Things To Make You More Fertile – With famous sayings like “you are what you eat,” and “let food be your medicine,” it’s no surprise that there are actually many foods that can support fertility. In fact, Dr. Robert Kiltz, a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist here at CNY states, “Our diet and the other things we consume are the single most important factor that we have the power to help increase conception and pregnancy rates. .

What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to get pregnant or undergoing fertility treatments like artificial insemination (aka IUI) or IVF. Implementing a fertility-enhancing diet can help to increase sperm quality, egg quality, achieve pregnancy, reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, and optimize preconception health.

Things To Make You More Fertile

Things To Make You More Fertile

While this article will cover the basics of a fertility diet, foods to increase fertility, foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant, and even touch on supplements to help fill the inevitable nutrient gaps, it’s also important to remember that other lifestyle changes are similar. introducing the right exercise program to your daily routine makes it easier and more important ways to help you improve your fertility naturally.

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It is also important to note that sperm and eggs take about 70-90 days to develop. . This means that while you may see some improvements fairly quickly, you likely won’t see an effect on your fertility for the entire three months.

The Basics of the Fertility Diet & Why the High Fat Low Carb Diet is the Best Diet for Improving Fertility

Simply put, we believe a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is the best food for your fertility. While this may sound controversial, Dr. Kiltz and other fertility experts both here at CNY Fertility and elsewhere understand the importance of a high fat low carbohydrate diet for fertility. The published edition of the high fat diet goes against what most people were taught in school, much of the “science” has already been debunked. The truth is that fat provides the key structure to all the cells in our bodies and is vital for supporting fertility.

But what is the factor that reduces inflammation in the fertility diet? Inflammation causes problems in the body and according to several studies affects the reproductive system. Similarly, Dr. Robert Kiltz notes that “inflammation is the only primary cause of infertility.”

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Chronic inflammation can damage tissue and reduce blood flow and nutrient delivery, which hinders the body’s ability to function properly. This is one of the reasons why antibiotics, steroids, aspirin, heparin, and other immune modulators, such as Intralipid, IVIG, are often used in fertility treatments.

While these drugs can suppress and modulate the immune system, a properly constructed fertility diet can similarly yield the desired inflammation-reduction results. How? A high fat low carb diet reduces inflammation in three primary ways;

While “sugar” has been considered a pest for some time, we must remember that all plants are primarily made of sugar. Even though it starts out as a “complex carb,” it eventually breaks down into glucose, fructose, and other sugars. Not surprisingly, there is a huge number of studies that show sugar is the main cause of inflammation.

Things To Make You More Fertile

One of these studies showed that a 50g dose of sugar caused a relatively small spike in C-reactive protein (CRP) and other inflammatory markers just 30 minutes after consumption, and those levels remained elevated for some time. Another study similarly showed that eating 50 grams of carbohydrates resulted in increased levels of Nf-kB inflammation.

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What about fiber? The problem with fiber is that it heats up. Heat is generated by the constant fermentation in your stomach (have you ever looked outside the pile in the winter? Is it smoking right?). Similarly, your belly sits directly above your reproductive organs. Your reproductive organs are designed to work well at a very specific body temperature and their function can be negatively affected by heat.

Since many individual studies and large meta-analyses of multiple studies have implicated carbohydrate consumption with inflammation, this is indeed good news. The results are reversed as demonstrated by a 2014 study that showed that reducing carb intake resulted in lower inflammatory markers in their body.

These findings all support the idea that carbohydrate consumption causes inflammation; given what we know about inflammation, it only makes sense to limit carbohydrate intake.

One of the most obvious but seemingly overlooked things is living plants that don’t want to die. Because they cannot move, plants produce toxins to protect themselves from fungi, insects and animal predators. Of the thousands of plants tested, the vast majority, including the domestic plants we eat habitually, contain their own unique number of toxins, sometimes numbering in the few dozen. When plants are damaged, by predation or harvesting, some plants’ levels of natural pesticides greatly increase and sometimes reach acute levels of toxicity to humans.

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The average American is estimated to eat about 1.5 g of naturally occurring plant toxins per day. We have been warned about the synthetic pesticides that hit the plants, but the level of consumption of natural pesticides is the amount of synthetic pesticides (and remember, because natural does not make it better – cyanide is natural).

How dangerous are natural pesticides? The good thing is that humans eat such a wide range of foods animal studies are often the best, especially when looking at the potentially toxic effects of plants. For example, feeding alfalfa sprouts (which contains a toxin called canavanine) causes lupus-like syndrome (immunological inflammation) in monkeys. A similar, but more morbid note, the mortality of grazing cattle is estimated to be around 5-.7% due to toxic exposure from ingested plants.

While you may think we are talking about dark tropical fruits and vegetables, you may be surprised by the number of common containers that contain these natural pesticides.

Things To Make You More Fertile

Fat is one of the most important biomolecules for reducing inflammation. Studies show that fatty acid intake can reduce levels of key markers for inflammation including Reactive C-Reactive, reduce inflammatory responses, and help protect against inflammation and autoimmune disease. Fats are critical for limiting and preventing inflammation.

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Eating a high fat low carbohydrate diet helps improve and regulate your reproductive hormones. How exactly it balances and regulates reproductive hormones can generally fall into two categories: providing your body with building blocks of hormones (aka cholesterol), reducing the intake of foods that imitate reproductive hormones and reducing the effects of metabolic syndrome by reducing blood glucose. degrees

If you think back to high school or college science classes, you may remember a thing or two about hormone synthesis. If you do that, that’s fine too. Long story short, several of the main reproductive hormones including Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone are all derived from cholesterol. Care is also necessary for our bodies to synthesize vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D has been shown to help support fertility health.

While the link between soy and decreased fertility in men and women has long been established due to its estrogenic activity (it contains phytoestrogen chemicals that mimic estrogen and interfere with normal hormonal signaling). There are over 300 plants with known estrogenic activity. Flax, sesame seeds, bay leaves, oats, wheat, barley, dry beans, lentils, rice, alfalfa, rye, apples, carrots, garlic, and more all contain phytoestrogens.

Why do plants make these hormones? Well, it has been hypothesized that they make plans for the exact reason of reducing the fertility of the animals they eat. Phytoestrogens are known to negatively affect fertility in humans and other animals. Phytoestrogens play no known role in plant biology. As mentioned before, we often forget that plants are animals that don’t want to die, and this is one way plants are the lower population of animals that eat them.

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PCOS is a hormonal disorder in women that affects 1 in 10 women. It is mainly characterized by high levels of male hormones (hyperandrogenism), infrequent ovulation and is a primary cause of infertility. While getting pregnant with PCOS can be challenging, it is very possible and adjusting to a high-fat and low-carb diet is one of the first ways to help support fertility health.

While the exact cause of PCOS is still unknown, PCOS is strongly associated with being overweight, type 2 diabetes, previous gestational diabetes, and cholesterol problems – problems that are all associated with insulin levels.

It turns out that hyperinsulinemia can cause the ovaries to produce testosterone and create other hormonal disturbances that reduce ovulation frequency and trigger other symptoms of PCOS.

Things To Make You More Fertile

Because insulin is released after eating a high carbohydrate meal, eating a low carb diet is one of the most effective ways to help reduce insulin levels and has been shown to have a positive impact on metabolic syndromes such as PCOS.

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While health experts believed there was a connection

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