Used 15 Inch Tires And Rims – A good set of wheels and tires help set the tone for a vehicle’s appearance, but when it comes to drag racing, they’re also key ingredients in reducing your lap time. And if your car sees enough road use, going for a race-oriented wheel and tire package will make your vehicle perform better and look better on the drag strip. For our Red Dragon Pontiac Trans Am project car, we determined that in order to reach our 9.99-second ET goal, we needed to ditch the stock wheels and grab some lightweight units from Race Star and wrap them in fresh Mickey Thompson rubber.

There’s more to a drag racing-style wheel package for a street/strip car than just choosing wheels and tires—they need to sync with your intentions for the car and meet the criteria of the application. In this article, we hope to help you understand what to look for in wheels and tires for a dual-purpose car that’s driven to the grocery store as it passes the quarter-mile.

Used 15 Inch Tires And Rims

Used 15 Inch Tires And Rims

Stock wheels will work with sticky tires, but if you want to get the most out of your car on the track, switching from stock 17-inch wheels to 15-inch-diameter wheels will help maximize tire sidewalls and absorb suspension hit. starting line.

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A good road/strip wheel gives you a heavy load rating for driving over potholes and other obstacles on the road, but still gives you a light wheel that can win at the strip – L.B. Davis

Not all drag racing wheels are created equal. Even with an SFI rating, wheels designed for use only on the race track are not suitable for use on the road. A dual-purpose road/strip wheel that can handle the rigors of the road without cracking or breaking. Since the Red Dragon will see a fair amount of road time, it was important to have a set of wheels that could be used on the road, so we had to sacrifice some performance to keep things safe.

What makes road wheels strong is their weight. Because race-only wheels do not have to go through the DOT J2530 testing required for street use, they are typically about 10-percent lighter than those used on the street. “When you drive a car over a pothole or against a curb, the load rating on the wheel must be much higher with the wheel used on the street. DOT test standards for street driving wheels are much stricter than SFI standards for strip-only wheels, with no straight line testing of the wheel. No cornering requirements,” L. B. Davis of Race Star.

More race-oriented wheels will not only add some cool looks to your car, they’ll reduce weight in all the right places.

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The factory wheels that come on most performance cars are 16-inches or larger in diameter, and with that size comes a lot of weight. The main focus going into wheels for street and strip use is to shed that weight, which will help reduce overall mass and rolling resistance. The biggest benefit of reducing rolling resistance and weight is faster ET on your time slip.

“A good street/strip wheel gives you a heavy load rating for driving over potholes and other obstacles on the road, but still gives you a light wheel that can win at the strip,” Davis says.

Many racers may think that you need to buy a complete set of wheels for the track, but this is far from the truth. If your car is doing well with stock size rear tires at launch, and you want to make the car lighter, the safer bet is to buy front-runners only to improve ET. By playing with the shape of the car’s front wheels and tires, in conjunction with the rear sticky tires, the racer can use the wheels as tuning tools for index or bracket racing.

Used 15 Inch Tires And Rims

Going to Race Star wheels will help the Red Dragon transfer weight and power to the track.

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For the Red Dragon, we are using a complete set of Race Star 92 Drag Star Dark Star wheels. Up front, a set of 15 × 3.75-inch wheels come calling, and they weigh just 12 pounds each. Out back, a set of 15×10 wheels will put the power down to the track, weighing in at about 17 pounds. With the stock wheels weighing about 20 pounds each, the overall weight savings with the wheels is 22 pounds of rolling weight. Where that weight savings is going to help the most is at the front end of the car, where we’re saving a total of 16 pounds. This reduced unsprung weight will help tremendously when launching the car and make weight transfer to the chassis more efficient, which is exactly what you want on the track.

Getting the right size wheels really depends on what your car is capable of handling. Most modern muscle cars come with large brake packages and require large wheels, in some cases, 17-inches or larger. Those big wheels might look good and fill some fender voids, but they won’t get you down the track any faster. Best practice is to go with the smallest wheels for performance and the most tires you can fit to get as much traction as possible.

On average, you’ll see the best results with front wheels in the 15×3.75-inch range or larger, and a set of wheels in the rear 15×10-inch range is ideal. These wheel size ranges will enable you to drop a few pounds and still add a trailing tire. If your car won’t allow you to go that small, 17×4.5-inches to 18×5-inches in the front and 17×9.5-inches to 17×10.5-inches in the rear will work.

Getting the right size for your application is critical for best performance. Not only do the wheels have the correct offset for your car, they also need to clear the brakes you’re using.

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“When purchasing your wheels, always be sure to test fit the tires before mounting them, as most return policies are void once you mount the tires on the rims. Also, be careful when modifying the suspension because the wheels that typically fit your car will vary due to ride height and suspension. May not fit.”

So, we’ve armed you with information on what to look for in road/strip wheels, but there are a few issues you need to be aware of to avoid when choosing your wheels. First, be realistic with the application you’re using the wheels for and how much power you’re putting down. Also, when driving with small wheels in front, you have to adjust your driving style so that you don’t spin the pearl when taking a corner.

According to Davis, matching rear wheel and tire size is something to consider carefully.

Used 15 Inch Tires And Rims

“On the rear of the car, it’s also important to match the wheel and tire combination to the horsepower the car is producing. You always want to err on the side of too many tires, not enough. It’s important to make sure the rear of the car has enough tires to hook up the horsepower. When you put power to the ground Don’t worry about how the wheel shape looks because it doesn’t make your car faster or faster.”

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The wheels are only part of the equation that makes your car roll, and the tires are what connect it to the ground. For tires that see both street and strip duty, you need a tire with a compound that’s tough enough to handle everyday driving, but soft enough to hold up when the track surface warms up before you start.

Mickey Thompson’s Jason Molton explains the biggest advantages of drag radials over road tires on the track.

“A drag radial is just that – it’s designed with drag racing in mind, so it’s compounded and built to provide the best traction in a standard street tire. For the drag racer who wants to drive on the street, the drag radial still does it with a DOT stamped tire. provides the flexibility to do so.”

On a drive on the track it is important to make sure you are getting enough air into your tires; But what happens when you’re ready to make a pass? You always need to analyze current track conditions and weather before you make a final call, but running low air pressure in the rear tires will allow more flex in the carcass.

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