Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard Codex – Very good // An item with noticeable but slight shelf wear. Wear and scratches on the outside, but spine/box corners and interior in excellent condition. The content is complete. May have a price/shop sticker on packaging or book cover.

Codex: Space Marines for 8th Edition Warhammer 40k.CONDITION Very Good // An item with noticeable but minor shelf wear. Wear and scratches on the outside, but spine/box corners and interior in excellent…

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard Codex

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard Codex

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Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard Codex

Used Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Skewer, Clan Rat w/ Sword 1. This miniature is metal and has been partially assembled / painted and then stripped; some glue or paint residue may remain. Images are … The Lord of Plagues affects wax as disease and rot spread across the galaxy. Corrupted by Nurgle’s powers, Mortarion’s children are bloated with filth, and their unnatural resilience lends them tenacious trench warfare abilities. Grandfather Nurgle’s face splits into a gleeful grin as the Death Guard march to war.

Th Edition Deathguard Codex Pbc Weapon Leak; The Doink Cannon.

Slated for release in late 2020, but fittingly delayed due to the current pandemic, the brand new Codex Death Guard for the ninth edition of Warhammer 40,000 is finally in our filthy diseased hands! We were lucky enough to be sent a copy a little early by Games Workshop, so sit back as we take a look through the new Codex and explore all its disgusting glories!

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In addition to this written review, I’ve also filmed a video review on YouTube that goes through the entire 2021 Codex, so be sure to check it out below! Or if you prefer your reviews in text form, brew yourself a fresh brew and read on!

Following on from the Codex releases that followed the launch of Indomitus and the 9th edition of Warhammer 40,000, it’s now Chaos’ turn to get their attention, starting with one of the armies that got their previous Codex back at the launch of 8th edition , Death Guard.

Warhammer 40k Codex Release Dates And News 2023

Codex Death Guard is a 95 page supplement that contains everything you need to command your own Plague Company and lead them to victory on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. If you haven’t picked up a Codex before, this basically contains a lot of information about the army sharing their history, their organization and leaders along with the rules for using the units in both Matched Play and Crusade games. The presentation is top notch, keeping the same style and layout as the previous 9th edition codices with the content divided into color coded sections for easy reference. The artwork is great as always with some brilliant pieces like the gorgeous cover art showing Mortarion and the Death Guard taking down the Ultramarines and even classic returning artwork like the original The Lost And The Damned making an appearance!

As with previous Codexes, we also get a miniatures exhibition showcasing the entire range, but also a look at the Crusade army of Tom Moore of the Army Painter team painted in their classic Horus Heresy scheme. I really like these inclusions of a ‘real’ army in addition to the ‘Eavy Metal images’ as this gives you more inspiration and ideas to create your own force!

In keeping with the other new Codex releases, we also get a very clear and concise reference section that contains the points in a much easier to digest format than in the 8th edition books, and full quick reference glossary and rules appendix that make looking up rules very convenient in the middle of the game.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard Codex

The Deathwatch sees quite a few changes in this new Codex, with a number of new keywords created to manage these rules.

K: Codex: Death Guard Deep Dive

Plague Marines and Poxwalkers (but interestingly not Cultists) have the target secured, removing the fear that Poxwalkers might not have this (and making them very good for camping targets, especially with their points!). But we’re seeing some new army construction rules where you can’t have more Poxwalker units than Bubonic Astartes Core Infantry, nor more Cultist units than Bubonic Astartes. This may mean that some people may need to shuffle their army to have the required number of Astartes units to unlock them. This is an interesting change, and I wonder if we’ll see any other actions like this in other codexes to limit cheap units that were often chosen to fill out wards.

In a similar but slightly more controversial move, Infernal Jealousy now means you can only take one Lord of the Death Guard per Ward – this is a massive list: Death Guard Daemon Prince, Typhus, Death Guard Chaos Lord, Death Guard Chaos Lord in Terminator armor, Lord of Virulence and Lord of Contagion. If you want to take more choices from this list, you need to spend these command points and take more wards! While we saw something similar with Space Marine Captains, they have many more HQ options with lieutenants that don’t have that limitation.

If you’re a fan of the Elite characters, however, you’re in for a spot of luck with Foetid Virion, as they can now be taken 3 to an Elite slot in the same way as Necron Crypteks, giving you more room to take more fun stuff!

The death of the false emperor is also gone! Yes, everyone forgot this rule in the heat of battle, but it was a good source of extra attack, luckily most units have instead gained extra attack across the board

Best Warhammer 40,000 Armies In Ninth Edition

Inexorable Advance means you count as stationary if you didn’t fall back or advance – plus infantry are immune to Move, Advance and Charge modifiers that make anti-charge defenses useless against them, and vehicles don’t suffer -1 to fire heavy weapons in the engagement area!

The Death Guard also still get their Space Marine-equivalent bolter rules which allow them to gain the benefits of rapid fire at half range if they stay still or if they are a terminator. Additionally, the Remorseless rule allows them to ignore Combat Attrition modifiers.

Disgustingly Resilient has had a big change in that it now reduces the damage of an attack instead of being a 5+ shrug – this makes you much more susceptible to Damage 1 weapons, but is actually a net improvement against Damage 2 shots. I have a feeling this will be folded into the Nurgle Daemon rules as well, which will be interesting to see as Plague Bearers currently won’t have any benefit from it.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Death Guard Codex

Contagions of Nurgle is a new ability held by the majority of the army that dishes out a -1 Toughness aura – this aura increases in range as the game continues up to Turn 4 giving most of your army a 9″ -1 T aura, which is pretty brutal! Your warlord also gets an extra aura of his own based on which Plague Company you choose. It’s worth pointing out that you must take a plague company when building your army (although different divisions could in theory have different companies) Each of these the companies give you access to a unique stratagem, a new plague for your warlord (this replaces your warlord) trait though, so you have to weigh the benefits!) and an optional relic – here are the available plague companies:

Newer Codex Lacks Content

This is the first company represented by hordes of poxwalkers, and their teams allow a unit of poxwalkers to reroll all hits, which is pretty cool! The Warlord move is interesting, it’s pretty much one

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