Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens – Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? Are you also in the dilemma of what is the difference between a tourist visa and a business visa for Vietnam? In this article, we will clarify your difference by pointing out some aspects to compare, including purpose, validity, processing time, visa fee, requirements and extension. I hope to solve your confusion.

: Generally granted for leisure and sightseeing purposes. However, it is also accepted that it is used in certain circumstances, such as: B. when visiting friends/family or in medical tourism.

Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

: In general, travelers are allowed to engage in business activities: conduct market research, meet business partners, attend conferences, etc.

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However, it can be exchanged between a Vietnam tourist visa and a business visa. In other words, a tourist visa does not prevent you from doing business in Vietnam.

1 month and 3 months are available for business and tourism purposes. When it comes to the maximum validity period, 3 months is the longest period you can get, regardless of the type of visa you want to obtain. Only US citizens receive a residence permit of 6 months or 1 year for tourist and business purposes.

There are two types of fees involved in the cost of a Vietnam visa: the visa service fee and the stamp fee. The stamp duty is a mandatory and fixed amount that you have to pay at the airport, while the service fee can be changed depending on your nationality, visa type, processing time and duration.

To apply for a tourist or business visa, you must choose where you would like to collect your visa. In general, you can get a visa directly from the Vietnamese embassy or a visa on arrival.

How To Get A Vietnam Visa For Singapore Citizens

Step 1: Submit your visa application online at: https:///en/online-bewerben. For a business visa, please send your passport copies and a detailed request to our email address support@.

Step 2: Pay the Visa service fee using your credit/debit card. Other payment method: Bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal are accepted.

Step 3: Wait for the visa approval letter delivered via email. The standard processing time for a tourist visa is 2 business days and for a business visa it is 5-7 business days.

Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

Step 4: Bring a copy of the visa approval letter and the Vietnamese visa application form (entry/exit form) pasted with a passport photo. Then present these documents with the stamp duty at the immigration counter to get the visa stamp.

Where Can I Find An E Visa For Us Citizens? By Express Vietnam

Is also known as another way to get a visa to Vietnam. However, it is only available with a single-entry tourist visa (maximum stay: 30 days). A business visa is not available through the e-visa system.

After filling out the application form online on Vietnam Visa VOA, you will receive a Vietnam Visa approval letter in about 2 working days (Normal Service) or 1 Day/4 Hours/1 Hour (Express Service). Otherwise, due to the many procedural steps, the application at the Vietnamese Embassy will take longer, about 5 working days and the postal delivery time if you send your passport by email.

Compared to a tourist visa or a business visa, slightly more requests are required. Therefore, if you have a visa on arrival, you will have to wait to receive the Vietnam visa approval letter after 5-7 working days. When applying to the Vietnamese Embassy, ​​actual processing times may vary. Please contact the embassy for details.

You have either a tourist or business visa, can have it extended during your stay in Vietnam and would like to extend the duration. It is important to note that extending a visa for both types always costs much more than applying for a new visa. If you have a tourist visa (DL), you will typically have to spend more to extend another 3 month visa (if possible) than if you have a business visa (DN).

An Official Guide To E Visas In Vietnam

The extension cannot help you change or switch your current visa type, which remains unchanged until you leave Vietnam.

Now, to apply for one of two types of visas and fully understand all the requirements and procedures, please hire VOA visa experts for assistance. The experts will help you understand the requirements, complete your visa application and receive your visa approval letter without any hassle. For more information about Vietnam tourist or business visa, visit the website: ; Hotline + 84 969 551 151 or email: support@

Is a commercial website. We are neither the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission nor the representative of any Vietnamese government agency.

Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

We can arrange a Vietnam visa for you. Please click “Send” to submit your visa application! If you are planning a vacation trip to Vietnam, you must definitely keep a Vietnam tourist visa in mind as it can ruin your trip in some ways.

