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Creating a smooth, engaging, and service-focused customer experience must be a top priority for any business that hopes to become an industry leader. In fact, 87% of business leaders believe customer experience is the top source of growth for their brand.

Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

However, as technology and customer expectations continue to change, improving customer experience can be a challenge. Less than a third of brands believe they are ready to improve this aspect of their business.

How To Collect And Manage Customer Feedback

If you want to improve your customer experience, there’s a clear place to start. You need to understand your customers’ experiences, perspectives, and the difficulties you’re experiencing in your current experience. In other words, you have to get feedback from your customers. You can then analyze it and make changes to your current process.

If you understand how to use customer feedback, it will be easier to decide on ways to collect feedback. Customer feedback is so important and widespread these days that some say we currently live in a feedback economy.

Customer feedback can help you understand what your customers think of your business. You can collect feedback on your customer experience and almost every aspect of your product or service. Depending on why you need feedback, you can ask customers to provide feedback about a specific aspect of your business (such as your returns experience) or a more general aspect of your business (such as your overall customer experience).

Once you know how your customers feel about your brand, you can get to work. Customer feedback enables you to:

How To Get Feedback From Customers?

Carefully analyzing and responding to feedback can help you improve your processes, products, and content. It shows your customers that you genuinely care about them, while giving you the tools you need to grow your brand’s reputation.

Most tools you use to connect with customers also enable you to send surveys. There are also tools that can help you track unsolicited customer feedback on third-party review sites and social media. Here are four popular tools your brand might consider using:

Conversational commerce is a new trend driven by customers. They want to be able to complete all their purchases through a single channel (messaging). Chat-based surveys allow you to send automated CSAT surveys within existing messaging conversations. With this tool, customers can share their opinions without leaving their favorite messaging app.

Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

These investigations are automated and dynamic. Follow-up questions change based on the client’s reaction to the opening question. Plus, if a customer answers the opening question with words instead of numbers, your team will be alerted immediately so you can provide immediate support.

Ways To Get Honest Feedback

Email remains the most common channel for sending surveys. This is a logical choice; most prospects and customers have email addresses, and many of them provide their email addresses when placing orders.

There’s a lot of room for variation in the surveys you can send via email. For example, you can send:

However, keep in mind that customers are constantly receiving email feedback requests. Their email inboxes are already filled with similar requests, and in many cases, they ignore them. Test and iterate on your emails to make sure they eliminate inbox clutter: optimize subject lines, sender names, images, copy, and how to personalize your feedback requests.

In-app or website surveys are a great source of appeal to prospects and customers. They are located online and can be easily completed with a simple click or click. Additionally, you can learn about the experiences of prospects and customers while they are active on your website.

Improve Your Software With Customer Feedback

Customers are more likely to take action and provide feedback if you run in-app or website surveys on key pages. Making these surveys especially short increases your chances of getting a high response rate. Additionally, customers are less likely to get tired of seeing them because they haven’t been a popular survey channel in the past.

You don’t have to learn how to get customer feedback online. They offer free feedback proactively on social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) and online review sites (such as Yelp and Google My Business). This kind of unsolicited feedback is especially important because it targets other customers who may be interested in your brand.

Using customer sentiment analysis tools is especially useful when you’re collecting online feedback. These tools can notify you when a customer seems particularly dissatisfied with an aspect of your brand, allowing you to quickly resolve their issue.

Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

Choosing the right channel is just the first step in finding feedback. You need to make sure your request is attractive to prospects and customers. Here are six tips for getting more customers to respond to survey requests.

Best Customer Feedback Tools You Should Try In 2023

It’s important to send your survey at the right time. Experts say if you want feedback on a specific experience, the sooner the better. For example, send prospects or customers a survey about their customer service issue within an hour of the issue being resolved so they have a fresh experience. Send NPS surveys to long-term customers after they make two or more purchases. Being thoughtful when deciding which survey type to send to whom and when will help you get the most reliable data possible.

According to a survey, 60% of U.S. adults say they sometimes feel too busy to enjoy life; 12% say they feel this way all or most of the time. In other words, the client is too busy to conduct a lengthy survey. They are more likely to respond if the content is short and clear. Include the minimum number of questions possible and make sure they are very clear. Also, proofread your feedback request. Grammar and grammatical errors can confuse survey respondents, causing them to abandon the survey entirely.

Your customers want to know that you truly care about their opinion. In your request, emphasize that you value their opinion. Let them know how you will handle their feedback. For example, if you are planning a new product launch that will be affected by customer reaction, let them know. That way, they know their feedback will have a real impact.

When customers leave negative comments or reviews on social media, it’s important to address them quickly. If you can, you should take action and solve their problem. Responding quickly helps improve your brand’s reputation. Eighty-nine percent of consumers say they are likely to choose a business that responds to all online reviews.

Best Ways To Obtain Your Contactless Customer Feedback And Satisfaction Surveys [infographic]

Sometimes customers want to complete your survey but forget about it. (They’re busy, remember?) Send a reminder after sending the initial survey. About 10% of respondents responded after receiving a reminder. That being said, don’t send any more reminders after this. If you send multiple requests, customers who don’t plan to respond may get annoyed.

Likewise, customers want to feel valued by your brand. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them taking the time to give back. After they submit their survey responses, send a simple, sincere thank you note. (Consider automating these thank-yous so your team never forgets this important step!)

Throughout the process of collecting feedback, you need to prioritize your customers. After all, they are doing you a huge favor by sharing their feelings about your product and experience. In the long run, this information will help you improve your brand and grow your business.

Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

When you choose a channel to send your survey requests, consider where your customers are and which channels they prefer. For example:

Obtaining And Understanding Voice Of The Customer

Also consider how to write investigations and investigation requests. Keep your clients’ busy schedules in mind. Just ask a few questions and say thanks. Also, when you review feedback, address any pressing concerns and consider big-picture ideas. A quick response to negative feedback can turn critics into supporters.

Bringing customers together while planning how to collect and act on their feedback will help you achieve your ultimate goal: improving the overall customer experience.

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Get User Feedback And Iterate

By asking your customers for feedback, you will gain valuable insights into your product or service. Here are the main reasons why winning customers is important

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