Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Books – In this second installment, I’ll talk about the only thing in the box you really need to play: the rulebook.

As mentioned in the first article, I expected the rulebook for this box to be of the “travel version” type – smaller format, soft cover, small font. Instead, we get a full 280 page hardcover tome.

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Books

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Books

It is lavishly produced in full color, with lots of illustrations, many of them on two pages. However, the drop-down panoramic images are gone.

Amazon.com: Games Workshop Warhammer 40k

In the first 180 pages of the book, we learn the background: the Empire, the alien races, the Chaos, all of it. It’s funny how for every new edition of the rules a new diagram appears to represent the inner workings of the Empire and how the different organizations are linked.

Of course we also learn about the great gap in reality; a ton of warp storms arose, cutting off communication within the Empire, and all sorts of bad things happened. It’s basically another Age of Strife. Things look very, very bad, as they always do in 40k and which of course is the core of the setti- WOOPIDOO, here is Roboute Guilliman and now is his time!

It’s been hinted at since second edition, of course, but no one thought they’d ever do it, but the Primarch of the Ultramarines is back, and in Deus ex machina fashion, a friend of his had been working on making bigger, badder marines for 10,000 years and now he’s finished It’s clear that many other chapters have since adapted the new technology (new technology! In 40k!) to make their own Big Leg Marines or Primaris. More on that later.

So everything is in shambles and Roboute Guilliman, after having saved a lot of people (yes I laughed a lot with the blood angels thing), is now leading a crusade of guardians, sisters of silence, imperial fists and a whole lot of slack. forces from other SM chapters to relieve besieged worlds throughout the Empire.

Amazon.com: Warhammer 40,000 Codex Adeptus Astartes: Dark Angels (8th Edition)

Right, with the rules. These are found once we get past the whole bottom. 8th edition shakes up the rules.

As we all know, since the late summer of 1998 40k has been built on the 3rd edition rules and since then they have been doing their best to make them actually work. And to be fair, they’ve gone pretty far on this, mostly adding stuff they’d thrown away in the 2nd to 3rd edition switch. Ultimately, the core 3rd edition rules aren’t strong enough to carry around 20 armies now, each with a host of special rules and equipment.

The 8th edition is here and once again it changes things, mainly trying to reduce the immense load of various things that you have to carry on your shoulders.

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Books

First of all: the value of Movement is back! The 2nd edition revival is here and all will be well again for us oldies! Well, not quite. The main reason for this is so that the movement of the vehicle can be managed more easily.

Warhammer+fantasy+rulebook+eighth+8th+edition+%28hardcover+rulebook%2c+2010%29 For Sale Online

One of the most obvious things about these rules is that there is no vehicle section. Vehicles now function like any other figure, using their movement value.

I think some movement mechanics were taken from Age of Sigmar. In addition to moving normally and running (now called Advance), units can also fall back if they are caught in close combat at the start of their turn. Neither advancing nor retreating allows the unit to fire weapons during its firing phase or charge in close combat.

This one is also kept pretty simple. Roll 2d6, for the psychic check, if you roll equal to or greater than the warp charge required to manifest the psychic power that occurs (with a small chance of warping Hazards, of course), the psychics can attempt to dispel via Deny the Witch . .

Speaking of dice, there is one very annoying thing in this rulebook: they constantly “roll a die”. Dice = plural, die = singular, right? Why look stupid on purpose?

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Targets can be chosen however you like as long as they are within range. You can even split fire, so if you activate an IG infantry squad, your guards pepper a unit of chaos cultists with laser fire while the guy with the missile launcher fires a krak missile at a unit of chaos terminators. Since there are no vehicle-specific rules anymore, this also means that your Leman Russ Battle Tank can fire its battle cannon at one target and its hull laser cannon at another.

AoS-style, hit rounds are now directly on the stat line. There are no more tables.

Weapon types remain, but change a bit: assault weapons can fire even after running (with a penalty to hit), heavy weapons get a penalty to hit if fired after moving, rapid-fire weapons they take double shots if the The target is less than half the maximum distance range, grenades can be thrown, if you can fire pistols in melee combat.

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Books

Yes, To-Hit modifiers are back! The 2nd edition revival is here and all will be well again for us oldies! Well, not quite. The modifier is -1 and that’s it.

The Necron Codex

Other than that, everything remains the same. Roll to hit, roll to wound, target rolls to save armor. The wound table is gone, instead it’s about “is the weapon’s strength greater than, equal to, or less than the target’s toughness, and if so, is S twice T or the other way around?”. In the end, this doesn’t change incredibly, other than a 6 always gets hurt now and a still 1 always misses.

There isn’t much new in terms of wound allocation, saves are cast as usual, but after the armor save modifier is applied. Yes, armor save modifiers are back! The 2nd edition revival is here and all will be well again for us oldies! Well, not quite.

Again, this is mainly so that the vehicle rules can be incorporated into the core rules. Vehicles use armor saves now and take a lot of damage.

To counter, these weapons that deal a punch now deal multiple wounds. A laser cannon, for example, still has S9, AP -3, and a d6 damage rating, meaning a target will lose d6 wounds.

Codex: Space Marines (hb): 9781788266307: Amazon.com: Books

Cover has also been revamped, as it gives a +1 bonus to armor saves, regardless of what type of cover is used.

In the next charge phase, any unit that hasn’t advanced or fallen can declare a charge against any target unit within 12″, roll for the range they can actually move and see if they cover the range or not. In any case, the target unit can fire defensively (called Overwatch), only hitting in 6s. The clever thing is that certain weapons, like flamers, auto-hit anyway, so without having to put special rules in the core rules, a little note next to the flamer’s stats fixes this and still eliminates the use of the old Wall of Fire. .

So we’re in hand-to-hand combat now! By the way, the whole term has been replaced with “being within 1” of an enemy model. This is a curious side effect of the core rule that covers everything from gretchins to flyers to titans: the way they are written is very generic and uses vague terms to describe fairly simple rules. So the core rules section is a bit odd I think.

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Books

You may have noticed that the Initiative stat is gone. Charging units always attack first, even with power fists and such. In fact, the Fight phase starts with ALL units that charged the attack, then all units of the inactive player still on the table can defend.

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After each fight phase, each unit can consolidate up to 3″ to move over the enemy and get more bodies in the fight.

This is straight out of Age of Sigmar that I know of. At the end of each turn, you have to check the morale of each unit that suffered losses this turn. Roll 1d6, add losses if total exceeds unit’s Ld, unit loses additional figures.

And that’s really it. Those are the new core rules for Warhammer 40,000. In the next installment of this series, I’ll go over the massive rest of what’s in the book, the advanced rules, and give my thoughts on the rules.

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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Core Rules

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