Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems – Choose the custom designed Cush Air Ride Trailer Suspension for a smoother, quieter ride, longer trailer life and higher mileage rates.

Because most trucks do not have air conditioning, Air Ride trailer systems must be self-contained (unlike semi-trailers). Our Air Handling System has dual 27 BATTERIES that provide power for air recovery as well as dual compressors and a 10V 5amp charger.

Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems

Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems

Air Ride Suspension uses an air bag on each axle made of durable polyurethane and rubber material. Dual compressors inject air into each flexible bag, allowing it to absorb shocks and vibrations more effectively than a conventional spring suspension system. While spring suspensions tend to compress and release energy to the trailer frame and your load, Air Ride suspension absorbs the energy under the frame before it reaches the trailer body. Air Bag Cradle Lift Kit Fits For Full Suspension Travel For All Vehicle With 6

We partnered with Cush Suspension Systems in Fall 2021 to bring the most comfortable and durable Air Ride system to market.

Our new air handling unit is based on the standard ReliAIR T3 general air handling system. The custom designed full trailer suspension system brings significant benefits to trailer owners (especially HOT SHOT users) and is a new innovation for the Air Ride trailer market.

Over the past several decades, conventional air suspension systems have typically been welded to the actual axle shaft. Although this welded assembly method is strong and durable, it makes repair and maintenance very difficult. We solved this problem by providing a bolt-on software-engineered suspension using U-bolts (like the heavy-duty semi-trailer U-bolts on the spring suspension). The result is a long-lasting suspension with the added benefit of easier access for repairs and maintenance.

We also feature heavy-duty galvanized handles to protect your roof (especially when traveling with snow and salt in the winter). This galvanized coating will prevent premature rusting and deterioration.

Hoppos Online Vehicle Hydraulics And Air Suspension

The ultra-smooth travel of our air suspension system is perfected by our 12′ HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL.

Still have questions? See below for best practice tips for traveling throughout the entire system, as well as for hanging up and using your Airline safely.

Lippert offers an extremely high quality product using state-of-the-art robotic welders to ensure the highest precision and quality on every axis.

Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems

We design our own patented I-Beams to fit every trailer. The result? Stronger, lighter tires that reflect the highest strength and weight ratings. It has a significant advantage over conventional coil or leaf spring suspensions on airplanes and trailers. This system of rubber and polyurethane bags is inflated by a compressor that replaces a coil or leaf spring suspension. Vigor Air Spring Bag Suspension Kits Compatible With 1999 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Gmc Sierra 1500 Classic Pickup Rear Air Helper Spring Kit, Up To 5,000 Lbs Of Load Leveling Capacity

Air suspension in trailer compartment showing air lines from compressor leading to air source (black unit).

Drivers who drive taxis for long periods of time are exposed to NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). These can cause fatigue, back pain, hearing loss (if the truck is too loud), and more. Fatigue is a big killer, so anything that reduces the chance of a driver falling asleep at the wheel is a good thing. Making your truck more comfortable means less time spent with aches and pains.

Drivers report that trucks with air suspensions slide more easily than jumps and increase operational confidence. The driver can also choose whether they want a softer ride for highway cruising or a harder ride for better performance and less traction on rougher roads.

Short-wheelbase cars have less tendency to jump on many tracks when idle because they have more control over suspension smoothness.

Full Size Car Or Truck Extreme Fbss Air Suspension Kit With 4 Links, Panhard Bar & Frame Bridge

Air suspension means less vibration through the vehicle, which means less wear and tear on components in the truck or trailer. Tire wear is improved due to suspension features, and some systems can extend tire life by removing unnecessary axles.

The height of the truck can be optimized according to the speed, the shape of the vehicle and whether the truck is loaded or empty. Usually an unloaded car will be higher than a loaded truck because the suspension is not compressed, but with air suspension, the vehicle height can be lowered. Traveling with a lower ride height means better aerodynamics (ie, reduced wind resistance) and cornering performance.

If the loads are unevenly distributed, the air suspension can automatically adjust the suspension, giving better brake and axle loads.

Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems

Because the height is adjustable, it can be “kneeled” to help load a truck or trailer, or lifted to clear obstacles. Vixen Air Suspension Kit For Truck/car Bag/air Ride/spring. On Board System Dual 200psi Compressor, 5 Gallon Tank. For Boat Lift,towing,lowering,load Leveling,onboard Train Horn Vxx1208fb/4852dbf

Fragile loads suffer less damage when air suspension is used. This is desirable with loads such as glass or antiques.

Little vibration is transmitted over the road surface (including bridges and other structures attached to the road) that does not degrade rapidly. This means that roads do not need to be repaired as often; repairs cause traffic congestion and contamination of repair equipment and materials.

Better load flexibility means the truck can be used for more applications and is less likely to idle with fuel consumption.

Air suspension is more expensive to install and requires more maintenance than traditional leaf spring suspension.

Air Ride Suspension

Air suspension is heavier than leaf suspension, and this can negate other fuel economy benefits if the driver’s style is not dependent on aerodynamic gains.

Darren is a qualified driving and transport expert and a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. With any system or component, a regular maintenance schedule is essential to ensure long-term service and safe operation. For air suspensions commonly used in commercial vehicles today, a key part of a regular maintenance program includes proper ride adjustments.

When it comes to maintenance, air and mechanical suspensions have a lot in common, noted Anne Whitefield, director of marketing for commercial vehicle systems at Hendrickson. “This maintenance is necessary for proper operation and suspension, but one difference between the two types of suspension is the requirement to maintain the vehicle’s ride height.

Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems

“The height above the mechanical skylight is not actually adjustable and is determined by the skylight,” Whitfield said. “Air suspension also has a height specification set by its components, but the height can be changed with adjustments to the control valve or linkage.”

Vixen Air Suspension Kit For Truck/car Bag/air Ride/spring. On Board System Dual 200psi Compressor, 5 Gallon Tank. For Boat Lift,towing,lowering,load Leveling,onboard Train Horn Vxx1208gw/4852dc

The right ride height provides the right amount of bounce and rebound, according to Whitfield. Also, in straight truck applications, the height can affect the frame angle, which will change the way the truck handles and affect the front steering axle caster angle.

“When it comes to air suspension, proper height settings are important,” said Omar Fernandez, director of marketing for Hendrickson’s Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems.

“For air springs, look for damage to the crank or piston, or improper installation,” Fernandez says. For air handling components, look for broken, bent or missing parts. “

Link Mfg. Mark Molitor, senior product manager, pointed out that the air springs are very durable. However, debris stuck to the piston can cause the piston to wear out.

Dodge Truck 2/4wd Air Rear Suspension Kit Stock Axles — Far From Stock

“If you’re working in a muddy area, spray the piston that rides on the rubber casing to extend the life of the air spring,” Molitor advises. “Also, it’s important to do a visual inspection to check for gas or cuts. Also, if all the air is exhausted after being parked in a truck or trailer overnight, check the air connections before replacing the air springs. A simple soap spray is an effective way to detect scratches if they are not audible. “

According to Van Whitefield, regular maintenance on air suspensions should include audible checks. “In fact, you’ll be listening for air leaks from fittings, air lines, air springs and altitude control valves,” he said. An air leak can be an early indicator of a more serious problem, such as a malfunctioning altitude control valve, a ruptured air spring, or a broken air intake. “

Identifying air leaks is an important first step, as a pre-trip inspection of the driver is required. DOT regulations have a maximum allowable amount of air leakage depending on the vehicle’s configuration. The pressure loss rate shall not exceed 2 PSI per minute for single vehicles and 3 PSI per minute for combination vehicles.

Truck Air Bag Suspension Systems

According to Whitfield, the height control valve should be inspected for damage such as bent or broken parts, including the linkage that connects it to the suspension. “Checking vehicle ride height is essential to ensure proper suspension performance during vehicle operation.” “If

Chev Colorado 2015 Plus Airbag Suspension

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