Ways To Be More Productive In Life – In early 2022, several European countries will try a four-day work week. This is the case in the United Kingdom where 60 companies are participating in the game for 6 months.

This adventure raises questions, because accomplishing the same amount of work in less time is not necessarily easy!

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

So how can you improve your productivity at work? Here is a list of essential references that can guide you throughout your workday.

Why You Need A Clear Intention To Be More Productive

Procrastination is probably the biggest enemy of productivity. In the workplace, but not only! How many people decide to start exercising, and actually never do it?

Everyone procrastinates. Whether it’s making that important call with a client or writing a long report, there’s a simple way to avoid this. They call it “frog valley”.

If your job is to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. But if your job is to eat two frogs, it is better to eat the bigger one first. Mark Twain

This advice is certainly the most useful for managing your daily workload. By that, it means: the most important and difficult tasks should be tackled in the morning, usually when you are most productive.

Ways To Organize Your Life And Be More Productive

Once the most complex task is completed, the rest of the day immediately seems less difficult!

Note: Sometimes your workload doesn’t really look like a frog, but more like an elephant. And how would you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! 😉

If your tasks seem daunting, break your workload into small, manageable pieces! So define a specific amount of time that you want to assign to a particular mission, whether it is a long report, a presentation or another project that requires maintenance over time.

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once! You won’t do it. Instead, set goals and priorities.

How To Be More Productive

This reduces your productivity and consumes a lot of energy! As a result, it has a negative effect on your concentration.

If you do not want to lose your current project, try to organize your files and categorize your documents in files, but also mark your emails correctly.

Want to do even more? You can invest in tools that help you organize your tasks. Here is a list of popular apps:

💡 Tip: With good organization, you almost win the battle, remember also to reorganize your office! Get rid of objects that might distract you and keep the place clean and tidy.

Top 28 Ways To Make Progress In Your Life

Sometimes our professional ambitions become overwhelming and make us forget our well-being. According to a recent study from Stanford University, stress and fatigue are important factors that reduce productivity at work.

Since the global pandemic, more companies are allowing remote work, which has improved the work-life balance of many employees in the past two years. These avoid long hours of travel and traffic jams, at least a few times a week.

To maintain a healthy balance while working from home, here are some tips to stay productive (without losing sight of your physical and mental health):

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

Did you know that indoor plants in your office (home) can improve air quality? Certain plants such as spider plants or English ivy are natural air purifiers. 🌿 If you are not a plant expert, don’t worry: spider plants, for example, are very hardy.

Ways To Have A More Productive, Centered Life

Are you spending too much time on social media? Did you know that you can use site blockers to stay away from YouTube, Instagram and other networks?

Some digital tools even allow you to manage your workload more efficiently. With the automation of digital transformation, there are many options available: database platforms, analytics tools, contract management tools, etc.

Technological innovations can be very useful: employees who were previously overwhelmed by large workloads can now complete time-consuming tasks more efficiently – while ensuring that customer needs are met.

We all know it very well: some projects are just too big for one person to handle, and a little help from coworkers could make the job easier.

Ways To Improve Productivity In Your Daily Life

There are also tools, such as CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management Tools) that can change the way you work on a daily basis and prevent you from progressing…

Whether you are CFO, CIO, HR, sales or even a lawyer, creating or signing contracts is part of your daily professional life. Unfortunately, this involves a lot of paperwork and endless email exchanges between the parties.

By centralizing all your legal documents, you can create your contract database 10 times faster than with more “traditional” tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, etc. This allows you to save time and focus on more important tasks. Necessarily.

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

We would be happy to help you ease your workload. For example, manage your contracts with our CLM tool. They say one of the toughest opponents you face in life is yourself. Especially when it comes to productivity, it really is a struggle. Every day, you have to face situations where you have to choose between the interests of your pleasure or the interests that benefit humanity.

Becoming More Productive Is Not All About Your Professional Life. — Carl Pullein

This situation happens as soon as you wake up in the morning. Do you get up early to get an early start on things, or do you sleep in and stay tucked up in your cozy blanket until noon?

There is no better way to start a productive day than to start it as soon as you wake up. This means getting out of bed and starting your daily routine immediately without losing a single second of your precious time.

With this practice, you would feel like you have more time in a day to finish your deliverables, instead of wasting time at the beginning of your day only to find out that you have tons of work to finish.

A wrinkle on a pillowcase can also wrinkle your mood for the day, go make your bed. Although scientific experiments have been conducted that prove that a dirty room enhances a person’s creativity, it is still preferable to start with a de-cluttered space. This space will allow you to brainstorm.

Five Ways To Make Your December More Productive

A regular decluttering session, either in your closet or on your desk, is also good practice for getting rid of things you no longer expect. Less stuff, less mess.

Don’t just attack your bedroom or study, go further and dust the windows, wash your dishes, and walk around the house with a vacuum in hand.

Water, being the great universal solvent, does not only dissolve chemicals and other solid substances. Studies show that it also boosts productivity for a person.

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

Staying hydrated can increase your productivity by 14% by helping you focus on tasks, thereby getting you done faster than when you’re dehydrated.

Days For A More Productive You

Hydration can also come from hunger in the human mind that can cause overeating, when in fact all you need is water in your body.

Another good practice is to write notes. From having a checklist to your shopping list work, or even ideas, any thoughts that you would like to remember, take notes on them.

Your list will motivate you to finish what is written and trust me, a list with boxes checked at the end of the day is as rewarding as having ice cream with a cherry on top after a long hot summer day.

Having a well-rested mind and body when you get enough sleep gives you a boost of efficiency to complete your work the next day. On the other hand, sleeping less than seven hours can affect your mood.

Ways To Make Your Working Week More Productive

Not only that, but in the long term, your body’s physical capacity may decrease due to your lack of sleep.

Practice the habit of putting away your cell phone or any kind of gadget two hours before you go to bed. This will help you sleep better and easier.

Sometimes, we get bored even though there is a pile of files that need to be done. From time to time, we start our day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and end with a draft idea, without achieving anything, like a candle flame, slowly extinguished by a weak wind.

Ways To Be More Productive In Life

One task at a time. You can assume that you are smart in doing two, three things at once, but in reality, you are not. Give ideas and thoughts space in your brain.

Why Notion Is The Best Tool For Work Life Balance

Multi-tasking can get things done, but it will all come from quantity and mediocrity. Good quality work always requires commitment. Reminder, monotasking is always working, taking breaks, and pauses.

If you intend to work on a laptop,

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