Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist – Note: This is a new website, please register as a new user. Do not use your email address as the name of the bidder. It causes problems and pleases you. Soft close, if the bid is placed in the last minute, the bid will be extended by 45 seconds. If some bids are extended, see the bids below to make sure you get your bids in there. If you have slow internet, are viewing multiple items, or are not adept at online shopping, use the highest bid feature. Good luck to you all and thanks for all your submissions.

A 7% buyer’s premium will be added to the final sale price. Applicable taxes will be assessed on the total of the selling price and the buyer’s price.

Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist

Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist

A pair of used 20.8 – 38 Wheel Tractor Tires, both removed from the same tractor, no leaks. The reason they were replaced was because they were building a show tractor and didn’t want used tires on it

Bobcat 863 G Series Skid Steer In Olathe, Ks

Auction Terms and Payments: All items must be paid for by 5pm on Friday, May 14, 2021. Accepted Funds: Cash, check, credit card, wire transfer; Additional 5% for credit cards.

From Government Buyers: All buyers must use certified funds, cash, wire transfer, or wait for an account to open. Nothing’s gone until it’s paid for.

Withdrawal: Buyers by Sat. On May 26th, things were removed from our location. After that you pay $20. per day charge to store an item. We are flexible and can meet by appointment if necessary. Nothing is left until the item is paid for in full. Please bring appropriate chains, straps and flags if required. We do not provide these. Anything going out of state must have guaranteed funds. Please bring appropriate chains, straps and flags if required. We do not provide these.

Registration: You must register online to participate. Registrations will be displayed. Note that several auctioneers use this software nationwide. If we see previous declines on your record, we will not allow you to participate. Phone or online payment processing is not available. Terms: All equipment and products offered are sold as is. Catalog description is not a warranty. All contestants are responsible for their own research. The time to ask is before the big sale, not after. Trust your evidence.

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7% BUYER’S PREMIUM Payment: Cash, Checks, Cashier’s Checks, and Wire Transfers: A purchase fee is added to the total purchase price on request. Example: A lot sells for $100. After billing, your bill will be $107. Payment by Credit Cards: We do not accept credit cards over the phone or online. Buyers card is 5% added to total purchase price. Non-payment: Any non-payment will result in your profile being banned from our future live and online auctions. You also authorize us to share your information with other auctioneers.

Shipping: We do not provide shipping services. We provide forklifts/Backhoe for loading goods. Storage Fees: Items left on our premises will be subject to a $20 daily storage fee. We try to be fair, but sometimes people can be good buyers but bad at taking things apart. A woman dropped off a $6,000,000 truck. Don’t let your items sit around for too long.

Bid: Placing a bid on an item is an irrevocable offer to purchase the item(s) at the price, if there is a winning bid at the close of the auction. In the event of a second bid, the highest bid on any item, or a tie, the bid is placed chronologically earlier. Bidding constitutes a binding legal agreement with the auctioneers and sellers to purchase the item(s) at the winning price and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the product listing and the rules of this site. Any questions regarding the item should be resolved by contacting the seller’s agent/auctioneer prior to bidding. Do not bid until you understand what you are bidding on and have answers to any questions you may have from the seller’s representative/buyer’s auctioneer if necessary. Once a bid has been placed, it cannot be canceled or withdrawn without the permission of the auctioneer. Trades are subject to bid increases and items may be subject to minimum bids. By bidding on an item, you authorize us to provide your contact list, including name, address, email, and phone number, to the listed seller. Auctions may not be extended due to technical difficulties. Don’t wait until the last minute to make an offer! “All invoices must be paid in full before items leave the premises. Purchases must be verified before removal. No assistance will be provided for claims or shortages after items have been removed. Homes. Documents, including vehicle ownership documents where possible, must be returned 12 days after the auction. day or when such documents become available. Available titles will not be released to Buyer until full payment is received. All property must be paid for and picked up within the posted period. If not, after 30 days of storage, the goods will be considered abandoned and Buyer will have the buyer’s title, title or will also lose interest and the goods will be returned and returned. Auctioneers will be forfeited without further notice to the Buyer and Buyer’s Fees. No buyer may assign, transfer or dispose of any rights in any article purchased prior to full payment of the purchase price. In addition to any other remedies available to Auctioneers, including, without limitation, the total purchase price of Buyer, Auctioneers, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to be liable for, (a) rescission of the Purchase by Buyer, if any applicable condition is not met by Buyer; all charges, including cancellation damages, and/or (b) resale of the product. Persons participating in the inspection or removal of items assume the risk of injury or loss to persons, property or goods and shall at all times take reasonable precautions to protect persons and property and comply with all safety and health requirements of auctioneers and local, state and federal regulations. All risk of loss shall pass to Buyer at the time of payment. The buyer’s claim shall be limited to the amount paid for the goods and no liability shall apply; risk; responsibility; right; to demand means of loss of use, profit or loss; BUYER’S LIABILITY TO ANY THIRD PARTY; personal injury; or any other direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Auctioneers and its agents and representatives from all claims, demands, losses, damages and liabilities (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or caused by the negligence of Auctioneers. or at the auction house or its employees, agents and representatives during the inspection, sale or removal of goods. Candidate number/schedule is non-transferable. All offers made by the trademark owner shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser. An online offer constitutes a legally binding contract of sale. Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any bidder’s right to bid and may terminate a bid at any time. This sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the local laws of the State of Montana, USA. If any provision of these terms is held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or unenforceable, the balance of the terms will remain in full force and effect and will have the same effect as if such provision had not been incorporated. The Terms and Conditions, with any changes or modifications expressly made by the Auctioneers, constitute the entire terms and conditions relating to the sale of items in this online auction. There are no representations, warranties, terms, conditions, covenants or collateral agreements other than those set forth herein. Jurisdiction and Arbitration: All disputes relating to our Online Auction Events and the Terms herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Montana. Any Smith Sales Co. All claims relating to the online auction(s) and the terms and conditions of the auctioneer shall be brought in the “Court of Custer County, Montana” and participants consent to the jurisdiction of such court. Anyone who fails to complete the transaction is warned that they will be prosecuted for the auctioneer’s loss of commission, buyer’s fees; time; attorneys’ fees and other damages permitted by law. All sales are final. NO VIEWS. The condition of manufactured goods varies. Buyer understands and agrees that: (1) any description or copy of the purchase

Tractor Tires For Sale Craigslist


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