Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens – Applying for a visa in Vietnam is no longer a problem when Vietnam or other countries are at risk of globalization. Today, many tourists come to Vietnam to travel, work or live.

Foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam must have a VN visa issued by the Vietnamese embassy/consul in the host country. In addition, foreigners can also apply for an e-visa, or a valid visa letter to obtain a Visa at the Vietnam airport.

Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

A Vietnam visa is a document issued by the Vietnamese authorities that allows a foreigner (with a visa) to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival (vietnam Voa) 2023: How To Apply

Vietnamese citizens holding Vietnamese passports do not need a visa to enter and leave Vietnam. Foreigners traveling to Vietnam must have a valid visa issued by one of the Vietnamese missions or the Department of Immigration unless they are from visa-free countries.

Overseas Vietnamese and foreign spouses, children of Vietnamese with foreign passports are not allowed to have visas but must apply for a visa waiver. Each entry is allowed for 6 months. The visa is valid for 5 years and is 6 months shorter than the passport period.

There are many ways to classify Vietnam visas, such as based on the purpose of entry, the number of entrants and the validity of the visa. Vietnam visa is issued to foreigners who enter Vietnam for diplomatic, tourism, business, financial, visiting relatives, etc. and enter one or more times within 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

You choose the Vietnamese embassy or consulate near where you live to find out how it is done. After preparing the documents according to the instructions, you bring them to the embassy for submission. After 5-7 days, you will return to the place where you sent the dossier to receive your results

Visa Policy Of The United States

Other countries are issued electronic visas by Vietnam. Vietnam e-visa is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department since February 2017. The steps to apply for an e-visa in Vietnam include: Planning to visit Vietnam? Also you are in trouble what is the difference between Vietnam tourist and business visa? hope to clear your confusion.

: often given for the purpose of relaxation, observation. However, they are also approved for use in other situations such as: visiting friends/family, medical visits.

: usually allowed for travelers to engage in business: sending market research, meeting a business partner, participating in meetings, etc.

Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

However, it can be exchanged between a Vietnam tourist visa and a business visa. In other words, having a tourist visa does not prevent you from doing business in Vietnam.

Differences Between Vietnam Tourist And Business Visa

Month 1 and month 3 are available for business and tourism. When it comes to full verification, three months is the longest you can get, no matter what type of visa you want to get. In particular, US citizens are granted 6 months or 1 year for tourism and business purposes.

The cost of a Vietnam visa includes two types of fees: the visa fee and the application fee. Stamping fees are mandatory and fixed that you have to pay at the airport while the processing fee may vary depending on your country, visa type, processing time and duration.

To apply for a tourist or business visa, you need to decide where you want to get the visa. In most cases, you can get a visa directly from the Vietnamese embassy or a visa on arrival.

Step 1: Submit your visa application online at: https:///en/apply-online. For business visa, please send copies of your passport and inquiry details to our email support@.

Vietnam E Visa

Step 2: Pay the visa fee by credit/debit card. Alternative payment method: Bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal are accepted.

Step 3: Wait for the visa approval letter sent to your email. Standard processing is 2 working days for a tourist visa and 5-7 working days for a business visa.

Step 4: Bring the visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form (exit form) attached and one passport photo. Then, submit the documents and the fee to the Immigration Counter to receive a visa stamp.

Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

It is also known as another way to get Vietnam visa. However, it is only available for a single-entry travel visa (maximum duration: 30 days). For a business visa, you are not allowed to get it through the E-visa process.

Vietnam Visa Application Guide For 2023

After completing the Vietnam VOA visa online application form, you will receive a Vietnam visa approval letter in approximately 2 working days (normal application) or 1 day/4 hours/1 hour (expedited application). Otherwise, when it comes to applying at the Embassy of Vietnam, it takes a long time because there are many processes, about 5 working days and the time of sending by post if you send your passport by email.

Compare with tourist visa, Business requires more application, so in case of Visa On Arrival, you will wait to receive Vietnam Visa approval letter after 5-7 working days. Regarding the application at the Embassy of Vietnam, the actual working hours may vary, please contact the embassy for more information.

You are on a business or leisure trip, you are allowed to extend your stay in Vietnam and you want to extend your stay. It’s worth noting that going with a visa extension for both types will always cost you more than getting a new visa. You are generally expected to spend more money to extend your visa for another three months (if possible) if you have a tourist visa (DL), compared to a business visa (DN).

An extension will not allow you to change or change the type of visa you have not changed until you leave Vietnam.

How To Get 1 Month Single Entry Tourist Visa For Travelling To Vietnam ?

Now to apply for two types of visas and understand all the requirements and procedures, please contact the VOA visa experts for assistance. Experts help you to understand the requirements, fill out your visa application and get a visa approval letter easily. For more information about Vietnam tourist or business visa, contact through the website:; hotline + 84 969 551 151 or email: support@

Is a business website. We are not an Embassy / Consulate / High Commission or a representative of the Vietnamese Government Department.

We can make you a Vietnam visa. Please click “SUBMIT” to submit your visa application! Vietnam has improved its visa policy in recent years. Currently, Vietnam visa requirements are clear and easy to understand. Vietnam offers visas to several countries. And those who need a visa can get an E-Visa or a visa from any nearby Vietnamese embassy.

Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

Vietnam 1-month or 3-month Visa on Arrival (VOA) for foreigners is still suspended. It is not known whether Vietnam will admit its VOA visitors or add other countries to its E-Visa list.

Vietnam Visa Extension And Renewal

All countries require a visa to visit Phú Quốc Island, which is considered a special economic zone. They must arrive and leave the island directly and cannot go overland.

People from 22 countries do not need a visa to enter Vietnam as foreigners. Some of these countries are from South East Asia and Europe.

So far, Vietnam E-Visa is the easiest way to get a tourist visa. People from about 80 countries are eligible to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa.

Validity of Vietnam E-Visa is 30 days from the date of issue. You must enter and exit Vietnam within these 30 days.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

You can apply for your Vietnam E-Visa as soon as you want. E-Visa processing takes three working days, so you should apply at least three days before your trip. Sometimes, it can take a long time. I recommend applying at least two weeks before your trip.

With an E-Visa, you can stay up to 30 days or until your E-Visa expires, whichever is shorter. The immigration office will write the date you must leave the country on the entry stamp in your passport. The expiry date on your passport corresponds to the expiry date of your E-Visa.

You can apply for an E-Visa at the Vietnam E-Visa Portal. You need to scan the page of your passport/ID, digital photo and credit/debit card. The E-Visa fee is $25 USD and processing takes approximately three business days.

Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

Visa processing time is 3 working days. In most cases, your approval will arrive within two business days.

Vietnam E Visa 2023: How To Enter Vietnam (30, 90 Days)

You can track your application process from the Vietnam E-Visa website using your registration number, email address and date of birth.

If you have any questions about your visa or visa, you can contact the Vietnam Immigration Department at their website, email or phone number.

Those who are not eligible for visa exemption or E-Visa must apply for a Vietnam tourist visa from the Vietnamese embassy. The visa process is straight forward and there are options to get your visa on the same day.

The validity of a tourist visa in Vietnam is three months from the date of issue. You must log in with

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