Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension – Need increased capacity and smooth suspension for your RV, boat, construction, landscape or utility trailer? Our Silent Ride trailer suspension is a tough, heavy-duty upgrade—far superior to what a traditional torsion axle offers.

Its unique design—a moving beam moving on a single pivot point—means equal load on all tires at all times. This provides an air-like ride quality: smooth and quiet, even with the heaviest trailer load. But

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

And with less than 15 inches of ride height from frame to ground, the lower center of gravity allows for maximum stability and control.

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This suspension can not only handle serious loads, but also withstands harsh conditions. From the heat of the Australian outback to the harsh winters of Canada, the Silent Ride trailer suspension proves its durability.

Install this product yourself right from your driveway. Once installed, never worry about it again—this suspension system requires no maintenance.

Wide Range of Axle Seat Choices on Selected Trailer Suspensions Silent Ride Built-in Patented Aeon® Springs Quiet Extremely Strong and Durable Steel Smooth Ride Quality 5 Year Limited Warranty

14,000 lbs Suspension Capacity Weight and Dimensions 14,000 lb Silent Ride Tandem Axle Trailer Suspension with 33″ Axle Spread Weight and Dimensions (Metric) 14,000 lb Silent Ride Tandem Axle Trailer Suspension with 33″ Axle Spread Weight and dimensions (imperial)

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This warranty covers the replacement of the damaged part. This warranty does not include labor, freight, incidental damages, or any additional costs that may occur as a result of the defective part. We reserve the right to conduct our own inspection of the damaged part to determine the validity of the claim.

Free ground shipping is available in the contiguous United States on all orders over $99. Normal processing time is between 1 – 2 business days from order placement.

We make every effort to ship the order within this processing time; however, there are no express or implied warranties.

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

If you’re not happy with your product, we want to make it right. If our customer service team cannot find a solution for you, you can return your Silent-Ride trailer suspension for a refund within 100 days of purchase. The product cannot be fitted to your trailer and return shipping is not covered by .

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You want all the information before choosing the right trailer hitch for you. And we want to help.

Silent-Ride, on the other hand, is designed to work with existing trailer axles. If you need a more stable tow that doesn’t require more ground clearance, such as landscape trailers or construction trailers, the Silent-Ride is the best option.

Silent-Ride will not significantly change the ride height, as this is determined more by where your trailer axles and tires are in relation to the frame.

No, it will not work with torsion axles as the Silent-Ride trailer suspension itself is tied to the axle and the two will work against each other. However, we have multiple axle seat options depending on the capacity you are looking for.

Sti 2010 Instruction Manual By Nicole Horton

Have questions? Contact one of our local suspension technicians about your trailer project to determine if Silent-Ride trailer suspension is right for you.

Join the fun — and also be the first to know about new releases and exclusive promotions. There is a quiet revolution happening in trailer suspension right now. Industries has recently introduced some of the most original ideas, providing the industry with a series of trailer hitches that are nothing short of genius!

Each patented design focuses on being quiet and smooth – not to mention strong and durable. In fact, attention to detail ensures you get a quality product every time or your money back.

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

All of their steel components are laser cut and painted with a durable, long-lasting powder coating. Rubber springs and bushings are carefully vulcanized to meet and exceed industry standards.

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The product turns the traditional idea of ​​trailer suspension on its head. The most exciting feature of axleless suspension is the fact that it requires no axle!

Consider the possibilities. Imagine the freedom to go anywhere without the usual axle restrictions. Enjoy a smooth, quiet ride made possible by rubber spring technology.

We use premium urethane bushings in the axleless suspension design. Small grooves are machined into each bushing to allow the grease to lubricate the pivot point. This provides additional suspension silence.

This spring plays an important role in the operation of the suspension. Creates constant tension on the spring when the trailer is empty. This means that whether full or empty, the trailer will always ride smoothly and never bounce like a conventional trailer suspension.

