Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer – Ride-sharing services like Lyft offer a private, convenient alternative to taking public transportation or relying on your own car. Lyft and other major rideshare companies like Uber claimed that the streets would be safer because their drivers eliminated a certain number of potential drunk drivers. However, ride-hailing drivers are just as prone to car accidents as the rest of the population.

In fact, research has shown that rideshare services may actually increase the number of car accidents where services such as Lyft and Uber operate. If you have been injured in an accident involving a negligent Lyft driver, you may be unsure about determining liability and recovering damages. Dolman Law Group’s expert Lyft ride-hailing accident lawyers have years of experience navigating complicated ride-sharing laws. For more information about the benefits of our services, contact us anytime through our website or call (727) 451-6900.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Rideshare services like Lyft often try to dodge responsibility for the ride’s accidents. While Lyft may retain $1 million in liability coverage for car accident situations, it is still common for rideshare companies to claim they are not responsible for your injuries. Lyft drivers should be aware that the insurance company includes liability, but does not necessarily pay for damage to your vehicle or your medical expenses if you are found to be at fault for the accident.

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If you are a passenger in a Lyft, you may have difficulty contacting the company to report a loss. Other drivers and insurance companies also often try to avoid responsibility for automobile accidents. They can turn the blame on other drivers or even on you. Hiring a Lyft ride accident attorney can help you hold the at-fault party accountable for your financial losses.

Millions of people are injured in car accidents every year. To hold negligent parties responsible for paying their fair share, it’s important to consult with an experienced Lyft ride accident attorney right away. Laws regarding ride-hailing continue to change with new regulations and technology. A qualified personal injury attorney can ensure that you do not proceed without fully understanding and protecting your legal rights.

All law firms are not the same. It is essential that the Lyft accident attorney or law firm you choose maintains an active litigation practice. If the attorney or law firm does not always file a lawsuit to hold the insurance company accountable, you may be represented by an attorney who will not maximize the financial recovery in your Lyft accident case. At Dolman Law Group, our personal injury attorneys represent a variety of clients who have experienced serious injuries in car collisions.

While past examples are not a guarantee of results, the Lyft ride accident lawyers at Dolman Law Group have successfully handled many complex cases involving serious injuries and complicated questions of liability. Many of our clients have experienced catastrophic injuries, and we understand how complicated claims can become with the added element of car sharing.

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You can depend on the car accident attorneys at Dolman Law Group to assist you in seeking medical treatment, managing communications with the insurance company, reviewing the evidence related to the car accident, and working to ensure that the medical bills related to the accident are covered. included in any claim resolution. . It is not fair for clients to be left holding the bag on medical bills after the case is settled.

We have built Dolman Law Group through word of mouth referrals from very satisfied past clients. Our team accomplishes this by giving our clients personal attention and making sure we know their individual stories.

Our goal is to maximize your recovery. We know insurance companies are unfair by design. The only way to truly hold them accountable is to advocate aggressively on your behalf. We consider everything from the permanent limitations of your injuries to how your injuries have changed your quality of life when calculating the value of your damages. In most cases, some hospital bills do not show the full amount of your losses.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

At Dolman Law Group, we have the financial resources and experience to fight any insurance company. In fact, our record speaks for itself. Having successfully litigated large corporations such as Walmart, Target, Hyatt, Uber, Outback, Winn Dixie, Publix, Costco, and insurance giants such as State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and a host of others, we are more than capable . defend against any defendant.

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Our Lyft accident attorneys recently recovered a $1 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a father who died in a ride accident. We have also successfully recovered maximum compensation for car accidents involving serious injuries. In 2015, our team was able to negotiate a $939,000 settlement for an injured travel accident victim.

Just like any other driver, a Lyft ride driver can cause a car accident if their attention is distracted from the road ahead or their judgment is compromised. There are a variety of ways this can happen. For example, a Lyft ride driver may become distracted by a text and run a red light. Common causes of Lyft ride accidents include:

The difference between most drivers and Lyft ride drivers is that the ride driver can be under a different level of stress while navigating the road. Lyft drivers know their livelihoods depend on tips and driving performance ratings. This can create pressure to entertain passengers, which can be distracting.

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They may also take risks to reach their destination as quickly as possible in pursuit of a five-star rating. Lyft drivers have to deal with passengers who may be unruly or even dangerous. These conditions can cause Lyft drivers to engage in dangerous behaviors, such as speeding, that result in vehicle collisions.

While many victims of car accidents walk away with only minor injuries, not everyone is so lucky. In addition, some injuries that seem minor at first can quickly cause serious complications if they are not discovered or treated. If you suffer from any of these common car accidents, you should talk to an accident attorney as soon as possible:

Ridesharing apps like Lyft are still new to the industry. In many cases, many legal precedents do not yet exist. To combat this complexity, your Lyft accident attorney will need to work diligently to hold negligent actors accountable.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Whether sharing services are responsible for accidents will depend on the case. Drivers who work for these companies are considered independent contractors, not employees. For this reason, Lyft may disclaim liability for any accidents involving drivers.

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In most cases, ride-sharing service drivers are unlikely to have the personal financial assets to compensate a victim of a serious accident. Additionally, many insurance companies may refuse to honor a claim depending on the terms of the driver’s policy. Large corporations like Lyft retain highly experienced legal teams to protect the organization from liability. That’s why it’s important to retain an experienced Lyft accident attorney to maximize the strength of your case.

Drivers for ride-sharing services are required to maintain auto insurance, although they are not required to have commercial insurance. If you are the driver of a rideshare vehicle and you cause an accident, you may be on the hook for some costs.

If you are concerned about the risk of liability as a driver for Lyft, it is important to speak with a ride accident attorney. A qualified attorney can help you understand how to properly mitigate your liability risk and how to obtain the proper coverage to ensure you are protected in the event of an accident.

If the driver of another vehicle caused the accident, your personal injury case could be comparable to other car accident cases. Both drivers and passengers are protected by law and may be entitled to compensation for injuries and damages caused by the negligence of another driver.

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You can recover a variety of damages from Lyft ride accidents. Even if your injuries are not permanent, you have the right to seek compensation for your costs in court. A qualified auto accident attorney can help with this. If you are considering filing a Lyft accident insurance claim, you should know what damages you may be eligible to recover.

In the initial aftermath of a Lyft rideshare accident, many people feel overwhelmed. This can lead them to make choices that will later affect the quality of their accident claims. Knowing what to do before you are involved in a Lyft car accident can be helpful in protecting your right to seek damages.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

We recommend this for two reasons. The first is that your health should come before anything else. The sooner you see a healthcare professional, the sooner any injuries can be detected and treated before they get worse. The second reason that injured car accident victims should seek prompt treatment is that it helps protect against a future legal claim. This prevents insurance companies from arguing about you

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