Visa For Tanzania From Usa – Do you find yourself needing to visit the beautiful country of the United States of Tanzania often? Well then, you have come to the right place. This blog has everything you need to know about Multiple Entry Visas for Tanzania, all in one place so you can spend less time worrying about applications and more time traveling to exotic locations like Dar es Salaam.

Multiple entry visa for Tanzania is a travel document that allows foreigners to enter Tanzania. The country has many visas available for foreigners, but each visa is different from the others, serving different purposes of travel.

Visa For Tanzania From Usa

Visa For Tanzania From Usa

Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa is an electronic visa that allows you to enter Tanzania more than once in a certain period of time.

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Travelers, including US citizens, who visit Tanzania frequently throughout the year for urgent matters such as business, family, or work, can apply for a Multiple Entry Visa to Tanzania.

This includes directors whose companies are registered in Tanzania, people who have to attend bilateral meetings in the country, people who have spouses in Tanzania, and government consultants, to name a few.

Visa applications are very popular for taking a lot of time, take the joy out of wanting to travel. Fortunately, there is a solution for you. Applying for your visa is quick and easy, it takes less than 10 minutes.

In this section of the blog, we will take a look at everything you need to know about the multiple entry visa for Tanzania, including the entry requirements before you can start applying for it.

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Multiple entry visas for Tanzania are valid for a maximum period of 12 months. During this time, you can enter Tanzania an unlimited number of times. However, you cannot stay in the country for 12 consecutive months.

Visa processing time for Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa is 10 working days, but most of the time, applicants receive their Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa in just 3 days.

Tanzania multiple entry visa costs 100 USD, including visa fee, which you have to pay for each visa application you make.

Visa For Tanzania From Usa

You should apply for your Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa in advance before your trip to Tanzania, be it months or a week before your trip.

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Tanzanian visa applications are all online, but you can apply at the Tanzanian Embassy or Consulate. However, we recommend that you apply online or with

Before you can dive right into the Tanzania eVisa application process, you need to collect all the required documents. These documents are very important in your application because without them, your application for Tanzania multiple entry visa will be rejected.

A cover letter from any relevant institution or a family member can be signed on your behalf as proof that you will visit Tanzania and plan to return to your home country.

Now that you know everything about the Tanzania multiple entry visa and what the visa requirements are, it is finally time to go through the application process.

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The first step is to make sure you have all the required documents you will need for the visa application, all checked on your device for an easy application process.

You will then need to go online to the Tanzania Immigration Services website in order to officially start your visa application. From there, you will have to select “e-services” and then “eVisa application form.”

Remember to select multiple entry visa when asking what type of Tanzania visa you are applying for.

Visa For Tanzania From Usa

Once you have completed the online application form, you will need to upload your scanned documents. This is just as important, so make sure you don’t miss this step.

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You will then be sent your user identification number. You can use this special number to track your Tanzania Visa application later after you have submitted it.

After paying your visa fee, you can finally submit your Tanzania Multiple Entry Visa application.

You have finally completed your Tanzania multiple entry visa application, so now you can take a breath and relax just a bit. You will have to wait 10 days or less for an Immigration Officer to process your application.

After completing the above 7 steps, you will receive an email or SMS saying that your visa is being processed.

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I know you will be very excited about this next section because I am. There are some very useful tools to help organize and structure your next trip.

These tools were created by travelers for travelers to make traveling easier. Here’s a list of free tools that will make your next visa application a breeze:

Have you ever found that applying for a visa is a very stressful and tiring process? From missing documents, to small mistakes and broken websites all leave you wondering if you will ever get that visa? If you ever need e-visa Tanzania can help you apply smoothly in less than 10 minutes. This sounds impossible, right?

Visa For Tanzania From Usa

Congratulations on finally completing your multiple entry visa application for Tanzania. Now you can focus on preparing for the best trip of your life! Be sure to check out our FAQ section as well as this guide on Tanzania Travel Tips

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The best thing to do if your visa is denied is to see what’s wrong and then reapply. Your visa application may be rejected due to not having the correct documents, because you have incorrect information on your form, the purpose of your trip. is not clear, or your documents do not indicate the purpose of your trip.

Going on a work trip to Tanzania? Or move to Tanzania? Check what you need to enter.

In this post, you will find important information about Tanzania Visa. This post explains the Tanzania Visa from USA, the different types of Tanzania Visa and Visa fees, and the Tanzania Visa application process.

Are you planning a trip to Tanzania? Learn the exact visa requirements and application process, and apply for your Tanzania eVisa online in just minutes.

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Visa For Tanzania From Usa

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Get your Nigeria Visa now! This post has everything you need from the application process to the requirements. Being based in Hong Kong recently was a good thing for sorting out visas (I had a Vietnamese, Myanmar, Chinese and North Korean all sorted in my time there). However I did not get my visa in advance for Tanzania, one of my recent trips. The main reason was time constraints, but also it’s the same price to get it on arrival. Here’s my advice on getting a Tanzania Visa at Kilimanjaro Airport. I flew from Addis Ababa to Ethiopia.

These two things are written on the yellow sign in the arrivals and immigration area. If it’s number one, you can go straight, once you pass the yellow fever certificate check. If it’s number two, you need to fill out the form and join the queue. You will notice a massive queue if you do not have a visa. Thanks to my travel buddy Raymond from Man on the Lam, for the fun photo below. Yes, it really is!

Passports And Visas For Tanzania

Thanks to Raymond from Man on the Lam for this photo summarizing the queues upon arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport!

You’ll Need Your Yellow Fever Certificate So the first time make sure you have your Yellow Fever Certificate with you. They are checked in at the airport in Kilimanjaro. I got my Yellow Fever Certificate in Australia in 2010 and STILL carry it. It is an essential journey. If you don’t have it, don’t worry, you’re not completely screwed but it will cost you!! You tell them when and where you had your injection and they will charge you $20 or $30 US (depending on circumstances) for a new certificate issued on the spot. If for some strange reason you don’t even have your shot, then you need to take the vaccine at the airport. This will cost you $50 US and will take time. So please don’t forget to get vaccinated and bring your certificate with you. If you are from Tanzania you will have to pay US$20 for a certificate on the spot and the vaccination.

After your Yellow Fever Certificate is checked, you get the blue Tanzanian visa immigration form and fill it out. It is easy to fill – standard.

Visa For Tanzania From Usa

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