Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Necron Codex – A wise man once told me, “scoring easy secondaries looks good.” That seems to be what Games Workshop was aiming for when they rewrote Necron Secondary Objectives in Warzone: Nephilim. Some faction secondaries strengthened, some weakened, and some got everything they could ever hope for. The Necrons got points, a core keyword on all vehicles (including the Silent King!), and an overhaul to their command protocols. None of these things make Necrons an immediate contender like the buff they get in their secondary game.

Purge Vermin: This was always part of the Necron’s secondary plans. Being a relatively slow-moving army that relies more on durability than spreading units across the board made this Secondary an almost automatic take after it was released in the Necrons Codex. The Nephilim version of this 2nd degree has been side-ranked because each table quadrant your opponent is not in now only scores 1 point, but now there is an extra point if you have no enemies completely within your range.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Necron Codex

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Necron Codex

This Secondary is still an excellent choice for many matchups as the Necrons really want to keep their side down more than ever with the updated Nephilim Secondaries. Engage became harder to score, Necrons never take Behind Enemy Lines, so Purge Vermin is the best way to look at the Battlefield Supremacy slot.

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Treasure of the Aeons: This was actually a pretty decent Secondary before, and now with the loss of Stranglehold it becomes very powerful. Any faction that has Stranglehold Light is going to use them in almost every game, and Treasure of the Aeons is no different.

The change that has made this secondary almost an auto take is now your opponent cannot pick a target in their area of ​​use. This means that all missions have at least one Treasure Objective near the Necron’s range. Just by holding one throughout the game you can easily get 10 points! A small bet on this secondary will give you a great score, and there’s not much your opponent can do about it other than kill you off the board.

Oh, and this secondary sits in the No Mercy, No Respite category. Choosing this easy-to-score secondary won’t mess up your plans to take other high-scoring secondaries. Kind of like the one below.

Ancient Machineries: Perform an action in Objective with a Core or Canoptek unit and get 4 points. Action ends at end of turn if Necron unit was ObSec. The entire Necron army will be ObSec. Looks ok.

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In some missions, this is an instant 8 points, and just remember that you can still initiate this action with enemy models in Objective. You just have to manage it. What should you do with all that ObSec.

I actually think there are situations where Raise Banners is a better choice than this secondary banner buff, but I don’t think Necrons will ever get below 8 in Ancient Machineries.

Code of Combat: This was always a tough secondary for Necrons. Every Lord except the Silent King is kind of a joke compared to the lethal power of the other characters in the army. While Silent King is perfectly capable of killing at least three units before he leaves, sometimes your opponent didn’t even need to remove Silent King from the board to render the fight ineffective. Without his Menhirs and lowering profile, a seriously wounded Silent King could turn this secondary into a bad call.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Necron Codex

Now, however, the Silent King gains a core keyword, benefiting from his own re-roll to hit Shooting and a re-roll to melee aura. This makes even a heavily wounded Silent King a huge threat on the table. This, combined with the additional buff that a melee kill on a Lord now gives 4 points instead of 3, makes Code of Combat a very viable choice.

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Overall: Necrons now have one of, if not the best, secondary picks in the entire game. Some armies have two solid options and are going to flex something based on their opponent’s army. Very lucky armies have three options that they are comfortable with in most games. Necrons have FOUR fixed secondaries spread across all the different classes. It’s not a question of whether the Necrons have a point advantage in the Secondary, it’s just a question of how big the advantage is based on the Secondaries selected. It’s been almost five months since I wrote much about the new Necron Codex, so I thought I’d go back (given my recently reanimated love of undead alien robots) and think more about what the book has to offer. I should warn you now – this blog is definitely going to be fast paced at around 4000 words. So get ready!

Although I haven’t played a game with Codex Necronies yet, I wanted to talk about it here because the book has rarely left my side over the past couple of weeks as I’ve been looking for ways to build an army that’s versatile and interesting to play, both with and against. This has actually turned out to be more difficult than I initially imagined, as many of the Necron models seem to be more expensive than I remember.

Overall, I think the 8th edition book is a wonderful addition to the army. I feel like a lot is really expensive these days, and while it’s probably pointless to talk about point cost compared to 7th point, I’m intrigued to see how much more expensive many units are now. I think I figured out that my first Necron army that I ranked 7th would cost about 100 points more now at 8th…

I think this has made me feel that the Necrons are much more of an elite army than I might have thought until now. While a lot of 8 seems to involve horde armies, the Necron’s ability to return slain models to surviving units can help prevent the need for multiple models on the board in the early game. It would really be overwhelming to have an army of over 60 models, all of whom can potentially come back after being killed! Instead, I have to try to focus my game plan on keeping my guys alive, and actually

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When I was writing this blog last weekend, I was planning a 1200 point list of a bunch of units I’ve already painted (or will be painting soon) and briefly talked about needing to reevaluate. as a strategy to throw yourself in the enemy’s face while playing. This has been a tactic for me for a long time, and sometimes it seems to work – going balls out can have its place, especially when it might not be what the opponent expects. I’ve noticed this especially in my Dark Eldar army, where people expect me to hold back and try to shoot my way out of the fight, while I often end up looting Venoms and throwing wave after wave in close. fight. (I’ve also talked before about how this slightly crazy way of playing games can perhaps detract from the overall gaming experience).

There is no way I’m going to become some kind of power player. I also don’t plan on becoming some kind of tournament player. But I want to try to improve as a player and see if I can’t improve my game for a better gaming experience. So I’ve been tossing this idea around in my head as I write and write my ideas for the Necron list, and I think I’ve finally come up with something that should be good – both to play and play against. This list still has some of the core of the last list I mentioned, but it has already started to turn into something much more…

First, I want to talk about how I ended up making this list because I feel like this has been a big starting point for me. So often with my 8th edition lists I’ve started with the assumption “I need to build a battalion” and ended up with some units on the list that I don’t necessarily want there. Or I’ve tried to build my army from as many divisions as possible to gain as many command points as I can.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Necron Codex

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