Lb Single Axle Silent Ride Trailer Suspension

Simple solutions solve simple problems. But when the problem is anything but ordinary, an emergency solution is needed. Watch how exceptional axleless suspension can solve off-road problems…

Maintain the same ground clearance on your trailer as you have on your tow vehicle and stop worrying about axle sag! Axle-Less HD editions are designed to take the abuse seen on any off-road or overland expedition. It uses thicker steel for extra strength and a softer Aeon® spring for more suspension travel.

Whether you use your trailer to haul firewood or run a landscaping business, an axleless trailer suspension will make the job a lot easier. Opting for a 4-inch drop spindle will allow you to keep the bed closer to the ground, making loading and unloading effortless.

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

The axleless design allows for a lower center of gravity on boat trailers. This unique feature paves the way for improved handling at high speeds.

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“The axleless system is one of the most popular options we offer with our off-road camping trailers. The robust construction and flexible configurations allow us to fine tune the settings for the type of terrain our trailers are designed to explore” – Matt Broadbent, Kakadu Camping

Quiet and smooth. Those two words describe the Silent Ride trailer suspension. Any rattling and banging sounds are muted. The rough and uneven draw quickly evaporates. Its rugged design has been tested in both the harsh climate of Canada and the rugged terrain of the Australian Outback.

The Silent Ride trailer suspension is designed to meet a new set of standards. Here are some of its unique features:

The movable beam design is a critical element, allowing the suspension arms to move freely around a pivot point, ensuring that the Silent Ride tandem suspension maintains full alignment.

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The glued rubber bushings are press-fit, allowing the outer side of the bushing to be fully engaged in the control arm. The result is an extremely durable, long-lasting sleeve.

This spring acts as a shock absorber, creating constant tension on the spring. This means that a loaded or empty trailer will never bounce around. You are guaranteed a safe and smooth ride at all times.

The Tandem Silent Ride trailer suspension is second to none. Its unique design – a moving beam around a single pivot point – creates the most dynamic leveling trailer suspension on the market.

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

The rugged design of the Silent Ride trailer suspension provides a superior ride quality. “Evened” means that an equal amount of load rests on each tire at all times. In other words, all four tires are on the ground at all times.

Suspension Enhancement System Asr52hds01 Axle Less

Whether you’re installing it on a new trailer or as a retrofit, the bolt-on axle seats make it easy to accommodate different sizes for both square and round axle tubes.

“I drove to my cottage with the trailer, very smooth and quiet ride. No broken leaf spring – I usually break 1 or 2 springs per trip and drive very slowly. With this suspension we were doing 40 – 60 km/h and could go faster, but I don’t want to break my truck” – Guy Pelletier, Gatineau, QC

“I just purchased the Silent Ride suspension for my boat trailer. The change is incredible: more smoothness, quietness and control. The trailer pulls evenly, without jerking or jerking. As a result, I feel much safer on the road” – Jack Hanna, Ajax, ON

Originally designed as a premium suspension for horse trailers, the Dakota Air system has evolved over the years. Its exceptionally smooth ride is ideal for trailers carrying fragile cargo such as horses and electronic equipment. The durability of its material and design meets the more extreme demands of a construction trailer.

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A single-coil air spring with low frequency provides a larger surface area to accommodate larger loads. These are high quality springs with a factory fitted internal rubber stop.

Uses dampers exclusive to the Dakota Air suspension. Rubber bushings inside these shocks minimize wear and tear. Each shock can support a minimum of 8,000 lbs. of tension to prevent overstretching of the air springs.

The air spring, shock and leaf spring combination helps create a total suspension package ranging from 7,000 – 10,000 lb.

Sti Air Ride Trailer Suspension

Each Dakota Air suspension is equipped with a durable leaf spring for added stability and strength. This metal spring allows for a more compact design that is light and strong. Simple bolt-on design requires no welding.

Axle Less Trailer Suspension

The most complete easy-to-install air system in the industry. Comes factory wired and pre-assembled. The control panel

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