Sports Car Insurance Claims For Roll Bars And Harnesses In Singapore – This buyer’s guide covers everything you need to know when shopping for a roll cage for your Miata. From what a roller bar is and its applications to why we offer certain models, which safety regulations they meet, to installation information and more, we’ll cover information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a roller bar. And just in case you think we’ve missed something, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help! So here’s your Roll Bar 101.

Simply put, a roll bar is a metal bar that runs from the side and over the top of the vehicle, providing strength and support to the frame while protecting the occupants in the event the car rolls over. Are style bars and roll bars the same? