Steps In Changing Your Last Name – I remember changing my last name and boy do I wish I had a chart like this to help me, so I made one to share with you today! Once you’re in the post wedding glow, try your hardest not to let it burn as you begin to tackle this huge task. Think of this process in steps or steps to make it easier and less intimidating. The initial process of getting your Marriage Certificate, Social Security Card and Driver’s License can take up to two months to complete so you have some time off. After Step 1 + 2 is finished, if you can cross eight things a week, you will have finished in a month’s time… if you can do 4 a week, it will take you two months; which I think is totally acceptable. Below I go into detail about the process, what’s involved and what you’ll need to set it up. Keep in mind that every state is different and what is common in California or New York may not be the same in your state. If you have any detailed or special questions for any of the agencies – don’t forget that you can always call and ask. All worries aside, know that in just six steps you will end up being

After you, your partner, your partner and the witnesses have signed your marriage certificate (which is usually after your ceremony) you will need to send it to the county register office; the same place you applied for it. From there it can take up to six weeks to receive your official marriage certificate, as every country is different. Think of your marriage certificate as your birth certificate; it is the official record of your marriage and needs to be kept in a safe place. The agencies below do not accept photocopies of your marriage certificate so many couples choose to pay a small fee to receive two or three official copies for safekeeping.

Steps In Changing Your Last Name

Steps In Changing Your Last Name

You will need to start with your Social Security Card. I recommend going to your local office right before the doors open, like 10 minutes before so you can be one of the first in line. Take the morning off from work if you have to. There will be many people in the office doing many different things and if you arrive late, you may stay for hours. You will be writing to “correct” the name on your Social Security card and guess what – it’s free! Your new card will take 10 days or less to arrive in the mail. You can find more information on the government website here.

Pennsylvania Name Change Simplified 7 Steps

When your new Social Security card arrives in the mail, you should visit your local DMV to renew your driver’s license. Since you have to pay, this is a good time to take a new photo and update your card information as well. Each country will be different and charge different rates. You will need to fill out a form and provide your Marriage Certificate and your new Social Security card, so make sure you have everything with you. Some states will even renew your voter registration and vehicle title during this same visit. Additional information and the form you need to fill out can be obtained from your DMV website. Your new driver’s license can take up to four weeks to arrive.

These things are the next big obstacle. Most banks not only require you to bring your updated social security and driver’s license but also a marriage certificate to update your name on your accounts, credit cards, mortgage and more. issue and I recommend talking to a professional about it. The biggest one here will be your Passport which you will probably pay more than $160 to update, as well as bring a new photo. For more information on passport renewal you can visit the government website here. Updating your Paypal can also be a bit of a chore. I recommend updating your bank accounts first and then Paypal. You will need to submit your marriage certificate to them and they will need a document to verify the process which can take up to a week to be processed. It’s sad but it’s good that they really did.

Do not book your overnight flight or hotel in your “new” name because it is not yet legal!

These things are easy and do not require your marriage certificate. Some DMV offices will process your car’s title at the same time you renew your driver’s license, but others will not and will require a second in-person visit to the office. As soon as you are done processing your bank accounts, make sure to tell your HR department so they can process your wages as well. Other things can be expected when their monthly bills or statements come in the mail, using the arrival as a reminder.

Ways To Change Your Name

If you own a business and have legal documents that need to be updated, I recommend discussing the changes with your business attorney.

I like to think of these things as important but not as important as your bank account or your paycheck. You can change your name on your taxes at tax time. Most health care providers allow you to change your name online or at your next visit. You can re-register to vote on many state websites with just a few clicks. You can have your pets microchipped at their next vet visit. However, developing a will and/or living trust can be laborious and may require notarization and additional fees. Newlyweds may also want to consider creating your own Last Will & Testament to protect you both… just in case!

These are things you can improve if you come across them… like I’m sure you’ll change your name on Facebook the next day, lol. The next time you get that magazine in the mail, go online and change your name. Next time you visit the library, change your name. Same thing with gyms and other clubs. The only ones you will have to change pronto are the ones you pay for as the next payment hits your bank account, the name difference can cause issues.

Steps In Changing Your Last Name

To keep you on track with your name change process, we’ve created a free pdf. which you can download and print to track your progress. Catch up below!

How To Change Name On Facebook In 4 Steps, With Photos

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One of the most exciting things about getting married is deciding whether to change your last name. It’s a big commitment, and a big job – but it can be worth it. So where do you start? Check out these steps to get started with your last name!

This is the most important step, and you cannot proceed with changing your name, without these documents.

Ask if you can buy your certified copies when you apply for your marriage license – that way they will only send you your marriage certificate and certified copies when they are ready. It is recommended to start with three copies, and you can always buy more later. You’ll want to keep your certificate somewhere safe, but keep your certified copies on hand in case you change your name.

How To Change Your Last Name In Oregon After Marriage

After you have your certified copies, you can let the government know what name you would like to go by. You can apply for a new social security card by mail or in person at your Social Security office. Find your nearest location.

If you are planning to go in person to a Social Security office, save time by filling out this application before the deadline for a social security card. You will also need the following documents:

• Proof of name change: a certified copy of your marriage license – you will probably get this copy again, so you can use it again.

Steps In Changing Your Last Name

• Proof of identity: This must show your name, date of birth or age, and have a recent photograph. You can use a driver’s license, your valid passport, a government-issued identification card, or a U.S. ID card.

Passport Name Change After Marriage—all Questions Answered

• Social Security Card: You need your current Social Security Card, and you will keep the same number if the government issues you a new card.

• If you are not a US Citizen, visit here to help determine what documents you need regarding your citizenship.

After you visit the Social Security office, you must wait at least 24 hours for your new name to be processed in the system, before you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

To get your new driver’s license, you must be an in-person. Many countries consider the name

Changing Your Display/chosen Name, Gender, And Pronouns

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