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Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

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The Most Common Injuries Due To Car Accidents & How Pain Management Can Help

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A car accident can result in a variety of injuries. Collision between a person’s body and the car, seat belts, objects inside the vehicle, or other passengers can cause serious injuries that can cause lasting damage. While any car accident can result in personal injury, certain types of car accidents are more likely to result in injuries to accident victims, such as head-on collisions. Here you can find more information about the most common car accident injuries, types of car accidents, and legal options after a car accident injury.

The 10 Most Common Car Accident Injury Symptoms

Injuries from a motor vehicle accident can range from minor, such as cuts, to serious, such as internal bleeding or spinal cord injury. The severity of injuries can depend on many factors, such as the speed at the time of the collision, the direction each vehicle was traveling, whether passengers were wearing seat belts, and more.

Some of the more minor injuries a person may suffer in a car accident include cuts, cuts, burns, or bruises (contusions). Cuts and scrapes can occur when a car accident victim is thrown from the vehicle, when glass breaks, or when a sharp object collides with someone. This can happen if there are three unsafe items in the car.

Burns may result from chemical contact, some form of electricity, or heat. Unfortunately, this can happen if the vehicle catches fire. A defective car part, such as a gas tank or fuel pump, due to a manufacturing error can cause a car fire or explosion.

Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the brain hits the skull due to an external impact. This can be caused by a collision or blow to the head, but it can also be caused by a car accident.

Common Types Of Back Pain After A Car Accident

In fact, according to the CDC, there were more than 10, 000 traumatic brain injuries (TBI) resulting from unintentional motor vehicle collisions in the United States between 2018 and 2019. It is the second leading cause of TBI in the United States, behind injuries from accidental falls.

These injuries are typically classified as mild TBI, concussion, or moderate to severe TBI. Car accidents often result in moderate to severe brain damage, which can have lasting effects including coma, brain damage, or brain death.

Back injuries often result from car accidents because while the vehicle is stopped due to a collision, the person’s body continues to travel at the same speed. This means their body can collide with something such as a seat belt restraint, steering wheel, dashboard, airbag, seat in front of them, or windshield if they are not restrained.

This can lead to many different back injuries, some of which can lead to long-term back pain. Common back injuries among car accident victims include:

Most Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries

People in car accidents can suffer chest injuries from the force of their seat belts during a crash. This can lead to bruises, scrapes and broken ribs. It can also cause muscle strain or damage to internal organs.

Head injuries and neck injuries are also common due to the impact of a collision. A car accident can cause a person’s head and neck to tilt forward and back quickly. This type of injury is called a whiplash.

Whiplash injuries are common in rear-end collisions and often result in ongoing neck and shoulder pain. Unfortunately, adrenaline can mask the symptoms of an injury such as a whiplash, meaning a person may not be aware of the injury until after the accident. Other common neck injuries include:

Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

In a car accident, knee injuries can occur due to the person’s sitting position at the time of the collision. However, many knee injury symptoms are not immediately apparent. Some common knee injuries in car accidents include:

The Most Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries

You may suffer a broken foot or leg as a result of a car accident. Foot injuries may include compartment syndrome, excessive fluid accumulation and muscle swelling, foot fractures, metatarsal fractures, or foot crush injuries.

Shoulder injuries often occur when a car accident victim is struck by something, or hits an object in front of them during a collision, such as a dashboard. Such injuries may include muscle stiffness, swelling, limited range of motion, bruising, and broken bones.

Wrist injuries can occur from an impact and often occur due to soft tissue damage or fractures. Examples include broken wrists, sprains, bruises and abrasions on the wrists and hands.

Blunt force trauma from a collision may result in arm injuries and may result in soft tissue damage to muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Most Common Injuries Suffered In Motorcycle Accidents

Broken bones are one of the most common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. While many fractures occur in extremities, such as arms or legs, fractures can also occur in the head, neck, face, feet, wrists, hands, collarbones, spine, and more.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often affects car accident survivors. A study in Frontiers in Psychiatry shows that nearly half of accident survivors developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a month after the accident.

Although it is not a physical injury, PTSD symptoms can significantly impact a person’s life for months or even years to come, such as the ability to drive.

Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Catastrophic injuries are the most serious or life-threatening injuries. While many car accident-related injuries can be treated with medication or physical therapy, some injuries require long-term care or can cause life-changing effects. These include the following injuries.

Types Of Soft Tissue Injuries From Car Accidents

Crush injuries are injuries caused by a forceful collision, such as a head-on truck collision or a high-speed accident. Some crush injuries, such as minor traffic accidents, can be treated. Others can be more dangerous, including those that cause damage to internal organs and system failure, a condition known as crush syndrome.

Soft tissue injuries are injuries to soft parts of the body, including ligaments, tendons, and muscles. A common example of a soft tissue injury is a whiplash, although soft tissue injuries can occur almost anywhere in the body.

While soft tissue injuries can usually be treated with proper medical care, bleeding and infection are real risks.

In some serious car accidents, the crash can result in internal injuries and organ damage. Affected organs may include the liver, kidneys, and spleen. Damage to these organs can affect their function, causing lasting damage or life-threatening consequences.

How Much Is My Car Accident Settlement Worth?

Your spinal cord is made up of nerve tissue wrapped around your vertebrae. Together, these components make up your spine. However, the spinal cord is responsible for more than just your spine. It is also connected to many nerves throughout your body. It provides you with a range of motion


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