Student Visa From India To Usa – India suspected that some students from India had enrolled in two institutions in Silicon Valley after arriving in the US on valid student visas.

Washington: Some students from India are suspected of being deported after they arrived in the US with valid student visas to study at two institutions in Silicon Valley, which denied India was “blacklisted”.

Student Visa From India To Usa

Student Visa From India To Usa

“There is definitely a flaw in the US system,” the sources said, noting that the US consulate in Hyderabad issued F-1 student visas and carried Form I-20s issued by educational institutions to prove their acceptance.

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The Indian embassy here has taken up the matter with the State Department, the National Security Council and the Ministry of National Security. Their response is still awaited.

Sources also said that several Indian consular officers who went to the San Francisco airport were denied entry to the US and were not allowed to meet the Indian students who were flying back to India.

According to reports of some students being denied entry because they could not satisfactorily answer questions from immigration officials at border crossings, sources said there may have been one or two such cases, but the mass distribution of students points to a problem in the U.S. system itself.

Sources also indicated that the 14 Indian nationals who were deported from India last week and the 19 students who were barred from boarding the airline’s flight to San Francisco have all been admitted to Silicon Valley University (SVU) in San Jose and Northwestern Institute of Technology in Fremont. .

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The two schools, meanwhile, said they were not “blacklisted” and that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials were simply enforcing stricter screening security measures, not just for students, but for all international students entering the United States.

SVU advises all new and returning students to bring original documents, saying, “Media in India has reported that SVU has been targeted by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

“There are some new SVU students who have been sent back or repatriated to India because they could not answer the questions to the satisfaction of the entrance examiners,” it said.

Student Visa From India To Usa

SVU said, “We do not welcome those who intend to abuse their F-1 VISA and have motives other than attending college.”

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NPU President Peter Hsich assured “students, families and friends” that “my team and I are very concerned and will do our best to clear NPU’s name and fight for your rights”.

As “conclusive evidence that NPU was not blacklisted,” he cited “a sample of freshmen who continued to enter the United States on F-1 visas as a designated school with NPU.”

“The charges were filed on December 20, 21 and 22, all after the spread of false information in the media in India,” it said.

The students flew on Emirates, Etihad and Singapore Airlines, and the NPU said “most students had to go through the secondary screening, but few (only 5 minutes of questions)”.

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He also asked Air India to allow all NPU students to board the plane and to contact any airline causing such problems to our students. He also contacted US immigration officials and sought out officials and media in India.

“We are aware that a small number of foreign students will be sent back to India, but only those who have failed to receive immigration interviews,” NPU said. Eligibility and Required Documents

There are three types of student visas for those who wish to study in the United States. Read on to learn about J1, 1 and F1 US student visas, their eligibility, and the documents required to apply for these visas.

Student Visa From India To Usa

With digitization, it is now easier to apply for a student visa. Applicants for this visa must receive an I-20 for the institution to which they wish to apply.

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The I-20 certifies that the applicant is legally enrolled in a specific study program in the United States. Applicants are eligible for F and visa benefits by obtaining an I-20.

The J1 student visa is an immigrant visa that allows foreigners to study, teach, or practice in the United States. The visa is valid for several weeks. This exchange visit visa program is sponsored by several accredited educational institutions in the United States.

This nonimmigrant student visa allows foreign students to participate in non-academic vocational study. 1 Students with visas are not eligible for any academic courses. 1 Visa holders may study in the United States up to six additional times, but may not work.

Ost international students apply for an F1 student visa to study at universities, colleges, and high schools in the United States. This visa allows applicants to travel freely within the United States without losing their visa status.

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Student Visa From India To Usa

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