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For anyone who wears glasses or glasses on a regular basis, scratches on the lenses of your glasses are a major and ongoing annoyance.

Taking Scratches Out Of Glasses

Taking Scratches Out Of Glasses

Since the pandemic, I have been wearing my glasses more than my contacts for various reasons. This also means that my lenses are much more scratched than when I only wore them at night.

How To Remove Scratches From Glasses

Between accidentally dropping them, not keeping them in their case and my kids hand-holding them, my glasses now have a nice collection of marks on the lenses.

So, you see why I was game to try this Spy-via-Lifehacker baking soda suggestion for how to remove scratches from glasses.

First, I cleaned my lenses with cold water and soap and wiped them with a microfiber cloth (important to use because some cloths can scratch your lenses).

After that, I made a baking soda paste by adding a little water to some baking soda. I rubbed the paste on the lenses with another microfiber cloth and wiped it off, followed by wiping with another microfiber cloth.

How To Remove Scratches From Plastic Lens Glasses: 13 Steps

Result: I think it helped a little? Admittedly, I have deep scratches on my lenses and this process is not supposed to help those. It may have polished some minor scratches.

While some tips on how to remove scratches from glasses suggest using toothpaste or polishing products, the Manual says this is more likely

As the Spy/Lifehacker article says, I could have prevented some of these scratches on my glasses by keeping them in a glasses bag when not in use. The case lining I had came unwoven, so I just bought a new one.

Taking Scratches Out Of Glasses

I also wipe my glasses on my shirt a lot during the day. That can cause scratches because it can rub dirt and dust off the lenses. Paper towels can also leave small scratches. So, I ordered a bunch of microfiber cloth wipers to hide in my car, bags, office and TV.

Busted! Myths About Removing Scratches From Glasses

And if my preschooler runs off with one of her own in the past to use with her glasses, I have plenty to use. Eyeglasses aren’t cheap and choosing frames and fitting the right lenses can be a big investment. Getting scratches on your glasses can be frustrating, as they can blur your vision. Replacing contact lenses can be very expensive.

We leave our glasses exposed and throw them in our bags or pockets all the time, everyday actions like these cause the lenses to get scratches. However, this is not permanent. While deep scratches may require you to replace your lenses, a few external scratches can be easily removed by following the methods listed below.

Toothpaste can help keep your teeth white and bright. A toothbrush can also help you keep your lenses clean and shiny. Apply regular toothpaste to a microfiber cloth or cotton ball and rub it in a circular motion over the scratched lenses for 10 seconds. Wipe with a clean cloth. Rinse and repeat until the scratches subside.

Use these two common ingredients found in your home. Make a solution of 1-2 tbsp of baking soda with enough warm water to make a thick paste. Spread this paste over the scratched lenses using a cotton ball or microfiber cloth, rubbing it in a circular motion for 10 seconds. Clean and wipe off any residual paste from the glasses with a clean cloth. Make sure your glasses are clean and scratch-free.

How To Remove Scratches From Glasses In 5 Easy Steps

White vinegar can be used to clean many things around the house including your glasses. Mix baking soda and vinegar and wait for the foam to settle. Spread this paste over the scratched lenses using a cotton ball or microfiber cloth. Clean paste and repeat.

Replacing the water with vinegar is very effective for cleaning plastic eyeglasses. Vinegar will make your glasses look bright and shiny.

Many people use this not only when cleaning TV screens or dining tables or window glasses, but it also helps to clean your eyeglasses so they are very clean. Just mix a little dish soap and a few drops of glass cleaning spray and scrub the damaged lenses in a circular motion. Rinse and wipe with a soft cloth.

Taking Scratches Out Of Glasses

Applying a little car wax to the glasses can remove shallow scratches. Use a microfiber cloth to scrub it in a circular motion for about 10 seconds. Gently wipe off any remaining wax and rinse with water. It may take several attempts before the wax is completely removed from the glasses.

Most Simple Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Glasses

Alcohol alone will not help clean your glasses. Mixing rubbing alcohol and an abrasive such as baking soda is the best method. Rubbing an alcoholic abrasive can remove scratches from glasses. It is also a good way to clean your glasses even if there are no scratches although it can be more expensive than the other methods mentioned above.

The above methods are sure to remove a few shallow scratches from your glasses and are helpful in keeping your everyday eyeglasses brighter, clearer, fitter, and more comfortable. But prevention is always better than cure. Take proper care of your eyeglasses and prescription glasses. Eyeglasses are usually not cheap, and it is somewhat difficult to find the right glasses with a good-looking frame and comfortable prescription lenses. So, if one day you find that there are scratches on your lenses, you will be frustrated and it will make your life difficult. However, it is difficult to change glasses often.

Why do we often get scratches on lenses? It’s because we often leave our glasses anywhere we can, and even put them in our purses and pockets where they can be mixed with our sharp keys. For deep scratches, we have to buy new glasses. But because of minor surface scratches, there are some tips that we can follow to remove scratches easily.

The easiest things we can find to help remove scratches is the toothpaste we use every day. Apply toothpaste to a microfiber cloth and gently rub over your scratched lenses in a circular motion. Then wipe your lenses after 10 minutes and wash them until the scratches are gone.

Ways To Remove Scratches From Prescription Glasses

White vinegar is also a good choice for removing minor scratches. To clean everyday glasses, we can use vinegar instead of water, because white vinegar can make your glasses look bright and clear. Alternatively, you can mix a few baking soda and white vinegar to produce a foam, and when the foam is resolved, we can use a microfiber cloth to put it on the scratched lenses. Then just clean it several times.

The use of baking soda is to add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to enough warm water and there will be a thick paste. Then, apply this paste to your lens and rub it well with your microfiber cloth in a circular motion. This action may take 10s. Next, wipe off all the paste and clean.

We can combine rubbing alcohol and baking soda, and use it to clean our glasses. It is also a good choice for daily cleaning.

Taking Scratches Out Of Glasses

Car wax is also a great way to remove minor scratches. We can spread a little car wax over the lens and use a microfiber cloth to rub it in a circular motion for about 10s. After that, we just wipe off the remaining wax and clean it. It may take some time to clear the glue.

How To Remove Scratches From Your Blue Light Glasses

All the methods mentioned above can help us remove small scratches on our glasses, and make your glasses more clear and shiny. But still, it is a very good idea to protect your glasses in your daily life. Prevention works better than any kind of remedy tips.

If you like our product Jim Halo, be sure to follow us on social media, we will keep updating! No matter how much you take care of your glasses sooner or later they will get scratched. Although deep scratches on your glasses are difficult if not impossible to remove, shallow or minor scratches can be removed or filled temporarily using the following methods. These scratch repair methods work on eyeglasses with plastic lenses. Never try any of these methods on glass lenses as the lenses will end up being damaged.

Most people know that making a thick paste of baking soda can treat bug bites, but baking soda paste can remove minor scratches from your eyeglasses. To remove scratches from your glasses using baking soda paste you need to start by cleaning your glasses using dish soap and water and a microfiber cloth to dry the glasses. Then make a paste of baking soda and water and apply the paste to your eyeglass lenses. Using clean hands apply the paste over the lenses

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