Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me – Ride-sharing platforms (like Uber, Lyft, etc.) have quickly exploded into a $60 billion industry in the US. Anywhere, any time of day, in hundreds of cities, the ability to use more than a few clicks on a phone screen represents an incredible technology that is attractive to consumers for obvious reasons. Ride-sharing has also done some good for society by contributing to the reduction of drunk driving incidents.

With more than 500 million people worldwide expected to turn to the convenience of ride-sharing apps, some things are bound to go wrong. A transportation business on such a large scale cannot survive without sometimes encountering traffic accidents—and worse. If you’ve been injured in a Lyft or Uber collision, call our firm. Our Arizona rideshare accident attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me

Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me

No one expects to be injured or assaulted when requesting a ride with Uber or Lyft. We all want peace of mind when hiring professional moving services, and it’s easy to assume that every experience will be safe and professional. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially with the ride-sharing model, where drivers and their cars are as loose and not subject to industry standards and regulatory scrutiny as a public bus or licensed taxi. When the unthinkable happens, it’s critical to secure the services of a top-powered injury attorney so you get the damages you’re owed and the justice you deserve.

How Long Do You Have To Report A Car Accident?

A study by the University of Chicago and Rice University took local traffic accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and analyzed it against the dates Uber or Lyft started serving a particular city and the number of miles logged. The study’s findings indicate that the explosion of rideshare platforms has increased traffic deaths in the US by 3% since 2011. That’s more than 1,000 deaths per year.

This significant increase in traffic deaths can be traced back to Uber’s San Francisco launch in 2010, and has been the case in city after city that has welcomed ride-sharing services. Not only has ridesharing increased overall traffic deaths, it may also be partially responsible for reversing the trend that saw the U.S. experience a record low number of traffic deaths in 2010. What hadn’t been seen since the 1940s.

Other studies on ridesharing have concluded that the services increase congestion on already busy roads. The proliferation of rideshare cars also reduces the number of people supporting the public transportation system, which in many cases is better regulated, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than Uber and Lyft drivers waiting for fares. They go round and round endlessly. For example, in New York City, it has been estimated that drivers waste about three miles between each new passenger, due to traffic congestion, wear and tear on roads and vehicles, emissions, driver fatigue, and Unnecessarily contribute to the chances of accidents.

Lyft’s first company-wide safety report published in 2021 didn’t paint a very bright picture of today’s rideshare industry and its potential for harm to both customers and drivers. Uber released a similar safety report in 2019 that suggested safety and accountability issues, for example, about 100 fatal crashes in 2017 and 2018 and any data on non-fatal but damaging crashes. Conspicuous absence. Uber’s release of the report prompted Lyft to pledge its own safety plan. However, now that it has been released, it appears that the industry has not become more secure over the years between individual reports from companies.

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The Lyft report implicated the popular ride-sharing service in four fatal attacks, 49 deaths due to car crashes, and more than 1,800 sexual assaults in 2019 alone, an absolutely staggering number. Many lawsuits have already been filed against Lyft and other parties, but these are much wealthier and more influential corporations, and often help fight every step of the way to get the full amount of damages owed to someone in court. It takes an excellent personal injury law firm.

As accidents and lawsuits pile up, rideshare companies can see their overworked drivers as a liability. That’s part of the reason Uber, Lyft, and their partners are pouring millions of dollars into autonomous, self-driving cars. According to rideshare companies and their technology partners, autonomous cars will eliminate driver error, a central factor in many traffic accidents.

However, this vision of the future is not the utopian dream they would have you believe. Uber’s self-driving technology has already claimed the life of an Arizona woman.

Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me

A federal report into the fatal crash, prepared by the National Transportation Safety Board, concluded that the Uber machine failed to recognize 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg as a pedestrian and was equipped with radar, lidar, and other warning devices. However, it failed to correctly predict its route. camera sensor.

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With seemingly little regard for the deadly consequences of deploying immature technology on public roadways, major rideshare companies and their investors continue to lobby for looser restrictions on automated driving technology and rideshare practices in general. have been

To protect your rights and your safety, it is important that you partner with a trusted and experienced Arizona rideshare accident attorney like Luis Guevara.

Rideshare users injured in wrongful driving are starting to fight back against unsafe and harmful practices, and courts are awarding damages against Uber and Lyft, as well as abusive drivers. To seek damages effectively and quickly you will need to work with an experienced car accident attorney like Luis Guevara of Phoenix, who can help you with your case. If you need medical attention after your accident, get it right away. Then contact the Law Offices of Luis Guerra before discussing your accident with anyone else. Insurance agents and corporate attorneys will try to talk you around, force you to admit fault, or threaten to settle for less than you deserve for your injuries. Let Luis Guerra and his experienced legal team handle these discussions for you while you focus on your health.

Rideshares have provided more than 11 billion rides since the technology’s emergence in 2010, and while most have been statistically satisfactory experiences, many have resulted in inconvenience or harm to customers. There have been consequences and, as a result, lawsuits. Drivers, Lyft, Uber, taxi companies, insurance companies, and the riders themselves have all been embroiled in legal disputes over ride-sharing since the industry’s inception. Moreover, as the number of riders increases year after year, so does the number of cases.

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Personal injury attorneys in cities across the U.S. have begun to serve wronged and injured rideshare customers, but only a few of the most reputable car accident attorneys, such as Luis Guevara of Phoenix, Arizona, truly specialize in rideshare cases. can claim Rideshare litigation has only become a significant subset of automobile injury law in the past few years, and can be extremely complex cases involving multiple parties, insurance coverage, and state-to-state or even city-to-state coverage. The city has different regulations. Staying on top of this fast-growing industry requires a responsible, up-to-date legal practice, and experienced rideshare injury attorneys in Phoenix can trust the Law Firm of Luis Guerra.

If you have to go to court to assert your rights against a major player in the well-funded, fast-growing rideshare industry, it’s important to educate yourself. do you know:

Attorney Luis Guevara’s high-powered law practice has a history of success in seeking damages for wrongfully injured clients and victims of negligence in the Phoenix area. We are a reputable, responsible, and compassionate full-service injury law firm. If you have been involved in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft accident, contact our office today for a confidential review of your case.

Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me

If you have been injured in an accident or suffered damages due to the negligence of another party in the Phoenix area, do not delay in contacting the Law Offices of Luis P. Guerra today. Everything we do is based on the principles of passion, dedication and honesty, and we will be proud to use our skills and experience to fight for your rights.

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