Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car – What is Rental Car Insurance Coverage? Is it necessary

The rental car kiosk where you sign the rental agreement as well as any additional liability and damage waivers to purchase offered by the rental car company.

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

Chasing floods often means we have to drive to places that are not well connected or well known. Therefore, we will often have to rent (or hire) a car. However, when taking a rental car, we have to consider whether to accept or reject the agency’s rental car insurance coverage. So it is natural to ask: is it necessary? Being upsold or scammed?

Rental Car Insurance: Do You Need It?

Actually, this is one of the last things we want to think about when we just want to get the car and start driving with it. It’s not even a happy thought if we’ve flown somewhere far away and we’re tired and we don’t really want to think about this issue.

By the way, this does not even include the refundable deposit that we may have to pay (and get back when the rental car is returned) regardless of whether or not we purchase additional rental car insurance.

In this article, we answer these questions through the eyes of our own life experiences. As you can see, we have had the misfortune of dealing with the consequences of things that happen to the rental car while we are driving. Indeed, it turns out that this is not a subject to be dismissed easily unless you want to be blinded by unexpected costs.

Rental car insurance is basically optional coverage that can be purchased through the rental car company. As you can see, technology is not guaranteed. However, we will work with this vocabulary because it achieves something of the mind that promises that the representative’s recommendations should be delivered.

Auto Insurance Guide

Damage to the windshield and hood (or bonnet) of a rental car (or rental car) while traveling in Western Australia

Anyway, the rental car insurance policy protects the rented vehicle from damage or injury while we are in its possession (ie from the time we leave the rental company with it to the time we return it).

Of all these aspects of the rental car coverage, Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is the first that rental car companies try to push.

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

It’s also the one we pay the most attention to as far as paying extra for rental car insurance is concerned.

Do You Need Liability Insurance Supplement?

Technically, rental company “insurance” isn’t really insurance at all, because they add it to the rental car rate up front so no insurance company will be involved at all.

The basic idea behind buying rental car insurance (or any type of insurance in general for that matter) is to allow ourselves to pay a lot of money in damages if something unexpected happens while driving a rental car.

A closeup look at some of the bumper damage that was enough for the rental company to charge us extra for it

And in the case of rental car insurance, can we protect ourselves financially should an accident or damage occur while driving a rental car?

Credit Card Car Rental Insurance: What It Is And How It Works

So in theory, purchasing car rental insurance (especially CDW) from the car rental company will at least allow us to return the rental car without additional surprise fees.

I would imagine that driving in this type of 4wd would violate the terms of most rental car agreements

For example, is there damage to the four-wheel drive? hit the wildlife between dusk and dawn? violated traffic laws that caused the accident?

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

However, without car rental insurance, then we will be subject to unexpected costs (who knows how much it will end up being?) that we will have to pay ourselves. And it doesn’t matter if the incident is our fault or not.

Liability You Assume Under A Rental Car Agreement

With insurance policies that do not involve the rental car agency, then we will have to file a claim and convince the insurer that the claim is legitimate.

Our experiences with these claims processes are that they can be stressful, drawn out (they’ve always taken us at least two months), and very stressful.

Indeed, we have learned the hard way that the position of many insurance companies in general is to collect taxes and find any reason not to have to pay a fee.

The tear of the windshield from a rock that left the roadway for a truck while driving on I-15 in Utah is another example of the type of damage that the rental car company allows us to sue unless we pay for CDW.

Unlocking Peace Of Mind: Your Guide To Insurance Coverage When Renting A Car

Going back to rental car claims, most of the first refusals we’ve experienced tend to be clerical (ie maybe something wasn’t clear in the paperwork they asked for).

So we will have to be both persistent and careful as well as keeping a level head when dealing with trying to recover money from professionals.

That’s why I want to emphasize the stress factor when you are trying to get on insurance policies, which is a problem that one can avoid with the “insurance” costs of the rental car company.

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

The cost of rental car insurance depends on how much you are willing to pay upfront to cover unexpected expenses that are the result of damages or injuries sustained while in the rental car.

The Pros And Cons Of Extra Insurance: Why Is It Necessary To Buy Rental Car Insurance? — American Reia

For Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Damage Loss (LDW), we have seen prices ranging from as low as $12 per day to upwards of $40 per day. Of course, this cost can increase as expenses go up over time.

Ami talking about the cost of accidental damage at one of the rental car companies we posted with in Australia back in June 2006

So considering that the cost of a rental can be in the region of $30 per day to even up to $100 per day, rental car insurance can conceivably double the overall rental price on CDW/LDW alone!

Regarding the other insurance coverage options offered by the rental car companies, we have not really bought them at the rental desk or at the checkout on the online reservation.

Loss Damage Waiver Vs. Collision Damage Waiver

However, to give you an idea of ​​the cost of other areas, then supplemental liability insurance (SLI) can be around $7 to $20 per day.

Also, personal accident insurance can be around $5 per day, and personal effects insurance can be around $4 per day.

Notice in this checkout screen how the base price of a weeklong rental is $228.22 USD but the warranty costs $331.74 USD ($191.94 + $98.10 + $41.70), which is more than the base rental rate itself!

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

So you can see that the cumulative costs of all this additional rental car insurance add up (possibly even triple the base rate of the rental)!

Things To Check Before Purchasing Car Rental Insurance —

Since we are US citizens, our purchasing decision depends on whether we rent a car within the United States or whether we rent a car internationally.

If we rent a car in the US, we all have our credit card rental car insurance as the primary insurance and the “regular” auto insurance as the secondary insurance.

Case in point, we had a flat tire while renting a car in Buffalo, New York, and we ended up charging $500 to cover the replacement of the tires (if one goes bad, they also replace your partner in the arm second. ) after the car has been returned.

When we rent a car at home, we have driven on road trips as far north as Washington State (and even Canada) so many can make mistakes during such long trips.

Your Ultimate Guide To Supplemental Liability Insurance (sli)

Since we were charged with a credit card that didn’t provide car insurance (or maybe we didn’t know about it at the time), we can’t be held responsible for the refund.

We also cannot make a claim against a regular auto insurance policy because this cost is within the deductible so it is not even worth filing a claim (more on this later).

However, having grown up in the US, we generally know and understand the rules of the road so we are comfortable with the risk of relying on our credit card rental car insurance if something happens.

Supplemental Liability Insurance Rental Car

Regardless, our regular auto insurance will kick in if we happen to be in a major accident that will exceed what the credit card is willing to pay out.

Budget Car Rental Review: Costs And Deals (2023)

You don’t really appreciate how easy it is for a rental car to sustain damage until a situation comes your way like this crazy snow storm we experienced in Wyoming.

We may consider paying up front for CDW/LDW if we know we will be driving some places that carry a higher risk of damage such as unpaved roads (especially 4WD roads), if there is a lot of wildlife. , or even if there is bad weather (eg. possible snow storm).

However, we have to read a good book (it is not easy to do when you are at the rental desk) pay special attention to whether the area becomes empty if you drive in unpaved roads or conditions other that can or can

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