Vietnam 3 Month Visa: An Ultimate Guide To Visa Application

That’s why we want to help you with comprehensive information about this type of Vietnam visa, including:

The Vietnam Tourist Visa (DL) is one of the most popular types of Vietnam visa. It is an official document or stamp that authorizes a person to enter Vietnam for leisure and tourism purposes. Some travelers also call it a travel visa, visitor visa or holiday visa.

Tourist visa holders are not allowed to work or conduct business during their stay in Vietnam.

Note: The one-year Vietnam tourist visa for US citizens has been suspended by the Vietnamese government until further notice. 4. Vietnam Tourist Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa Requirements For Vietnam …

Tourist visas for Vietnam are now available to citizens of all countries and territories in the world. It can be applied for yourself on the official Evisa website of the Vietnamese government or through our support as follows.

5.1.2 Applying for a Vietnam Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA) A Vietnam Tourist Visa on Arrival is the type of visa where applicants first apply for a visa approval letter online and then receive a visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam Airport. This type of visa application was popular when Evisas were only available to certain nationalities. But now it should be used when you are in emergency situation and your e-visa cannot be issued on time.

Feel free to contact us at Hotline/WhatsApp/Viber/Zalo +84.946.583.583 or [email protected] or fill out the form below to check if you are eligible for this package and get your quote!

Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

Currently, a Vietnam tourist visa cannot be extended in Vietnam. In order to be able to stay in Vietnam after the visa has expired, many travelers decide to get a visa.

Blog Visa Vietnam

No. The procedure, required documents, processing time and cost of applying for a tourist visa at the Vietnamese Embassy may vary from embassy to embassy. If you would like to obtain the visa this way, please contact the embassy directly for details.

To process a Vietnam tourist visa approval letter (sometimes called a Vietnam travel visa), you must provide us with the following information:

I am Canadian and my husband is a British citizen. Can we apply for a one-year tourist visa for Vietnam?

No employment is permitted during your stay in Vietnam on a tourist visa. And if you are caught doing illegal work, you will be in big trouble. Therefore, you are advised not to do so.

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If you want to work in Vietnam, first find an employer who is willing to apply for your work permit. Vietnam Visa 2023 [Vietnam Tourist Visa for US Citizens 2023] How to get Vietnam tourist visa online with US passport

Vietnam is a fantastic tourist destination with battle sites, wooden sampans, floating marketplaces, beautiful beaches and fresh rice fields. As soon as you enter this site you will recognize its great character. Every country requires a visa to enter, and Vietnam is no exception. To visit Vietnam, US citizens need a Vietnam tourist visa. What is a Vietnam tourist visa and how can United States citizens apply for one?

Vietnam tourist visas are issued to U.S. passport holders and other applicants who wish to travel to Vietnam for tourism purposes. Tourist visas for Vietnam are only valid for short trips or visits to Vietnam.

Tourist Visa To Vietnam For Us Citizens

Vietnam tourist visas for US citizens are valid for a maximum of three months, but the most common visa is only valid for thirty days. Validity is calculated from the date of visa approval, not from the actual day of arrival. For example, if American visitors use a 30-day Vietnam tourist visa to enter Vietnam and the visa approval is valid from January 1st to January 31st, even if they arrive on January 12th, the visa is only valid until January 31st.

Vietnam Visa For Tourist

Vietnam tourist visas for US citizens are available for both single and multiple entry. Tourists from the United States who have multiple-entry visas do not need to apply for a new visa every time they visit Vietnam if they plan to travel frequently. On the other hand, if American visitors apply for a single-entry visa, their visa will expire upon departure from Vietnam.

The Vietnam tourist visa application with a United States passport can be completed in person or online.

Vietnamese embassies and consulates are the appropriate locations for U.S. citizens to submit visa applications. US citizens can view a list of Vietnamese embassies and consulates at https:///category/vietnam-embassy/.

In this way, US travelers must apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese embassy. Applicants from the USA must visit the embassy twice: once for the application and once for the visa

Vietnam Visa Extension And Renewal

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