State Farm Claims Department Phone Number – State Farm told the Kansas Department of Insurance last month that it instructs third-party claimants to obtain an estimate from a Select Service repair shop, but that the claimant “is not obligated to use that repair shop.”

The Illinois attorney general also announced Wednesday a hearing from third-party claimants who were asked to search for estimates on State Farm’s Direct Repair Program network.

State Farm Claims Department Phone Number

State Farm Claims Department Phone Number

“It was brought up here in the Chicago area as well,” said attorney Patrick McGuire, whose practice includes collision repairers. (Note: Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice. Please consult a qualified attorney in your state.)

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In addition to the obvious governance issues, such cases appear to impose a duty on third-party claimants that does not exist in the contract. Unlike first-party drivers, who have a contractual relationship with the insurer, third-party drivers typically have not transferred any rights.

Unreasonably requiring third-party claimants to suffer because of an unfavorable store rating is bad enough. But such an initiative can escalate further if insurer representatives or third-party claimants mistakenly believe that the actual repairs must be done at a DRP company. This would certainly run afoul of shop-choice laws across the country.

“When we discuss a claimant’s desire to have vehicles repaired, we offer our Select Service program as an initial option if we have Select Service repair shops in the claimant’s geographic location,” State Farm Auto ILR Manager Jeff Avery wrote to the Kansas Department of Insurance on April 15. a response to a general complaint. “We refer them to these repair shops for an initial repair estimate. Once we get that estimate, we issue a payment. The customer is not obligated to use that repair shop. Customers can use their claim settlement payment as they see fit, including deciding whether and where to have their repair the vehicle. …

“If the customer has already given their vehicle to a selected repair shop, we will work with that repair shop to achieve the agreed repair amount.”

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“As previously noted, there is no known legislation that addresses your concerns about specific repair shops,” Karen Wallace, consumer assistance supervisor for the Kansas Department of Insurance, wrote to Tony Adams, vice president of the Kansas Auto Body Association, on April 24. Adams had made a general inquiry about possible changes to the law, which led to State Farm’s response.

“The response shows that State Farm wants people to use specific shops for their appraisals, but it’s not mandatory to use those shops for repairs,” Wallace continued.

We asked State Farm several questions about the Kansas, Illinois, and North Carolina reports on the behavior of modified third-party claims:

State Farm Claims Department Phone Number

These included State Farm’s official policy on third-party claimants, the possible source of interpretation that the new claim is in place, the state’s filing requirements to change the treatment of third-party claimants, why State Farm might impose obligations on a third party, and how the claims worked when the third-party claimant also had first party state farm policy.

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“Thank you for reaching out,” Tammi Estes, State Farm’s senior public affairs specialist, wrote on April 28. “We have nothing to share with RDN.”

Adams said he has encountered inquiries from KABA members about third-party behavior at State Farm and experienced a similar situation at his own store.

According to Adams, a State Farm representative had insisted that Weaver’s longtime customer — a third-party claimant — take his vehicle to the DRP shop for repairs. Eventually, Adams’ shop requested a State Farm supervisor, who immediately confirmed that the consumer had the right to have their vehicle repaired anywhere, Adams said. Weaver kept the keys.

Adams said he thought it was a simple mistake by a subordinate, but now wondered if the incident was part of something larger.

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In Illinois, McGuire said, there is no obligation on a third-party claimant. According to McGuire, they could even fix the car and hold the bill before discussing the incident with the first-party claimant.

According to McGuire, an insurer would also be under no obligation to use the terms of its first-party policy against a policyholder filing as a third-party claimant. The consumer can choose whether to treat the damage as a first or third party.

But while the victim may benefit from a first-party claim in a total loss case, McGuire said, it’s usually “a rare occasion where you’re better off as the first party.”

State Farm Claims Department Phone Number

A third-party claimant probably isn’t obligated to take the vehicle to get an appraisal at the insurer’s chosen location, “even if they share the same insurance company,” Eversman said.

