheels to the highest part, which is probably the handle. This is the height of the bag and, along with the trunk, is the most important measurement to look for before you start packing.

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check

Second, measure the width from side to side at the widest point, which is probably the back of the suitcase if it’s soft. Hard shell bags are usually more symmetrical and the width doesn’t vary from bottom to top.

A Carry On Luggage Size Guide By Airline

Finally, check the depth of your bag. The depth of your suitcase, as well as its height, is especially important with carry-on luggage if you’re flying, as it needs to fit in the overhead bin of the plane. Note that some of our soft side bags are 9.5 inches deep.

To get the exact depth of your suitcase, lay it flat on your back and measure from back to front without expanding the bag. This measurement can change significantly when your bag is packed, especially if you have a soft bag and tend to stuff your luggage.

Hand luggage fits comfortably in overhead bins on the plane and also fits easily in most car trunks. The most common type of carry-on is a roll-on suitcase, but they can also be duffel bags, garment bags, and other types of luggage that fit within the airline’s carry-on size restrictions. It’s worth noting that soft-sided suitcases stretch and compress better than hard-shell suitcases, making it a little easier to squeeze them into overhead compartments when they exceed size limits.

Carry-on bags are ideal for short to medium-length trips when you don’t need to pack a ton. Check out our handy chart below to see what fits in the hand. Wallets, purses and small backpacks are considered “personal items” in airline terms. Personal items that fit under the aircraft seat do not count towards your baggage.

Rimowa Carry On Review 2023: Is $1,400 Luggage Worth It?

The published clearances for most major domestic airlines are 22 x 14 x 9, but most sized bins have about an inch of play in all directions. We have models that match the published dimming exactly, as well as models that are slightly larger for extra power, while of course fitting in the size and overhead bins.

Some regional carriers reduce size limits or only allow personal items that fit under the seat. For peace of mind, please check your airline’s website to confirm before travel. If you do, be careful not to overpack your suitcase until it’s bulging. If you check in, it may not fit in the overhead bin and you will have to hand it to the flight attendants who will tag it and send it to storage with the rest of your luggage. Some international airlines post smaller size limits than domestic airlines. Always check with your airline for the most current rules.

At ®, we test our carry-on bags in the same size bins found in airports around the world, making it easy for you to find a bag that doesn’t exceed carry-on size limits. Find detailed information on all our luggage sizes on the individual product pages.

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check


Carry On Luggage Size Guide: How Big Can Your Carry On Be?

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