State Farm Denied Roof Claim – CHICAGO (CBS) — The entire upper floor of a home in northwest Indiana has restricted access because of a rotting roof. The family says they are in limbo. Waiting for insurance to come help

“That’s a whole bucket full of black paint. It’s really black,” said Martha Feliciano as she toured her bedroom with roofing expert Joshua Grah. “I mean, the mold there is ridiculous.”

State Farm Denied Roof Claim

State Farm Denied Roof Claim

“It was terrible, the smell was terrible,” Feliciano said. She had moved her son’s bed and crib out of the bedroom.

Should I Turn In An Insurance Claim For My Roof?

She noticed the leak in March 2021 and filed a complaint with State Farm. After more than six months of going back and forth with insurance. She received a letter containing all sorts of legal language, basically informing her that State Farm denied her claims. They say that problems within the home are caused by decay and deterioration.

“I walked in and saw everything splattered all over the floor and I was like and I immediately closed the door,” she said.

The damage was even worse with debris strewn across the floor and insulation hanging from the ceiling. Feliciano might be stuck paying for it out of necessity.

State Farm couldn’t speak to the specifics of her case, but referred CBS 2 to Janet Ruiz of the Insurance Information Institute for general information about the claim.

Tornado Damage Lawyer

Ruiz explains that roof replacements typically are covered by insurance companies only for accidental losses such as windstorms or fires. It is not rotting and deteriorating. She said insurance is not a maintenance policy.

“(If) it was just a matter of age and wear and tear that occurred over a long period of time, it would not be considered a covered loss,” Ruiz said.

“It’s expensive,” he said, not wanting to give us a specific number. Grah works for NWI’s Restoration Builders.

State Farm Denied Roof Claim

Feliciano is praying for help and for sunny days ahead. Because the tarp on her roof now can only keep out so much rain.

Best High Risk Homeowners Insurance Companies Of 2023

She just filed her second claim with State Farm and is waiting patiently to see if insurance will cover her this time.

Lauren Victory is a Morning Insider reporter for CBS2 Chicago. Lauren joined the station in May 2016 and is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Your roof damage claim was denied because “Wear or not?” This is one of the most common reasons insurance companies use to deny claims. Normal wear and tear occurs as your roof ages.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore the denial of your claims and move on with your life. This is because the adjuster may overlook evidence of harm covered by damages. The insurance company’s conclusions therefore do not contain information.

We are no strangers to the strong winds and rain that accompany Florida thunderstorms and hurricanes. These types of storms can damage your roof in many ways, such as causing leaks. Damaged or torn shingles and even gutter problems

Beware! Claims Files Materials Held Discoverable When Relevant And If No Preservation Of Error

Although most homeowners expect their homeowner’s insurance policy to cover damages, But Florida homeowners are often disappointed to find that their roof damage claims are denied.

A roof is generally considered “too old” if it is 20 years or more old, as this is the typical lifespan of shingles.

The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies don’t want to pay full price to replace a roof that is likely nearing the end of its depreciating lifespan. Regardless of whether the roof was damaged in the storm or not.

State Farm Denied Roof Claim

For example, your home’s roof is 15 years old, but you’ve never repaired or repaired it. The roof was deteriorating and starting to leak. This is because the damage is the result of you not maintaining your roof properly. Your claim is therefore likely to be denied due to “wear and tear” issues.

Insurance Company Denies Homeowner’s Claim After Roof Caves In; Says It’s A Maintenance Issue

Additionally, your insurance company may refuse to cover roof damage if you attempt to make minor roof repairs yourself. Because you may be making the problem worse from their perspective. Some roofing materials, such as shingles, are delicate and may break or come off when Move on or you could try nailing the roofing shingles back in only to cause a leak inside your property.

Because you’re making the damage worse. Instead, contact a certified roofing expert. You will be responsible for paying the cost of repair or replacement.

Your insurance company will send a yard loss adjuster to your home to determine the extent and cause of the roof damage while they are processing your claim. Unfortunately, they often only perform a superficial job of inspecting your roof instead of taking the time to check the integrity of your tiles or shingles. This means that the insurance adjuster will only look at your roof for obvious damage. Instead, we look further afield, such as damage to the lower levels of the roof. This is a water barrier under your shingles or tiles that prevents water from leaking into your home.

A visual inspection can only reveal so much. And it won’t reveal the damage that occurs when high-speed winds tear apart the screws that hold your shingles or tile together. This causes a hole in the bottom plate.

Do I Need A New Roof? Insurance Claim Denied, Quoted 33sq @ $17k. Southeast Us

If your homeowner’s insurance company denies your roof damage claim And you don’t agree with their decision. You can appeal. The first step is to request another inspection of the damage. This is because the damage may be overlooked at first glance. Make sure you have a reputable roofing contractor assess the damage along with an adjuster.

Additionally, when you file an appeal with the insurance company. Please request a revision date. The appeal process is often drawn out. And damage to your roof can cause additional property damage. If you don’t repair it quickly If the correction date has passed and you have not been contacted by your insurance company. Please follow up with those companies. Please note that if the company does not respond or if your appeal is rejected. You can file a complaint with the Florida Financial Department of Consumer Services or even resort to legal action.

Will be with you every step of the way during the claims and appeals process. and will serve as a third-party resource in your battles with your insurance company. If you want to be more proactive in getting a fair deal,

State Farm Denied Roof Claim

If your roof damage claim is denied You can trust us at any time. While reopening a denied claim can be tedious and may not always result in an approved claim, In the end Our public adjuster at LibertyInsuranceAdjusters will work with your insurance company to ensure you receive a fair appeal.

Help My Roof Claim Was Denied

Whether you recently received a denial for roof damage or one that occurred within the past five years, please call 813-922-5129 or submit your claim online. We will never stop working to help you receive the fairest compensation for your damages.

If you want to get the fairest deal possible. You can repair your home or business, rely on Liberty Adjusters If you said “c” then you’re right. The #1 and only reason insurance companies send paperwork. The roofing or water claim engineer will deny your claim.

Mike, I think you might be being a little “overreacting.” They wouldn’t send an engineer out to inspect my roof and then deny it. Why would they do that?

Insurance companies send engineers to inspect your roof because they think you won’t dispute the claim after you see the report.

Was Your Roof Insurance Claim Denied? 5 Things To Do Now The Claim Squad

3. There is approximately 10-15% of the roof area damaged, which falls under the Florida Building Code, allocating 25%.

Let’s take a look at real-world insurance companies that deny roofing claims based on engineer reports.

But Mike, why can’t I say, “No, I don’t want the engineer to come. There is no reason for him to come.”

State Farm Denied Roof Claim

According to your insurance policy If you do not cooperate They can deny your claim for non-cooperation. For this reason, we sympathize with insurance companies allowing engineers to inspect your property.

Why Did My Insurance Company Send An Engineer?

First of all, I really don’t care. Whatever the engineer writes in his report, remember that they are “hired guns” that are paid and purchased by the insurance company. In all my cases the insurance company hired an engineer. They never had any effect. Let’s get to the final settlement. I know how to “neutralize” these things that are bought and paid to “engineer.” It’s important to find a good public adjuster that knows how to handle these types of claims that insurance companies hire. engineer

If you encounter this type of situation and need help, Please call me as soon as possible.

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