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The plaintiff would be an adverse third party, and “that insurer has no right to take any action against the third party” unless the language of the first party’s agreement requires the customer to sacrifice the third party’s rights as well, he said.

Erica Eversman, an attorney for Vehicle Information Services, said she was not familiar with Kansas law, but questioned whether any insurance commissioner would allow a carrier to make such a requirement in a policy.

If you allow the insurer to participate in the repair process, it may be that the third-party claimant does not have to sue the policyholder to keep the policyholder whole. But that doesn’t mean the insurer has the right to control the process, Eversman said.

“As a general rule,” Eversman said, third parties have no obligations to insurers — “period.” He said it would be “inappropriate” for an insurer to attempt such a check.

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State Farm has not responded to follow-up requests for comment filed Friday about the differences between Illinois’ claim and carrier training for regulators, Select Service Shops and outsourced evaluations (such as an A.I., desk reviewer or independent appraiser) when writing to a third party. and the leaves of the first party.

“Some states have laws that prevent an insurer from traveling unreasonable distances for a first- or third-party claimant or impose other guidelines for vehicle inspections,” APCIA vice president of auto and claims policy Bob Passmore said in a statement. “However, in most cases, the claimant and the insurer are able to work together to find the most efficient and effective way to inspect the vehicle, assess the damage and provide compensation.”

According to Eversman, insurers can also commit insurance fraud by underestimating losses. He suggested that if an insurer uses a body shop as an agent, the repair shop could be “liable for insurance fraud and understatement of claims”.

State Farm Claims Department Phone Number

Eversman pointed out the problem that using a third party potentially interested in writing the claim “for the benefit of the insurance company” gives the estimate that the shop may write a higher estimate after the claim is recorded. It’s the “whole game” of the DRP repair shop, he noted.

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He argued that hiring a body shop to outsource the claim was an “incredible conflict of interest” when the “clear purpose” was to have the DRP shop capture the repairs.

According to Eversman, it would be one thing for the DRP shop to do “a good overall initial repair analysis without destructive activity,” but made it very clear in the estimate that it was done without the necessary disassembly to properly determine the amount of the claim. It should be clear – “in writing, in bold” – that this was the “most accurate estimate possible” without dismantling.

“That would be a different story,” Eversman said. However, that may not get the store off the hook or eliminate the conflict of interest problem, he said.

We suggested that if an insurer-authorized appraisal shop were to remove the components, the scenario would become a repair and risk violation of the Shop Choice Act, and Eversman agreed.

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We asked the Kansas Department of Insurance if it has taken any other action or given State Farm any other guidance on this matter. We also asked the third party about the claimant’s apparent lack of obligation to obtain an estimate for the state farm’s desired location.

“While consumers are welcome to share their personal information with anyone they choose, we do not comment on specific cases,” Lee Modesitt of the agency wrote in an April 29 email. The general complaint process is to work with both the insurance company. and insureds when we receive a complaint to gather all relevant information from the parties involved and ensure that matters are handled in accordance with Kansas statutes and regulations.

Since they could not discuss a specific complaint, we then asked about Kansas’ general laws and regulations regarding third-party claimants.

State Farm Claims Department Phone Number

In an action for temporary injury to real property, Kansas courts turn to PIK Civ. 4. 171.21, which provides,

State Farm Letter

“If the damage to the property is temporary and of such a nature that it is possible to restore the property to its original condition, the amount of damage shall be the reasonable cost of repairs necessary to restore it to its original condition [a reasonable amount of compensation shall be added

With reasonable care during the repair of the property] but not to exceed its fair and reasonable market value before the damage was caused.

This is consistent with the purpose of tort actions, i.e., to make the victim whole again while avoiding unexpected harm for the injured party. Mechanical determination of damages affecting labor cost depreciation at the same rate as cost

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