Used Polaris Utility Vehicles For Sale Near Me – Launched this morning, the Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic UTV is recognized as the most powerful, highest torque and most capable utility vehicle on the market today.

Born out of an exclusive partnership between electric motorcycle company Zero Motorcycles and off-road giant Polaris, the three-seat Ranger XP Kinetic is the first in a line of electric power sports products launched by Polaris.

Used Polaris Utility Vehicles For Sale Near Me

Used Polaris Utility Vehicles For Sale Near Me

When the duo first announced the partnership and plans for a new all-electric Ranger, I assumed they would use the Zero’s smallest 46 hp motor. It already bests many other UTVs on the market in the power and torque departments, not to mention all the other benefits of electric drivetrains.

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But Polaris went in the other direction, adding the Zero’s most powerful 110 hp (82 kW) motor to 140 ft-lb of torque.

This puts the new RANGER XP Kinetic above all other UTVs, gas or electric performance.

RANGER XP Kinetic can tow an industry-leading 1,250 lbs (568 kg) or an even better 2,500 lbs (1,136 kg), utilizing that extreme low-end torque from the electric powertrain. A horse trailer, farm equipment, another couple of Rangers on a flatbed, you name it and this thing can probably pull it. And without a gas powertrain in the way, the UTV offers a whopping 14 inches of ground clearance, not to mention 10 inches of suspension travel.

I spoke with Polaris VP of Off-Road Chris Judson, who explained that the goal was to improve functionality and performance throughout the development process. “It’s not about building an Electric Ranger,” he explained. “It’s about building the best Ranger. Period.”

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The benefits of the new electric drivetrain don’t stop at power and performance. Precise operation is a huge advantage for jobs like plowing, grading, hauling and more. The RANGER XP Kinetic features a new shifter design with high, low, neutral and park, but also adds an updated easy forward/reverse switch for quick forward and reverse operation – think snow plowing or other repetitive tasks.

And the quiet operation of the electric powertrain also adds to both the comfort and usability of the new UTV. Not only is it easy to hold a comfortable conversation with the person sitting next to you, the RANGER XP Kinetic also handles stealthily. Early morning snow plowing, plowing without waking the neighbors, working around livestock without arousing the animals, or going to hunting grounds without scaring off all the game. You name it; Silent operation makes it more convenient.

Two battery options are available: a 14.9 kWh pack offering a range of 45 miles (72 km) and a 29.8 kWh option with a range of 80 miles (130 km).

Used Polaris Utility Vehicles For Sale Near Me

The RANGER XP Kinetic should feel familiar to current Polaris operators, as it shares much of its DNA and is compatible with 95% of existing RANGER XP 1000 accessories. It has features like an enclosed cab for all-weather riding. However, there are also key tech improvements like an electric heater for colder months and all the brainpower waiting inside that 7” infotainment screen.

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The new Ride Command adds connectivity and functionality with features such as on-screen battery & remaining range data, as well as a waypoint feature for the operator to determine their current distance from their charging point.

Remote vehicle monitoring allows owners to check the status of their UTVs, run diagnostics and view any maintenance issues from their phone. Remote vehicle location should be useful for hikers or hunters to navigate back to their ride (or perhaps forget where they parked).

Charging is designed to be as simple as possible, with RANGER XP Kinetic offering Level 1 (slow overnight charge) and Level 2 (quick charging in between) capabilities for either 120V or 240V charging. A three-kilowatt built-in charger comes standard on the Premium trim, while a six-kilowatt charger is installed on the Ultimate trim. Both provide a full charge in under five hours as the Ultimate trim has twice the battery capacity, or an additional three kilowatts of charging power can be added to either model for up to 50% faster charging.

A 240V charging solution is recommended to take advantage of four times faster charging than a typical 120V outlet. To help owners prepare their property for fast charging options, Polaris has partnered with Qmerit, the nation’s largest network of certified electrical installers for EV charging.

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“Our utility side-by-side customers are focused on getting the job done, and with the launch of our new RANGER XP Kinetic, customers also want a turnkey solution for fast, accessible charging that lets them get back to work and fun faster. Qmerit will be the go-to resource for Polaris and our dealers to support these customers’ needs.

Talking about the dealers, they are also undergoing training. The RANGER XP Kinetic is estimated to require significantly less maintenance than gas UTVs and offers up to 70% lower operating costs according to Polaris. An internal-combustion engine and transmission with hundreds of moving parts is replaced by a simple, powerful electric motor that counts a pair of bearings as its only real moving parts. That means no spark plugs to foul, no filters to change or oil to change, and no clutch maintenance. But dealers are still being trained on new special features and functions along with vehicle maintenance. And when it comes to warranty coverage, the RANGER XP Kinetic comes with a 1-year all-inclusive warranty, 3-year warranty on the electric powertrain and 5-year warranty on the battery.

The Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic Premium starts at $24,999, while the Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic Ultimate starts at $29,999.

Used Polaris Utility Vehicles For Sale Near Me

This is big news. Polaris is of course a major player in the UTV market, and today’s announcement of an extremely powerful and capable new UTV helps reinforce that position. Timing is also of the essence as new startups hope to take a piece of the electric powersports market.

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The new RANGER XP Kinetic may be expensive, but it’s the most premium Ranger Polaris has to offer, bar none. It’s not an entry-level vehicle, which is what you get when you keep scrolling down the catalog page to fancier and fancier models. When the Polaris engineering team talked about building the best Ranger yet, gas or electric, they weren’t kidding.

I’d like to see a more affordable offering, unfortunately that’s the way these halo products usually start. The added cost of an electric drivetrain makes for a more premium product, which ultimately funds the development of more cost-effective models for the masses. Tesla started with a six-figure roadster sports car, before eventually moving to a family sedan in the mid-fives. And Polaris also started at the top, not only offering crazy performance with tremendous power and torque, but also opting for the largest battery pack (actually, an option for two battery packs) from Zero Motorcycles, along with the embedded technology RIDE COMMAND+ system.

The market will initially be limited by price, that’s for sure. But the most important thing with Polaris’ first true heavy-duty all-electric Ranger (and I’m not counting the company’s already obsolete offering) is to show not just what’s capable, but what’s actually better by including electric. Powertrain. Now that we’ve seen what we can do, I look forward to seeing Polaris release electric models alongside future renditions of its other product lines as well.

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Micah Toll is a personal electric vehicle enthusiast, battery genius, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling books DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power, The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide, and The Electric Bike Manifesto.

The e-bikes that make up Micah’s current daily drivers are the $999 Lectric XP 2.0, the $1,095 Ride1Up Roadster V2, the $1,199 Rad Power Bikes RadMission, and the $3,299 Priority Current. But it’s a growing list these days. The used price of Side X Sides is historically high and has been throughout the summer.

I thought it was time to give you my thoughts on how high the market price for used Side X Sides is right now.

Used Polaris Utility Vehicles For Sale Near Me

This is my story in late 2016 about a 2015 Polaris XP 1000 2-seat with 1,310 miles in excellent condition. I paid $18,300.00 at the time and it was a great deal. After owning my 2015 XP 1000 for about a year it’s time to sell it

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