Used Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist – It’s simple: buy from a trusted seller. There are a few common pitfalls with used tractor tires that can leave you empty when you can least afford downtime. After all, a tire almost never fails when it’s convenient for you — in front of your store on a sunny 72-degree day. Here, we’ll share with you the best way to buy used tires to save you money upfront and keep your farm running.

Because the wrong agricultural tire can stop your work. The hard part is that a salesperson trying to offload a few used tires may not even know they’re bad—especially if he or she doesn’t have a lot of experience selling tires. Farming is hard work, and it’s also hard on equipment. That’s why every used agricultural tire needs to pass a professional inspection before being sold. There are several ways in which a tire can be damaged during its lifetime:

Used Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist

Used Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist

A professional inspection is the only way to be sure you are buying a used farm tire with no problem history.

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Where should you look for used tires? An ad in the newspaper? Craigslist? A guy who knows a guy you know? The truth is, every time you buy a used tire, you also have the chance to buy a huge headache for your farm. At NTS Tire Supply, we’ve sold more than 20,000 used tires — not to mention used tracks and hardware. So we know a thing or two about passing on a gently used tire.

In addition to the thousands of used tires in stock at any given time, there are several reasons why it pays to shop at NTS Tire Supply first:

Every used tire sold by NTS Tire Supply comes with a 2-year prorated warranty to remove the risk of buying used.

We guarantee every used tractor tire sold at NTS Tire Supply. Get 2 years prorated coverage plus free replacement, repair or full purchase price back within 30 days of installation or 6 months after purchase. In the event that a used tire fails, NTS removes the risk to your business.

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Every used tire, track or piece of hardware we sell goes through a complete professional inspection. In fact, we evaluate 4 aspects of each used tractor tire that will affect its performance:

NTS Tire Supply provides several photos of every used tire for sale in its online store with detailed condition ratings.

Browse several images of any used tire in our inventory. Pictures are important, as they back up condition claims and allow you to easily gauge the credibility of the seller. At NTS tire supply, we indicate in detail all damages (cuts, weather conditions, etc.).

Used Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist

Do you feel confident buying a used tractor tire without a warranty, inspection or decent pictures? When is it wise to buy a used agricultural tire?

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At NTS Tire Supply, we keep a huge inventory of used tires on hand, and our used inventory is constantly changing. What makes used tires, tracks and hardware popular with farmers and other businesses that use off-road tires? You save money. In fact, there are three situations where buying used tires makes more sense than investing in new ones.

Beware of heavy fines for tire wear on rental equipment. When it comes time to hand in your machine at the end of your lease, you can bet the dealer will inspect the tires. If the tire is more worn than the lease allows, you will owe some money. Avoid this problem and replace those worn tires with a set of used tires that meet the tread specifications from the lease. You may be able to find replacements for much less than a hefty fine at the dealership, and you may even get a little credit for the used tires you trade in.

Let’s say a corn stalk punctures the tire on your 4WD. If the machine’s other tires have 70% tread, a quick call to a used farm tire dealer like NTS Tire Supply can hook you up with a used tire that will be close to the rest of your kit. This way, you can avoid paying the most for a new tire that won’t match the tread level of the other tires on your axle. In reality, NTS Tire Supply could also repair the tire in this example with a vulcanized repair.

If you’re reading this at a hardware store, you might be able to tell: You have a used tractor in your lot with plastic on the seat. But if the tires aren’t what your customer is looking for, the tractor may be sitting on your lot longer than necessary. If you find the right used tires, you might be able to get a deal. NTS Tire Supply makes this easy with thousands of used tires in stock — from low tread to new take offs. Equip your tractor with a new used set of tires and turn “no deal” into a sale.

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Not sure if the used tire is right for your application? Contact one of our tire experts and we’ll review your options. NTS Tire Supply offers everything from used low tread tires suitable for a hand tractor to factory seconds with 100% tread and minor defects that will not affect their performance. With all the input costs for farmers, it might be wise to get your farm moving forward with quality used tires this year.

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