Top Executive Search Firms In Singapore – For a small red dot, however, we have quite a few headhunting companies – so many options, in fact, that many job seekers may not know where to start.

To make it easier for you, we have listed 10+ best search firms and recruitment agencies in Singapore, based on:

Top Executive Search Firms In Singapore

Top Executive Search Firms In Singapore

Whether you’re struggling with your job search, or just starting your hunt, it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help from recruitment agencies and give your job search a boost.

Data Executive Search

P.s. Executive Search Firm or Recruitment Agency? Headhunter or recruiter? If you are wondering about the difference between all these terms, we will explain more at the bottom of this article.

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Randstad is a well-established, international recruitment agency with reach in 38 countries and among the top executive search firms in Singapore.

“Friendly and personal commitment. Fast and efficient in contact and arrangements. Clear and precise in communication.” “Called the landline to speak to a specific Randstad official. As I couldn’t get through I started chatting with the chatbot who transferred me to a human colleague. Very smooth sailing and pleasant. That person assured me the person I wanted to reach out to would call back after taking my number.Very professional interaction so far with all points of contact.”

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Well established in the UK, but with roots in Japan, JAC Recruitment is an international recruitment company with a global network spanning 11 countries, including Singapore.

As such, Jac Recruitment Singapore tends to hire too many Japanese speaking roles. So if you’re fluent in Japanese or have experience with Japanese work culture, you’ll have an edge over other job seekers.

“Had an excellent experience here. Very polite and friendly staff made sure they listened and were aware of my interests and abilities. Was able to secure a job within a month and we are still in touch since then. Will always be grateful for the help and guidance JAC has given me. Thanks again Konno san.”

Top Executive Search Firms In Singapore

Michael Page is one of the four brands under the international recruitment company PageGroup. Michael Page has a network that spans 36 countries around the world and specializes in countless sectors.

Aslant Legal • Home

In Singapore, the company offers specialized recruitment services for professionals at middle management to leadership levels, along with highly specialized technical positions and functional disciplines.

“Great experience working with Michael Page. I have met consultant Alicia while looking for my new career opportunity with Michael Page. Working with her she helped me successfully secure a new career opportunity in a short amount of time. I will say that Alicia’s professionalism and knowledge is what makes her successful in what she does. She is always patient to listen and willing to help. Most importantly she always makes sure her candidate is well prepared for interviews by sharing tips and important to do’s and don’ts before the interview. I’m so glad we met and really appreciated her efforts in helping me secure the new job opportunity. Good luck, Alicia!” “Michael Page Singapore is very efficient in their sourcing, talent management and quick to respond. I have worked with many headhunting agencies, so far Michael Page Singapore is the best and fastest in their responses and updates! As a candidate, Michael Page Singapore does not leave you in darkness during a long period of waiting or silence; As a partner, Michael Page Singapore respects and ensures that the process is not overlooked from end to end. Special thanks to Nick H from Michael Page Singapore, he has been one of the best recruiters I have worked with. “

Robert Walters is a specialist professional recruitment consultant present in 31 countries. Their clients range from multinationals to start-ups and SMEs.

They help highly qualified professionals find new roles by helping candidates create or rewrite their CVs, which means they have experience in managing recruitment and headhunters.

Global Executive Search & Leadership Advisory Firm

Morgan McKinley is a global recruitment consultant recruiting across multiple industries and disciplines. Morgan McKinley also has a global reach, with a presence in 9 countries.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Bella & Hagen for both their help and commitment in facilitating my interviews and job offer. Both are helpful and ready to accommodate my timing (as I was abroad during the interviews) to ensure the process went smoothly. It was a pleasure working with them both, thanks again!” “I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Bella Phea for her help and dedication in facilitating my interviews and job offer. She is helpful and willing to accommodate my travel schedule to ensure the interviews went smoothly. She was a pleasure to work with her, thanks again!”

A pioneer in specialized recruitment services, Robert Half offers executive search and recruitment solutions for businesses and professionals in finance, accounting, financial services and technology.

Top Executive Search Firms In Singapore

“Stella Tan was proactive, efficient and encouraging and made things happen very quickly. She listened, made helpful suggestions, gave good advice and honest feedback, looked up to me and rooted for me throughout the process. I cannot express how grateful I am for her tireless efforts on my behalf. I would also like to thank Elise Tan who was most supportive and empathetic, who listened and gave good advice when I needed it and who went the extra mile for me. Thanks to both of you. I’m very grateful.” “I didn’t get a job from Robert Half I didn’t get an interview from Robert Half And that’s why they deserve 5 stars from me. I was unemployed for a long time and was desperate for a job. And this was the period when I suffered the most from bad practices of recruitment agencies. If you see my other reviews on some of the agencies. Bernice Lim from Robert Half called me. She tried to understand my situation, my background, my desire for a career and made a personal counseling call for me during the interview. She was like a breath of fresh air and gave me some hope because I know I can trust her to help me. It wasn’t a hard sell, it’s a super comfortable experience. The first position she got me didn’t work out because my experience gap was quite large and the client doesn’t want to waste time training the candidate. Without my asking her, she was looking for a suitable role for me behind the scenes. Within 2 weeks of the last position I got a call from her about a suitable role and she arranged an interview for me once she got my consent. She came back to me after getting her client’s response to the interview and I had to decline because I got a good offer in a very good company at the same time. She didn’t get upset, she didn’t act rude. From my past experience, this is the point where agents begin their reprimands. Instead, she congratulated me on my job offer, told me that I did a good job of keeping my hopes up and going without giving up and now I’m in a good company with a good salary. I was so surprised by her. It’s been over a year now I think and I still remember her. She is a perfect idea of ​​a talent acquirer, rare and I have not come across anyone like her. I would like to say thank you. And candidates under her, have faith in her.”

Talentis: Executive Search & Recruitment Software

Kelly Services is part of the PERSOLKELLY group, which provides a wide range of HR services ranging from executive search to permanent employment and hiring.

“Spoken to Andreas and was very impressed with his dedication in bringing my profile to the hiring manager. He is very dedicated and makes sure he follows up with the hiring manager and also updates me.” “Applied for a temporary position through Capita last December. I would like to thank Kate Foo for being thorough in explaining the scope of the job and bothering to call and ask me on my first day at work. She kept her word and the pay came on time. Tried to apply for a job at Capita again but decided to decline the offer. Agent Cassandra was quick to message me and she was kind and understanding.”

A global recruitment agency BGC Group (not to be confused with BCG!) also covers a wide range of industries and roles.

“It has been an extremely difficult time getting a job now but I am very grateful to my consultant, Shirley Tey! I initially applied for one of the jobs on offer but she found out that I might be much better suited for another and now am I am just days away from being in an ideal workplace. She is also very friendly, accommodating and helpful. Thank you!” “Hannah Ong is very helpful and patient. Such a genuine person. She was very detailed in explaining

Global Specialist Recruitment Agency · Phaidon International

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