Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard – The Plague Lord affects the waxmen as disease and decay spread across the galaxy. Corrupted by Nurgle’s power, Mortarion’s children thrive on dirt, their unnatural durability lending to their trench warfare abilities. Grandfather Nurgle’s face weeps with joy as the Death Guard go into battle.

Due for release in late 2020, but delayed due to the current pandemic, the new Codex Death Guard for the 9th edition of Warhammer 40,000 is finally here in our horrid hands! We were lucky enough to receive a copy with Games Workshop a little early, so check back as we take a look at the new Codex and explore all of its disgusting delights!

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard

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The Woffboot Chronicles: Suppuration And Sorcery: Thousand Sons Vs Death Guard

In addition to this written review, I’ve also uploaded a video review of the 2021 Codex Walkthrough on YouTube, so check it out below! Or if you get your reviews in text form, make a new brew and read on!

Continuing the Codex releases after Indomitus and Warhammer 40,000,000 9th Edition, it’s now Chaos’ turn to take the spotlight, starting with one of the armies receiving their previous Codex. Issue 8, Death Guard.

Codex Death Guard is a 95-page expansion where you command your Plague Company and lead them to victory on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. If you haven’t picked up the Codex before, it contains a wealth of information about the military, sharing its history, organization and leaders. The presentation is top-notch, keeping the same style and layout as previous 9th Edition codexes, with content divided into color-coded sections for easy reference. The artwork is just as amazing as before, with great artwork such as the amazing cover art depicting Mortarion and the Death Guard beating the Ultramarines and even original return artwork such as The Lost and The Damaged!

As with previous Codexes we get a showcase of miniatures representing the entire range, as well as a look at Army Artists Team Tom Moore’s Crusader Army painted in the classic Horus Heresy scheme. I love the inclusion of the “real” army in addition to the “Evie Metal” images, as it gives you inspiration and ideas to create your own!

Death Guard Possessed

In keeping with recent Codex editions, we also get a really clear and concise reference section, an easier-to-learn format than the 8th edition books, and a comprehensive quick-reference glossary and rulebook that’s easy to browse. Middle Game Rules.

Lifeguards see many changes in this new Code, including several new keywords created to manage these rules.

Plague Marines and Poxwalkers (but not Cultists, interestingly) provided the Objective, alleviating the fear that Poxwalkers might not (and making them really good for camp purposes, especially when their points are cut!). But we see some new army building rules where you can’t have more Poxwalker units than Bubonic Astartes core infantry, and no more Bubonic Astartes cultist units. This may mean that some people need to change their army to have enough numbers to unlock Astarte units. It’s an interesting change, I wonder if we’ll see something like this in another codex to limit the cheap units that are often chosen to fill out squads.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard

In a similar but somewhat controversial move, Envy Within now means you can only have one Lord of the Death Guard per squad – a long list: Death Guard Demon Prince, Typhus, Death Guard Chaos Lord, Death Guard Chaos Lord in Terminator. Lord of armor, virulence and spread. If you want to select more than one from this list, you will need to spend these command points and get multiple squads! While we see something similar with Space Marine Captains, they have a lot of HQ options with lieutenants that don’t have that limitation.

Updating The Death Guard Daemon Prince For 9th Edition.

If you’re a fan of Elite Characters, you may have success with Foetid Virion, as they now carry over to 3 Elite Games in a similar way to Necron Cryptex, giving you more room for more fun. stuff!

Death to the false emperor is gone! Yes, everyone forgot about this rule in the battle rules, but it was a source of extra attacks, thankfully most units were given extra attacks across the board.

An unstoppable advance is considered stationary unless you’re retreating or advancing – except that infantry resist movement, advance and charge modifiers are useless against them, and vehicles don’t suffer -1 to fire heavy weapons. in the mixing range!

Death Guards also get their own space marine equivalent rules, allowing them to gain the benefits of rapid fire if they stay or have a terminator. In addition, the Unforgettable rule allows them to ignore Combat Attrition modifiers.

Unit Focus: Death Guard Leaders

Hatred Resilient has undergone a major overhaul, as it now reduces attack damage rather than 5+ wound compression – which makes you 1 weapon damage, but is actually a net improvement against 2 shots. I think this will be included in the Nurgle Daemon rules as well, which will be interesting as currently Plague Riders will not benefit from this.

Nurgle’s damage is a new ability held by most armies that consumes a -1 Strength aura – this aura increases in range as the game progresses until turn 4, when most of your army is given a 9″ -1 T aura. so cruel! Your Warrior also gains an additional aura based on which Plague Company you choose. It’s worth noting that you should get a plague company when building your army (theoretically different squads can be different companies) Each of these companies gives you a unique strategy, a new contagion for your fighter (This replaces their fighter) feature, so you’ll have to weigh the benefits !) and an additional relic – here are the plague companies:

This is the 1st company listed with the poxwalker group, and their layer allows the poxwalker unit to reroll all hits, which is great! The Warlord trait is interesting, dealing some of the old Death Guard auras while inflicting lethal damage during the enemy’s movement phase. Finally, their relic gives you an objective marker contig that deals a fatal wound when combined with a -1 hard node, or the warrior’s trait above.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard

This company has a stratagem that halves enemy builds, a warrior trait that improves friendly AP and a relic that heals wounds when you destroy a model – all of these seem like good options!

Cadians Vs Death Guard

Another great choice with some great options, the 1CP layer allows any friendly units within 3⁄4 of the allied model to engage with the hero (Careful charge those guys!). Warlord’s stats are fantastic, nothing in this category can beat Saves or Rolls, Hits or Wounds! Now, this is only on your Warrior, but it turns into a huge crowd in the late game, where your opponent will have a hard time countering your attacks! Their Relic allows the navigator to reroll all hits and wounds!

This psyker heavy faction gives the Strat Psyker extra strength and allows them to make a psychic check once per psychic phase, their relic increases their range of damage for a 7+ cast and their warrior attribute adds contagion. 6 makes a car accident.

These Daemon Engine Specialists and their abilities reflect this, their tiers don’t allow Daemon Engines to shoot explosive weapons, they also get +1 to hit! With this you can see interesting lists with aggressive mortars and polluters! Relic allows you to give 4+ engines, and their fighter quality reduces lead and increases combat appeal. Really like it and you can see some interesting siege lists here!

This faction has a strategy that increases the range of your auras,

Mengel Miniatures: Review: Codex Death Guard

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