Suspension Parts For Lifted Trucks – Designing your car’s suspension isn’t all about off-roading. With the device raised, you can see better and red and red better, too. Some people raise their cars because of the good looks. There are also good reasons not to lift your car’s suspension. Should you raise your car’s suspension or stick to the ride height?

The simplest reason to lift a truck is to increase the difference in ground clearance. Variation in stock height is a major target for rocks, and this increases the likelihood of getting stuck in mud. The only way to increase the height difference is to fit larger tires. If the vehicle’s original tires are 28 inches, the 33-inch tires will increase the height difference—the vehicle’s height—by 2-1/2 inches. A lift kit will keep your big tires from rubbing against fenders or suspension components.

Suspension Parts For Lifted Trucks

Suspension Parts For Lifted Trucks

There are two types of lifts available: body lifts and suspension lifts. The lift body pushes the body up, while the lift suspension pushes the axles down. Some start with one or the other for larger tires, better visibility, or load capacity, but both are usually needed in extreme situations.

Chevrolet 1500 — Rocky Ridge Trucks

Commercial elevators have been around since at least the 1970s. Today, some elevators include everything to complete a complete job, while others include only a few lifting components; some parts, such as the longer shock absorbers or brake lines, come separately. Some lift kits are replacements or additions to the stock suspension, such as these coil spring coil springs, while others require professional installation or welding.

Installing a lift is not for novice mechanics. Good tools are readily available, but knowledge and experience are not easy to come by, especially when it comes to welding. Also, incomplete equipment, insufficient parts, or a lack of understanding of the operation can damage the vehicle, the lift, or the user. If you install a DIY lift, have it inspected by a professional before taking it on the road or on the road. Even if installed properly, the lifting equipment creates its own problems:

There are good reasons to lift your car’s suspension, but also good reasons to leave things as they are. Weighing the pros and cons will help you make the best decision for you and your ride. For routine maintenance and repairs, check out all suspension services available at any 600NAPA AUTOPRO location. For more information on suspension parts, talk to an expert at your local NAPAAUTOPRO service center. But even though the ride is fine, you recently noticed that it started to sag. There are many reasons why this could happen…

As we mentioned above, the goal is to maintain the car’s level of stability while, at the same time, improving the driving quality. Here is a list of things to consider if you want to optimize your suspension:

Suspension Lift Kits

One of the fastest ways to improve your suspension is to upgrade your shocks. This may be all you need but be careful not to overdo it. Any time you move away from OEM equipment you are taking a bit of a gamble. Most of the time development translates to “powerful.” And, of course, this can help you control your saggy lower back and help keep your tires on the ground. But it doesn’t necessarily translate into a smooth and comfortable ride.

That said, if you plan on carrying heavy loads all the way to the drag, it’s a good idea to go for a heavy duty shock to keep your bottom end off the ground.

A word about vibration enhancement: Unless you’re installing a lifter, stay away from a shock that’s meant to compensate for the lifter, don’t create one. You’ll end up with less travel on your shocks, and possibly damage them as well.

Suspension Parts For Lifted Trucks

You may also want to consider strengthening your springs if you plan to do some heavy lifting. For leaf springs (a common rear suspension for trucks) you can simply add another leaf, or use ‘spring helpers’ that block your existing springs to increase tension and strength.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Fullsize Truck 2007 2018 Front Pro

Coil springs are more common in the front end and can be strengthened by an inexpensive, easy-to-use support. A polyurethane brace can be slipped into the spring cone, reducing the amount of play in the spring without adding any riding height.

These types of spring assist help prevent the suspension from sagging and can increase your ride height giving your car a little lift.

Another alternative to the above is a rubber spring. These rubber springs often replace the factory springs, sitting between the frame and the axle, only engaging with the axle when the vehicle is loaded.

Many trucks have adjustable torsion bars on the front end that allow you to change the ride height, raise it to match the rear lift, or lower it to keep it level when paying for the ride.

Leveling Kits Vs. Lift Kits: Which One Is Right For You?

Check your manual for adjustment procedures. Better yet – since you will need to re-adjust after adjusting the ride height – pay your professional to do it for you.

With torsion bar adjustment in the front, leaf spring assist in the rear and heavy duty shocks throughout, you can keep your car level under load.

* Remember that adjusting the torsion bar does not increase your travel range, it just clears your wheels better on the tires.

Suspension Parts For Lifted Trucks

Use your best judgment when using lifting equipment. Lifting equipment can provide an inch or two up to twelve inches and more. Don’t get carried away. Just two inches can make a big difference. But as you add to the length of your leave, the more likely you are to have new shocks to adjust to. (Sometimes you sacrifice comfort and safety, and make it difficult to get into the box.)

Superpro Easy Lift Kits

Choose the right size lifting gear. If you already have spring aids and the best shocks out there, and you’re still riding low in the rear, go for a 2″ (or even 1.5″) lift kit. For springs this is usually a polyurethane insert that just lowers the point where your spring meets the chassis.

For leaf springs, this is the shim that goes where your springs meet your axle, sometimes with a clamp to adjust where they meet on the side of the chassis. If you’re very lucky, you can raise the rear end (again, fit a heavier shock, height that matches your lift) and just use the torsion bars to compensate and adjust your front ride height.

In some cases (where there are no adjustable bars) you will need a lift kit that covers all four wheels unless you are fine with your rear end sitting higher than your front when the vehicle is lowered.

Before you start adding new parts, consider first adjusting the suspension. Even if your truck was recently serviced, it’s likely that the mechanic gave the suspension only a minor tune-up. Remember that suspension tuning is usually done to prepare the truck for maximum demand.

How Lift Kits Impact Driving Performance: Gas Mileage, Towing Capacity & Speed

However, you may need more dynamic response from your suspension if you regularly carry heavy loads or drive along uneven terrain. An experienced mechanic can adjust your suspension to match the way you use the car.

If your car’s suspension is not able to handle the weight of your vehicle properly and overcome the unevenness of the road and trail, you need a suspension upgrade.

One type of auxiliary spring that provides increased load capacity, more stability and a better ride is the Aeon® flexible rubber spring. SES models have Aeon® springs in every kit.

Suspension Parts For Lifted Trucks

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Top 5 Affordable Suspension Lift Kits

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