Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens – If you are planning to travel to Kenya and your main purpose of travel is not tourism, you will most likely need an invitation letter. In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about an invitation letter. This includes when you will need an invitation letter and what information the letter must contain.

The invitation letter is proof of travel and is one of the Kenyan visa requirements. It helps authorities verify that you have a legitimate reason to enter the country.

Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

You need a visa invitation letter if your purpose of travel is not primarily touristic and therefore applies to the following 3 groups:

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Everyone knows that applying for visas and getting all the right documents can be time consuming and difficult. Fortunately, with , you can apply for a visa in minutes; best of all, the app will help you with your invitation letter. will take your hand and guide you through each step of the application process.

This depends on your main purpose of travel. As I mentioned earlier, if you are traveling for business, an employer or sponsoring company in Kenya. On the other hand, if you are traveling to visit family, the invitation letter should be sent to you by your host family. Finally, if you are traveling to Kenya on a school trip, you need a letter from the university or school you are traveling to.

Since the invitation letter is part of the visa requirement for Kenya, you can submit your invitation along with the visa application form. Additionally, since US citizens can apply for an e-Visa to Kenya, you can submit your invitation letter and visa application online.

Of course, there is also the possibility of processing this visa, which is much faster and easier.

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The document should be uploaded in PDF or JPG format. There are no size restrictions, but it is recommended that the archive be no larger than 450kb.

You may also need to upload certain required documents such as passport, passport photo, return ticket, travel itinerary and credit card to pay the visa fee. Keep in mind that he will take care of all these documents for you

There are different types of Kenyan visas that require specific requirements in the invitation letter. So in this section we will look at three types of invitation letters.

Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

The business invitation letter should be issued by the employer or sponsoring company in Kenya where the visa applicant will be working during their stay.

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The letter should state the reason for the invitation, such as a meeting or other company event, and the individual’s position in the company.

When applying for an eVisa, you must submit the letter electronically with a copy of the company registration.

As foreign nationals staying with family or friends are not required to book accommodation, it is not possible to provide a hotel reservation as proof of travel.

So instead of presenting proof of hotel reservation, you need to send an invitation letter from the host family. The invitation letter should contain the following information:

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Like a business invitation, this document is meant to prove that you have a place to live while in the country. It is presented with a copy of the host’s passport/citizenship card/alien card or entry permit.

The third group of people who need to submit an invitation letter to get an eVisa for Kenya are students traveling for educational activities in an African country.

Before starting the eVisa application process, you should ask the school or other educational institution to provide them with the letter.

Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

It depends on the purpose of the trip. For example, an invitation letter that a person has to submit for business would be different from a letter attached to visit friends or family.

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The invitation letter should be given by the employer or sponsoring company with whom you will be working during your stay. Not to mention the company should be based in Kenya.

The invitation letter must state the reason for the invitation to Kenya, such as any meeting or attending any other company event.

Once the invitation letter is ready, you need to upload it with your visa application. In addition, you may need to upload the following documents to the application:

If you are traveling to Kenya to visit friends or family living in Kenya, you do not need to book accommodation. Instead, you must submit an invitation letter from your host family in Kenya.

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Along with the invitation letter, you should present the host’s passport, identity card, foreigner’s card or entry permit.

Suppose you want to go to Kenya for a meeting, workshop, seminar or retreat. You then need to submit an invitation letter to obtain a Kenyan eVisa for students participating in educational activities in Africa.

For this visa category, an invitation letter should be sent from the school or university. Invitations to educational tours should include the reason for the trip as well as the following information:

Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

Just like the Kenya business visa invitation letter, you should also attach the company registration documents and the employee ID number of the person who co-signed the letter.

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This covers everything you need to know about your Kenya visa invitation. Happy traveling! Be sure to check out the FAQ section below for any other questions you may have.

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Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

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A visa is required to enter Kenya, whether for tourism, business or transit. The only exceptions are citizens of the following countries:

For citizens of the United States, Canada, the European Union or Canada, an electronic visa is required to apply to Kenya. These countries and many others are classified as “Category 2” and visa processing can take up to 48 hours. Children under the age of 16 in category 2 countries do not have to pay a visa. Category 3 countries, which include poorer and more developing countries, will have to wait up to 10 days for their e-visa to be approved.

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The Kenyan government has set up a website to process these e-visas. Be patient as you go through this system as there are some quirks. For example, you will need to upload your photo and this photo must not be more than 500 pixels (height) x 500 pixels (width) with a maximum size of 200 KB. This is pretty absurd in this day and age where our selfies are 2000×2000 and can be up to 4MB. I used the “Preview” app on my Mac laptop to shrink my photo down to this ridiculous size, but it worked.

Do not use the Safari browser. Payment rejected every time. But when I used Chrome the payment was accepted. You can pay with MasterCard and Visa, but not American Express. I used my Capital One card and had to enter a code I received via text message.

My visa was submitted at 5:30 PM CA time on Sunday and arrived by 10:00 AM the following Monday. I didn’t get a notification that my visa was granted but when I logged into the portal I found that the visa was completed and I was able to print it out.

Visa To Kenya For Us Citizens

The visa was valid for entry up to three months in the future. Since my stay was under 72 hours, I chose a transit visa (US$21). If I chose the single entry tourist visa ($51) it would be valid for 90 days. The multiple-entry tourist visa ($101) is valid for 6-12 months (at the discretion of the issuing officer).

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Finally, note that I stayed at the airport and just was

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