Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens To Italy – Europe is such a big and beautiful continent – it’s no wonder you get overwhelmed when deciding where to go, when to go, what to see, what to do and what not to do! After getting answers to all the above questions, the next immediate issue to think about is VISA. As we all know, a visa is an official permission granted by the government of any country to foreigners who wish to enter, stay or leave the country.

Out of all 50 European countries, 26 countries have bound themselves to the Schengen agreement. Summary of the Schengen Agreement – It allows people, goods and capital to move freely between Schengen countries, thus abolishing internal border controls and giving the feeling of one big country. This is especially good for tourists who can obtain a multiple-entry Schengen visa and roam freely among Schengen countries without having to worry about applying for a visa for each country they want to visit.

Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens To Italy

Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens To Italy

Although the Schengen visa is not as troublesome as the US visa, the Schengen visa is a blessing, but there are some things you should pay attention to when applying for a Schengen visa to ensure that your application is not rejected. I did extensive research while applying for my Schengen visa with the Italian port of entry. I will share 2 bits of my knowledge about Schengen visa for Italy.

Representative Office Visa

If you want boring textbook like Italy Schengen visa application process details and list of required documents then you can visit this website

As a first timer to apply for an Italy Schengen visa from India, this website, though accurate and detailed, kept me lurking for more details. I was confused and didn’t know where to start – should I book the accommodation and flight and then apply for the visa or vice versa (fear – what if the visa is rejected?). I went to several visa agents but in the end I used the Schengen visa on my own! That story for another day

If you are planning a personal trip to Europe, this post will make more sense for you. Because, you are doing your homework, you decide where to go and what to do – so you need to apply for your Schengen visa. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it seems at first. Once you’ve gone through all the steps, you’ll look like an Olympic gold medalist

If you are going on a package tour to Europe, your tour operator will do all the work for you and he will have enough experience of how it works. If you’re not old or fit enough to travel, then I have a strong feeling you’re going to bookmark this post for future reference. Because, Europe is not going to be done in 15 days – especially not in a package tour. When you get back from your European tour, you’ll notice this and crave more! I can guarantee you that next time you plan a Europe trip yourself. That’s when this post comes in handy

Explaining Transit Schengen Visa Requirement For Indians

This post is for complete Schengen visa noobs. If you belong to the “been there, done that” category, then again, read on, you’ll find yourself somewhere between the lines.

First, state your travel plan. It is the backbone of your vacation. Make a detailed and practical plan of where to get off and where to take off.

This is a big question that troubles all Schengen visa applicants. If your travel plan is limited to one country, then you have a clear answer in front of you. But, if your travel plan covers several countries, you will be left with many questions and you will search the internet with prejudice.

Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens To Italy

Don’t worry your search ends here. The answer is simple. Apply for the country where you will stay for a maximum number of days, that is, the main destination. If there is no main destination (for example, the same length of stay in two or more countries) you must apply in the country of your first entry as your passport will only show the entry stamp of your first destination.

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Therefore, if you have a layover in Paris before reaching your main destination, you should not apply for Schengen France, even though it is your first Schengen country.

My port of entry was Italy as I was scheduled to stay in Italy for 7 days, the maximum number of days in one country on my entire trip. So, in the following, I will quote a large number of Italy Schengen visa.

A fair warning: even though a Schengen visa gives you the right to enter any Schengen country, it doesn’t mean it’s yours. The host country may refuse entry if it discovers something fishy. Many travel agencies suggest that you apply for Schengen for a country whose embassies are not too strict and issue visas in a short time. While this may put you off the first time, you may be in for a treat the next time you travel to Europe. Every Schengen application has a column to quote your previous Schengen visa information. If they find that you violated the rules on your previous visit, your Schengen visa is more likely to be rejected.

When I google “Embassy of Italy in India, Bangalore” or “Schengen Visa Italy”, the VFS website comes up first in the search. When I logged into the website, I found that there are three Italian embassies/consulates in India – Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. My Einstein brain calculated at rocket speed that I am from Bangalore, so Mumbai is the closest place to apply for my Schengen visa for Italy. I could not be more wrong!

Italy Freelancer Visa For Self Employed For Italy

Before I confuse you, let me give you some background. You cannot submit your Schengen visa application directly to the Italian Consulate in India. VFS is the agent that fulfills visa requirements for most European countries. VFS has branches in almost all cities of India. So, I can apply for my Schengen visa for Italy, right here in Bangalore, but my visa approval will be under the jurisdiction of ‘Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai’.

Now, before you book your hotel/apartment for your Europe trip, check the VFS Italy website to schedule here. (For VFS Italy, Mumbai)

The available appointment date will usually be 10-15 days from today’s date, although this may vary. Go ahead and book a suitable date and time.

Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens To Italy

If you are short on time and don’t have 15 days to wait for an appointment and you made the mistake of doing all the bookings first, before you had enough time to make an appointment, like me. Then, visit your VFS center in your city and ask them for an early appointment. For that, I got a prompt reply and scheduled my appointment in 3 days so I had to opt for VFS Premium salon services. More information about VFS Premium Lounge Service here.

How To Submit A Perfect Schengen Visa Application?

You can apply for a visa at least 15 days or at most 3 months before your desired date.

Download the Italy Schengen Visa application here. Also attached is a sample application form that guides how to complete the application.

Now that you have secured your visa appointment, look for hotels/flights and make other necessary reservations. I suggest you make your reservation after you have made the appointment, because I made the mistake of closing all my hotel reservations first, assuming that the guys at VFS would be waiting to welcome me to their office with a grand welcome!

Therefore, it is always wise to make an appointment first and then complete your reservation. This way, you will have a target date before which you should and must finish all your bookings. A little persuasion is always good. what do they say 😉

Seeking Italizan Citizenship? The 007 Of Lost Italian Documents May Be Able To Help

Make a checklist of the documents required for an Italy visa and prepare them one by one and file them safely in one place. I used the following checklist to organize my documents.

Look carefully at all the documents that need to be submitted. Things that need a rethink:

Click here to know what to include in your cover letter and what not to include – How not to screw up your Schengen visa (opens in a new tab)

Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens To Italy

If necessary, make sure you submit documents in Italian. Documents that are not in Italian must be translated into Italian. The translation must be done by a certified translator.

Italian Consulate Detroit

When filling out the application, if you are in doubt about any column, leave it blank. When you go to the VFS office to submit your Schengen visa application, ask the officer in charge and he should guide you to the light! 😀

These were some of the points to keep in mind while applying for a Schengen visa for Italy. As I mentioned earlier, the VFS Italy website has comprehensive information on applying for a Schengen visa for Italy, but what I have tried to document here are the exact details that will make or break your Schengen visa application. so what are you

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