Warhammer 40k New Tau Codex – T’au is about to launch a new codex, but what new models will they get? So far it looks relatively light.

Early next year, Games Workshop will be releasing a new T’au Empire Codex, and in addition to the rules updates in the codex, we’d also like to know what new models they’ll be getting. It’s looking a little sparse now.

Warhammer 40k New Tau Codex

Warhammer 40k New Tau Codex

First up, we have the new Darkstalker miniatures. This character is a special Pathfinder agent looking to add some extra tricks to the Tau’s arsenal. But that’s not all they got…

Codex: Tau Empire (4th)

Don’t forget about the “new” Pathfinder appearing in Kill Team Charnas. Of course, it’s mostly just a new accessory sprue, but GW did tease that the accessories will eventually have matching rules.

Games Workshop has shed some light on the three upcoming new models for the Codex. Consider that the Genestealer Cult and Custodes each have a new model to go with their new codexes:

So with the new Pathfinder character and the new Pathfinder upgrade sprue, the T’au technically gets more attention in the model line than the GSC and Custodes. No matter how you look at it, that’s still pretty low in terms of model count. So what is given?

Well, aside from the current chaos in the global supply chain, we think GW’s efforts may be focused on other things coming up in the future. Based on the Advent Engine, it looks like we’ll be getting some new Eldar miniatures in the future. The problem is that we don’t know how far into the future we are. After all, we’re still waiting for the new codexes for GSC and Custodes to actually arrive. And the Tau will probably be after that. Due to delays, we are three books behind schedule.

Codex Tau Empire (warhammer 40,000 40k)

On the Age of Sigmar front, let’s not forget that GW has also just launched a new miniature set for the Orruk Kruleboyz, as well as a ton of new Stormcast Eternals. It can also be a huge drain on resources for their production teams. We also updated the Black Templar at 40k which is another big infusion of new and updated sets. I don’t think GW has phased out new models, but I do think this downtime coincides with the holidays and issues with other parts of the supply chain. This is all speculation on my part – but it’s all coincidental, isn’t it? !

On the bright side, it looks like all three new books are getting at least some solid rules updates. We’ll have to wait to see their full potential when we get our hands on a copy of them. At this rate, it looks like there will be a ton of new rules to contend with in 2022.

Maybe GW has more up their sleeves…or maybe they’re waiting to show another army something more.

Warhammer 40k New Tau Codex

Adam is a Texas native and Austinite writer and editor with over 15 years of experience covering all things tabletop gaming. These include Warhammer 40, Warhammer 000, Age of Sigmar, Dungeons & Dragons, Board Games and anything involving dice, boards, cards and tables. As a hobbyist, gamer, and collector of miniatures and games, Adam’s current obsessions are his Legion of Death from Age of Sigmar, Blood Angels and Tyranids from 40k, and His ever-growing collection of Arkham Horror: The Card Game Collection. content. There are a lot of armies to choose from, many of which are constantly being updated and added to. The Orcs get their beast traps, the Battle Sisters get new battle gear, and the Custodes get new battle chests. Now, another army, specifically the Tau Empire’s Utopian mech pilots, will receive a new codex.

New Tau Killteam!

Bull head. First, the post mentions the release of a new Kill Team box for Tau: Chalnath. This will include new terrain, a rulebook, and new models for the Tau and Sororitas. It was then announced that a new codex would be introduced for blue-skinned armies early next year.

The article goes on to provide some more details. First, they brought new artwork to the book. Specifically, it shows the Tau commander’s Enforcer battlesuit leading the charge in a massive battle against Ork thugs. Thankfully, since the Pulse Rifle and Pulse Carbine have recently been overhauled, this makes this hypothetical battle less of a Tau death wish and more of a fair fight.

As for other details, Games Workshop is vague. They’ve already revealed what’s coming to the Tau Pathfinder unit, including revealing a new second-in-command called the Dark Walker, but other than this new artwork and a rough release window, we don’t have any yet Too much to know. Games Workshop did mention, however, that a new codex for the Tau would be released around the same time as a new codex for the Custodes and Genestealer Cult armies. Thankfully, this makes the early 2022 release window look less blurry.

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I Want To Share My New Hazard Suit. I Hope He Gets Good Rules In The New Forgeworld Codex 🙂

More information about this game Learn more about Warhammer 40, 000 Game Page Warhammer 40, 000 Publisher Games Workshop Release Date September 1, 1987 (Calendar) Buy (May have affiliate links) Warhammer 40, 000 official website and game workshop have drip irrigation new information about new updates for each army. The current season of Nachmund has shown off new things to come for the Empire and Chaos. The Eldar are getting an update for the first time in a long time. Then there are the Tau Empire’s highly technologically advanced mechs and battlesuits, new details for their upcoming Codex Games Workshop are excited to share.

Bull head. In lore, the planets colonized by the Tau, collectively known as the Templars, were culturally diverse but still part of the greater Tau Empire. This is important because you can now choose one of six major temples to represent the origin of your Tau forces, with all the implications that come with it. Each of the six Templars gives you a Templar Creed, a Warlord Trait, a Signature System Relic, and an exclusive strategy that represents the characteristics of the world they live in.

The article goes on to explain some of Tau’s new benefits. The Temple of Dalis focuses on trade and commerce, which is rare in the world

Warhammer 40k New Tau Codex

, which makes their armies more appreciative of the auxiliary units that complement their ranks, and they are adept at training Kroot and Wasp troops to use the Fire Caste’s powerful tactical philosophy. In turn, their cadres of hunters learned specialized field skills from their alien companions. In addition, the Sancian Temple focuses more on strategically capturing and locking down key terrain and locations. As for the relics, one of them, the Vector Maneuvering Thruster, came from the Tau Templar. It helps give the battlesuit greater mobility on the battlefield.

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But if you don’t like any of the six Templars for your Tau army, you still have options. In a vast dark sci-fi universe

, there are tons of factions, splinter groups, warbands and armies running around, and the Tau Empire is no exception. You can choose to play as a small templar, at which point you have the opportunity to choose certain templar principles and strategies for yourself. Laying out the various divisions of the Empire has its limitations, but by GW’s own admission, there are around 100 different potential combinations.

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More about this game Learn more about Warhammer 40, 000 Game Page Warhammer 40, 000 Publisher Games Studios Release Date September 1, 1987 (Calendar) Buy (There may be some links) Warhammer 40, The 000 official website is in preparation for its full release next year, and the T’au 9th Edition Codex cover art has been revealed along with new character miniatures for the nascent Imperial Army. Games Workshop revealed in a Warhammer community post yesterday that an enhanced Pathfinder version is coming to Warhammer 40k, as well as some Orc battlesuits.

New T’au Empire Pre Orders For 40k Fire Up This Week!

The cover art (see full illustration below) shows the Commander battle suit and a squad of Fire Warriors. Viola in white armor is dueling with a group of orcs, and the battle looks intense, filled with the usual mechas, drones, cube armor, and fish faces. It is worth noting, however, that there are no Kroot or other auxiliary alien races in the Tau Empire.

As for new models, Games Workshop has revealed Darkstrider (or Deputy Commander El’Myamoto, to use their full name) as T’au’s newest character model. The Darkstrider is an elite pathfinder that comes equipped with the Assault 2 Carbine and even has its own

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