Tires For 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee – 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo XD Granada 18×9 -12 | Kumho Road Venture At51 31″x10.5″ | Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift

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Tires For 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tires For 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Vehicle Information: This Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD features XD Grenade 18×9 -12 offset wheels, Kumho Road Venture At51 31/10.5R18 tires with a Rough Country suspension with 2.5″ lift, no trimming required and no rubbing or scrubbing.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Stock # 6010b For Sale Near Redondo Beach, Ca

Will 18×9 -12 wheels with 31″x10.5″ tires fit on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD with 2.5″ Rough Country suspension lift?

1″ Outer Fender. Also remember the impact fit of the spacers, this vehicle does not run with any in front and none in the rear.

**We always recommend finding a couple of vehicles that have achieved this fitment as this information is based solely on the owner of this vehicle. Although we review every gallery page, there are so many variables that we cannot verify that each adjustment is possible or accurate. However, if all the other kids do it, YOU MUST ADAPT!!

All gallery pages and information are added by the owners or representatives of the owners of the vehicles. Custom Offsets LLC is not responsible for the information posted on this site. Use at your own risk and always find multiple sources to confirm your wheel, tire and suspension kit purchasing decision. 254 visits. After a few months of work behind the scenes, I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Falken Tires. The WK2 now has the OEM Goodyear Adventure tires replaced by new Wildpeak AT3W all-terrain tires. While the Grand Cherokee can fit a larger tire than the one I chose, I wanted to keep the look aggressive but not over the top, so I chose the less popular size 265/65R18, equivalent to a 31.6″ tire. It measures about an inch. Tire one and a half larger diameter than the factory one, and presents great aesthetic and functional improvements for the Jeep.

Best Tires For The Jeep Grand Cherokee

I took the Jeep to a local Firestone tire center and for the whopping cost of $79, they replaced all four main tires as well as the fifth OEM tire I purchased in April and mounted it with the new spare and TPMS sensor. A Jeep friend bought me factory tires for his wife’s WK2, so they’re going to a new home!

Initial impressions with the AT3W are stellar… After taking the Jeep to New Hampshire for a spin in the woods the weekend we installed it, I got 24-25 MPG during the two hour drive, and I know this without room for doubt. that the Wildpeaks gave us better traction than the Goodyears could ever have on rougher terrain than I ever had with the Trailhawk. ​I’ll do a long term review when the time comes, but for now here are some photos of the installation… ​

It’s been almost a year since I partnered with Falken and installed WildpeakAT3W on the Trailhawk. The 265/65 size looks aggressive and feels great under it, and they’ve handled everything I’ve thrown at them. With a thousand miles driven off pavement last summer, a road trip to OverlandExpo East, and weeks this winter spent in New Hampshire’s snow-capped White Mountains, time and time again they have proven the worth of their accolades and the three- maximum mountain snowflake rating. If you’re looking for a phenomenal all-terrain tire for your off-road vehicle or daily driver, be sure to check out these guys before opting for the options offered by legacy tire manufacturers like B.F.G and Goodyear. ​I’m always happy to answer any questions about them in the comments or through any of the social networks. Lets chat! Has anyone replaced the tires on the Diesel Grand Cherokee yet? Wondering what everyone is thinking about upgrading to?

Tires For 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

They removed the Forteras before delivery and put the Michelin Latitude HP on me. I’ve had the Forteras in a Durango and an Envoy, so I never really liked them. The Michelins, on the other hand, have proven effective in adverse weather conditions in all seasons. I’ll probably buy winter tires at some point, but last winter they did well, which was bad.

Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Major Overhaul Yields Positive Results

I bought a set of Fortera triple directional treads for my old Jeep. They were excellent on wet or snow-covered roads, but tread life was quite poor for such an expensive tire. I ended up replacing them with the Cooper Discoverer AT3. I really liked them…good price, aggressive tread but quiet ride, great tread life, and American made. Unfortunately, they don’t have these for 20 year olds.

