Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens – Many foreigners want to get a long-term Vietnam visa to stay and work in Vietnam, but it is not easy to get a long-term Vietnam visa. Currently, the Vietnam visa for tourism and business purposes takes a maximum of 3 months. Except for US passport holders, only US citizens can obtain a 1-year multiple-entry Vietnam visa, which is valid for both tourism and business purposes.

Long-term Vietnam visa for US citizens is valid for up to 1 year for tourism and business purposes. To apply for this 1-year Vietnam visa, Americans have 2 options:

Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

Applying for a Vietnam visa this way means applicants must submit the visa request online, which includes: passport copy, expected entry/exit, destination airport. Then pay the Vietnam visa service fee to have the Vietnam visa application processed at the Vietnam Immigration department. A copy of the Vietnam visa pre-approval letter will be sent to the applicant’s email address within 3-5 business days. The applicant then prints this document along with the Vietnam visa application form. At the departure airport, they show this letter to the officer in order to board the plane to Vietnam. When they arrive at Vietnam Airport, they take the Vietnam visa sticker from the passport.

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If you only need a short term visa like 1 month or 3 months, just submit the Vietnam visa form online like at this link: https:///en/apply-online

If applicants choose to go to the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate to apply for a Vietnam visa, they must contact the officer there to get detailed information about the conditions and fee before applying for a Vietnam visa.

Requirements may differ depending on which type of visa you are applying for and where you are applying for your Vietnam visa. In this article, we focus only on the Vietnam visa offered upon arrival.

When it comes to the 1-year tourist Vietnam visa for US citizens, the requirements are pretty simple. We only need your passport photocopy (make sure your passport has more than 1 year validity from your entry date, if not, you must renew your passport before applying for Vietnam 1 year visa).

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You should ask the company to be your sponsor. In this case, we need a copy of the company operating license to check its legality and what the possibility of sponsoring it for you is. If everything is OK, we prepare some documents for the company to sign to complete the file. Within 5-7 business days, a Vietnam visa approval letter for business purposes will be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department and then sent to your email. You get on the plane, you fly to Vietnam. If you prefer to work on a longer visa type or want to obtain a Vietnam residence card, you should apply for a work permit, residence card, taking into account your situation.

You do not have any organization to sponsor you. We can still get you a 1 year multiple entry business visa, but this type of visa is only for living in Vietnam, not for working on this type of visa.

+01-year tourist Vietnam visa: In the one-year tourist multiple visa, applicants are allowed to stay continuously in the country of Vietnam for 3 months (90 days), after which they must exit and come back again for another 3 months. In fact, many travelers have no idea about this special request and end up overstaying in Vietnam. They only know this when they leave Vietnam and have to pay huge fines for overstaying. In the worst case, they will be subject to restriction for violating Immigration rule.

Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

+01-year multiple business visas: It has the same duration as a 1-year tourist visa, but applicants on a business visa do not need to leave Vietnam every 3 months. This means you have the right to stay in Vietnam continuously without leaving for up to 12 months. If you want to stay in Vietnam in just one year, a 1-year business Vietnam visa is most recommended. Additionally, there is not a big difference in price between a 1-year tourist visa and a 1-year business visa.

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There are a few concerns when it comes to a 1 year visa for a US passport. In this article, we talk about some frequently asked questions about 1 year Vietnam visa on arrival.

Yes you can. As long as you have a valid American passport, you can apply for this type of visa wherever you reside. You don’t need to start your trip from the USA.

No you don’t. To board the ship, simply take a copy of the Vietnam visa approval letter sent to your email address and get the visa stamped on arrival.

This visa approval letter is for travel to Vietnam by plane only. If you wish to travel by land, please obtain a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy before departure.

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4. What if I am already in Vietnam on a tourist visa? Can I switch to a business visa without leaving Vietnam?

It is not possible to change your visa type during your stay in Vietnam. You must leave Vietnam before your current visa expires and return with a new business visa.

No there’s not. You can even go to Vietnam and back in one day. To be sure, on a 1-year tourist visa each entry does not exceed 90 days.

Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

7. Do I need to enter Vietnam on the date I specify in the Vietnam visa application form?

Visa Policy Of Vietnam

Once your plan to go to Vietnam is clear, you can start your visa request. The best time is 1 month before.

Extension is possible but very costly; it costs you around $300. It is better to take a break in another country and return with a new visa.

If you have concerns about your long-term Vietnam visa, feel free to contact us at any time for further support.

It is a commercial website. We are not representatives of the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission of Vietnam or any Government Ministry.

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We can arrange a Vietnam visa for you. Please click “SEND” to submit your visa request! Over the past few years, we have seen incredible Premium Cabin prices from Vietnam to the United States from various OneWorld airlines (Qatar and Cathay). Personally, I have been lucky enough to attend a few of these fares which have been a lot of fun.

But starting a trip in Vietnam presents a unique challenge. No, it’s not getting there… the real challenge is getting into Vietnam. See, to enter Vietnam as a US Passport holder, you must first obtain a Vietnam travel visa.

The process of obtaining a visa is not that difficult, but it can be a bit troublesome. I’ve written about this before, but you actually have to apply, receive a letter, visit the Visa on Arrival office, wait, and then the visa gets stuck on the passport page. The entire process is mostly painless, but it does cost around $25 for the Visa application and a “stamp fee” of $25-50 on arrival. Finally, the other thing I don’t like about the Visa on Arrival process is that, as you can see below, the visa and subsequent stamps take up at least two valuable pages of the passport.

Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

When I first applied for the Vietnam Visa in 2017, it was the only way to get a visa. Until very recently I thought this was still the case. Luckily, on the first leg of my Cathay Pacific First Class trip from Hanoi to Hong Kong, I met another FlyerTalk member who informed me about the “new” (since mid-2017) Vietnam E-Visa!

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One of the confusing things when applying for a Vietnam Visa is that the process seems a bit sketchy from the beginning. It can be difficult to figure out which website to use as most of the websites offering Visa services appear to be fake. In general, I recommend always using the official immigration website to avoid being exploited. Applying for an e-Visa is similar in this respect and again I recommend using the Vietnam Immigration Website.

To access the E-Visa application site, click on the Electronic Visa (E-Visa) image when you arrive at the home page above.

Then click the button on the site above that best suits your situation. In my case, I clicked on the “For Foreigners” page, which best described the purpose of my visit. After clicking this link, you will reach the application page below.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application form, but make sure you do it quickly. I noticed that the application does not work properly if it is not filled out in a timely manner.

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Filling out the Vietnam Electronic Visa application is quite simple. The only “hard” part is scanning a photo of yourself and your passport data page into the app. After that, you just need to write the required data exactly as it appears in your passport.

After filling out the application form completely, you must click on the box confirming that you have filled out the application correctly, before clicking the “review application form” button at the bottom of the page. After clicking this button, you will reach the payment page. As expected, simply fill in your payment information to pay the $25 E-Visa Application Fee. Once you enter your payment information, the next step is critical!

After sending

Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

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