State Farm Car Accident Claim – Founded in 1922, State Farm employs more than 58,000 people and 19,000 insurance agents.[1] U.S. The company, the largest auto insurer in the U.S., reported gross revenue of $79.4 billion and net income of $5.6 billion in 2019.[2] According to the Insurance Information Institute, State Farm had the second largest number of auto insurance policies in Arizona with a 14.8% market share in 2019.[3] That means one out of every seven auto insurance policies written in the state is issued by State Farm. The accident attorneys at Lumber Goodnow have handled countless claims filed by victims of negligence in Arizona. Our experience in dealing with State Farm has allowed us to establish a very successful record on behalf of our clients against this company.

Compared to other auto insurers in Arizona, State Farm is more likely to have negligence victims take their cases to trial. The company often offers unreasonably low settlements, making it impossible to resolve victims’ claims without filing formal lawsuits.

State Farm Car Accident Claim

State Farm Car Accident Claim

State Farm is efficient with its claims process and typically extends settlement offers quickly in response to claim packages. However, the initial settlement offers offered by the company are often unfair to provide fair compensation to the accident victims.

State Farm Accident Claims

When State Farm receives claims, it allocates them to insurance adjusters. The company has claims units that deal with claims when they are filed. Adjustment teams within units are assigned to handle injury claims that the company believes are less severe. Serious injury accidents are reserved for individual adjustments. For individuals whose claims are assigned to adjustment committees, State Farm tends to extend initial settlement offers that are well below the fair values ​​of the claims. An experienced Phoenix accident attorney at Lamber Goodnow can obtain a settlement or verdict from State Farm that is significantly higher than the initial offer.

Claims assigned to individual adjusters vary widely depending on the adjuster. Some adjusters are fair and will agree to settle claims fairly. As other remedies offer lesser benefits, it is necessary to file a proper lawsuit to get a fair amount of damages.

As the litigation process continues, State Farm tends to increase its settlement offers. In some cases, the settlement offer from State Farm can be three times the initial offer made by the insurer. The increase in the value of settlement offers after lawsuits are filed may be due to claims shifting to defense attorneys for State Farm rather than being handled by adjusters. Defense attorneys for State Farm understand the risks involved in trying cases before juries. The values ​​of the offers rise if State Farm finds that an accident victim will not accept a speedy settlement plan to avoid a possible lawsuit and trial.

When a trial is scheduled, defense attorneys take a hard look at the merits of the claim and the legal arguments. Provide State Farm with realistic explanations of the risks involved in taking cases to trial. In many cases, the initial offer from State Farm Insurance Adjusters is only sufficient to cover the victim’s medical bills and not enough to cover his other losses. In contrast, later awards can be higher and pay for the victim’s economic and non-economic injuries.

State Farm Rejecting Diminished Value On A 100k Mile Car

State Farm calculates accident claim damages using a proprietary software program. Insurance adjusters use this software when deciding how much to pay out to accident victims. In most cases, the results obtained from this system are unreasonably low.

Information from the accident victim’s medical record is entered into the program. The information is then analyzed, and software calculates the amount and cost of medical treatment needed. It includes past and future loss of income and gives a value to the victim’s non-economic damages. Each of these types of damages is usually underestimated.

In most cases, filing a formal lawsuit is necessary to recover fair compensation. State Farm is a large corporation that is in business to make money. By extending low settlement offers, the company tries to minimize its losses. State Farm needs to look at additional sources to make reasonable offers. During the discovery phase of a case, the company will obtain additional evidence to help confirm the true value of the claim. Some adjusters also factor the trial records of the attorneys representing claimants into the settlement offers they make.

State Farm Car Accident Claim

The attorneys at Lumber Goodnow are frequently asked questions about accident claims against State Farm. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

How To Negotiate An Insurance Settlement For Your Car

When you file an accident claim against the person who caused your accident, their insurance company takes on the task of defending against the claim. When the at-fault driver’s insurance company is state farm, you are not contractually obligated to provide a recorded statement to the adjuster. Many insurance companies have contractual clauses in their policies that require their insureds to disclose information about their accidents. However, if you file a claim against the driver who caused your accident, your claim is a third-party claim. This means that State Farm is not part of the contract with its insurer and has no obligation to provide the report.

The reason State Farm adjusters ask for recorded statements is to try to get victims to make statements they can use against them in their claims. Instead of helping you get the compensation you deserve, they ask leading questions designed to get answers to help you defend against State Farm claims. If you are asked to provide a recorded statement, you should politely state that you would like to speak with an injury attorney at Lamber Goodnow before agreeing to do so. We can handle communication with the insurance company for you.

2. State Farm asked me to sign an authorization to release my medical records. Do I have to give them permission to access my records?

Another tactic State Farm uses to reduce the amount it pays out in claims is to demand broad access to accident victims’ medical records. If you give the company broad access to your medical records, it will dig into your medical history and try to find a previous incident to blame some of your injuries on and reduce the value of your claim. For example, if you injured the back of your neck, State Farm may blame your injuries on a sports injury you sustained while playing football in college. You may not agree to sign an authorization for State Farm to access your medical records. Instead, your attorney will provide the company with relevant medical records related to your accident and the injuries you sustained as a result.

What To Expect In An Injury Settlement With State Farm Insurance

If State Farm decides your injuries are not serious, it may assign your claim to an adjustment committee. These teams have less experienced adjusters. Generally, these adjusters are given little authority to take additional evidence into account when calculating settlement offers. In most cases, they offer settlements that are worth far less than the actual value of the claims. If you receive an early settlement offer, you should consult with the accident attorneys at Lamber Goodnow to determine the value of your claim. You should not agree to accept an early settlement offer from State Farm because it is unlikely that it will cover all of your losses.

State Farm can make many claims while trying to deny or deny liability to its insurers. It may try to blame your injuries on a previous accident or medical condition. You can also argue that your medical bills are too high or that you were given unnecessary treatment. State Farm sometimes tries to argue that accident victims were not injured or at fault. Finally, the company may argue that the value of your claim is not worth as much as you believe it to be so that you try to agree to a lower settlement offer.

After your attorney sends your claim package to State Farm, the agency tends to act quickly. In many cases, State Farm will respond with an initial settlement offer within a month. However, it may take a long time to get a fair settlement. If you do have to file a lawsuit, it can take several months to two years to receive a reasonable settlement offer from State Farm.

State Farm Car Accident Claim

State Farm often increases offers after lawsuits are filed. However, your case may need to go through a significant portion of the discovery phase before you see a dramatic increase in your offer. After your claim goes through deposits, the company may increase its settlement offer. Depositions allow the state form and your attorney to evaluate witnesses as they testify and give them the best possible outcome.

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