MDBones said: The Michelin LTX AT is another tire that I have had very good results with on my Jeeps. Click to expand… These or the LTX M/S2 would have been my preference, but at the time they were also not available in a “similar” 20″ size. My other issues with the Forteras were the tread life. tread and why I chose the Michelin. There is nothing bad to say about the Coopers, I know a lot of guys who are also very happy with them.

X2 on the Dura Tracs tire absolutely excellent for all terrain, and they have better road wear, wet weather and winter driving characteristics than any of the MTRs on the market used them on my land cruiser for years and will be on my GJC. also. As the factory “slicks” wear out. You would think that with the off-road package rated they would include some decent tires.

I have 20″ wheels and want a replacement for the OEM Forteras. So far, 9,000 miles on the car and tires, and there is noticeably visible wear on the fronts, so I’m not happy with that. I need to rotate the tires and I plan do it soon.

Jeep Grand Cherokee With 18×9 12 Xd Xd820 And 285/60r18 Toyo Tires Open Country A/t Iii And Suspension Lift 2.5

I’ll keep those tires until they wear out, but then I’ll want a 20″ tire for mild off-road use: more aggressive, stronger tread (more resistant to punctures/sharp rocks) and higher sidewall height, so that when I inflate I will have a smoother ride, a better contact patch and more clearance to protect the nice OEM wheels (20 X 8, 5 spoke) from getting scratched. I don’t mind a wide tire, in fact I prefer to use one a taller and narrower tire.

Ideally, it should be a somewhat silent tire so that it is not unpleasant on our long road trips. I don’t want to raise my JGC. I will keep the suspension at the original height. Oh, and a tire that gets good mileage too.

Taller and thinner 20″ tire, to fill the wheel as best as possible in the stock suspension configuration

Tires For 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This will narrow down my options significantly, but I’m pretty sure I can find a suitable tire. I already know I’ll get out of what the local tire store says will “fit” on the deck.

Falken Wildpeak At3w

David said: I put Goodyear Duratrac on my original 18″ wheels. Love them! Click to expand… What size Duratrac do you have? And does it have Qudra-lift? Does anyone know the largest size that would fit my Overland? Q-Lift?

I’m running Nitto Terra Graplers on my 2014 Overland. Factory size on 20″ factory wheels. They are great in the snow and rain. You can expect to get about 40,000 miles before replacement, if you rotate them. Good luck.

David said: I put Goodyear Duratrac on my original 18″ wheels. I love them! Click to expand… What size did you put? I noticed the closest size to factory is LT275/65R18 on Goodyear Wranlger Duratrac. I have Had three Chevy 2500HD trucks with GY Wrangler Duratracs and I love the tire. Did these tires increase the cabin noise at all?

I put 265/60R18 on it. If you look on Tire, they have the size available there and at a decent price. The cabin noise is a little louder but honestly, I just got used to it. I don’t think it’s that bad though. And it doesn’t interfere with Quadra Lift as someone else asked earlier in this thread.

Jeep Grand Cherokee With 24×10 24 Oe Replicas Rst Wheel

David said: I put 265/60R18. If you look on Tire, they have the size available there and at a decent price. The cabin noise is a little louder but honestly, I just got used to it. I don’t think it’s that bad though. And it doesn’t interfere with Quadra Lift as someone else asked earlier in this thread. Click to expand… Thanks for the quick response and information!

We just received our new Jeep 6 days ago. I don’t think I can convince myself to buy new tires from it yet, haha. When I do, they will be GY Wrangler DuraTracs.

I chose Goodyear Duratrax 275/65/18 on my stock Overland wheels. Tight fit as mentioned here but no chafing. The sound is slightly louder than the original on some roads and not noticeable on others. I imagine they may make more noise like the previous aggressive tires did. I think it looks pretty good with the original wheels.

Tires For 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

DarylP said: View attachment 160 I chose Goodyear Duratrax 275/65/18 on my

Jeep Grand Cherokee Crash Test Ratings

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