Tires For Jeep Renegade Trailhawk – Well, for me one of the first upgrades was an extra set of wheels and tires. I had to do some research and testing to find this information.

Wheel and tire information on individual models can be found on the Jeep website. I’m only listing the TrailHawk here. The centers and specifications of the studs should be the same in all models.

Tires For Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Tires For Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Hub Size: *I need to figure out how to measure it and find some time to take the wheel off and measure it on the Renegade.

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 4×4 Cranberry Twp Pa

* The tire sits really close to the summer perch. Anything larger can cause rubbing issues. So remember the compensation and the saying. Manual spacers may be required. Note that the Renegade Limited uses 18″ wheels and does not have the extra .8″ lift that the TrailHawk has. The specification may use a different machine on the wheels and/or the tires are not tall.

The Renegade uses a Bolt/Stud type lug nut. It is 17mm in size. You can see the length in the picture below. She is the eldest. The thread field size is 1/2×20. It’s the same as the Compass and Patriot, but these 2 cars have the most improved and improved exhausts in the hub with the Renegade’s coilovers.

*Exit thread: 12×1.5 or 12×1.25 will not fit. The Renegades threads (1/2×20) are nicer and closer to the 12×1.5 shown in the picture. The 12×1.5 threads are wider behind. Hopefully the picture is clear enough to see the difference. I got tired of putting a 12×1.5 nut on my 1/2×20 Renegade stud and it didn’t fit.

Looking at the Renegade’s lug nuts can easily clear 1 inch of space. Any spacer less than 1″ will not come with a new set of studs. You will use the original lug studs, but I would recommend using new lug studs to make up for the difference that the -1″ spacer will create. If you use 1″ or larger, the spacers come with new clamps in the studs for each item. The thread you want. You don’t want to use a long stud on a spacer. 1” or larger. If the length of the stud is lighter it breaks more easily. That’s why any 1″ or larger spacer comes with a new set of short/custom length studs installed. When you want to add 1″ space to the common area where the studs are pressed in the hub, you usually run into the problem of studs sticking up over the 1″ spacer. This will prevent the wheel from sitting with the spacer, but instead hitting/sitting on the studs. You need to cut the studs shorter to clear . With the Renegade, I did not see this problem with the height of the head on the lug nut with a 1″ spacer. With any spacer I recommend a center hub and a space wheel. Hub centric means that the main hole is centered on the center hole. The spacer is cut to fit right in the center of the car, so the spacer can’t slide/move once it sits on the hub. A wheel hub means that the outside facing part of the car is cut to fit. The main hole in the center of the wheel Having a camera with both centric centric and wheel centric will ensure proper fit from the hub to the mobile device to the wheel. You will also notice vibration and poor steering feedback, there are spacers out there that will not have hub centric or wheel centric cuts. Or they will have one or the other. Make sure you want to buy a name and have both to match yours. Setup: With all that said the general consensus among space users is that there is always a risk of failure. Wear and tear, cheap workmanship, and improper installation can cause failure. Some don’t recommend using a spacer at all and recommend that you buy the correct accessory for each technique you purchase. Sometimes this option is not available and we have to turn to the stars.

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White_THawk said: Bolt pattern: 5×114.3 (5×4.5 is considered the same size) White thread size is 1/2×20. Click to expand… Hi White_THawk, nice post and pictures. The icon size you listed is incorrect however. We have had several threads about this, the Renegade bolt pattern is 5×110. Unless Jeep changes it for American Renegades? What is your source for the 5×114.3 information, links?

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If the design of the knot is confirmed by others at 5×110, I will accept it. I didn’t do any fitting, just a rough measurement with a tape measure on that car I have 5×100 and 5×114.3. And it comes close to 5×114.3. But 5×100 is closer to 5×114.3 than 5×100, so I can see how I could make this mistake with a tape measure. I didn’t even know there was a 5×110, so if admin could edit my first post.

Tires For Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Because I don’t know the dimensions of the center hub on the Renegade, I don’t know if these will fit properly. This is just an example for your reference.

Jeep Renegade Adventure

White_THawk said: Note that the Renegade Limited uses 18″ wheels and they don’t have the .8″ clearance that the TrailHawk has. Limits may use a different machine on wheels and/or tires that are not tall. Click to expand… White_THawk, The main thing to remember is tire size and rim size are not the same thing.

The 225/55R18 limited edition tires, the Trail Hawk 215/65R17 and the 215/65R16 sport tires are all in the 27″ to 28″ diameter range with a section width of 8 1/2″ to 9″.

You can actually fit 27-inch rims and 1/2-inch sidewall tires in the Renegade.

It will be a 28″ OD connection that will still clear the McPherson strut like the factory stock.

Jeep Renegade Review: Jeep Renegade Shows Chops In The Dirt And In The City

It definitely looks like wheel chocks, different cleats or both are a must if you’re going with a tire with an OD over 28″.

Incognito said: This makes me wonder if 15″ rims on the space to clear the brakes is possible. The best choice and low price of 15″ rims and tires is good. Click to expand… 15 inches definitely won’t clear the trailhawk front brake, and based on early estimates it won’t clear the other models either.

I’ll be sending out some 16″ steel models soon to show the clearance on the trailhawk for the explorers out there.

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Mopar Showcases Even More Parts For 2023 Jeep® Renegade Trailhawk!

Do you guys think if the 225 65 R17 tires will fit without rubbing on the TH and with the stock rims?

I think they will fit but they will be closer to the spring perch like maybe 1/4″ or less.

Thank you for the reply. But will it be a problem? Or does it matter if it’s near a summer perch?

Will the spring perch go far if you use a simple lifting device, as one of the Italian g-force guys, with +2.5 cm (1)? Does it work that way?

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Sorry for my ignorance, I have never done any modification on any car, and my English is not good so it is difficult for me to understand sometimes, especially about the technical terms.

I’ve heard from my friends at Renegade Ready that the first group of fighters are currently in the rough right now and the Italian resistance is coming soon. They keep releasing the website until some amazing things are on the shelf to offer.

Spacers will be 25mm thick when centering style 5×110 and include a new set of 20qty long bolts to replace the short stock ones. To clear up all confusion, the mounting bolts measure M12x1.25. Not repeated 1/2-20. Let’s try to stop the misinformation about hook circle and lug size from spreading.

Tires For Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

I was told that it will include a set of foot hangers (also available separately) to make wheel changes sooooo much easier when the hook is attached and the spacers will initially be offered in black anodize, but can also be give them in plain sight. anodized and in the next 30 days or so black will be an option instead of traditional finished pots. Before long, replacement studs and nuts could be offered to replace the bolts for people who just can’t stand the nails even though the wheel hangers solve the problem.

New Shoes If Anyone Is Thinking About Getting New Tires On Stock Height On The Trailhawk Edition Look At The Fallen A/t Trails In Size 235/55r17

MiniJeepTV says: Spacers will be 25mm thick center style 5×110 To clear up all confusion the lug nuts have a gauge of M12x1.25. Not repeated 1/2-20. Let us

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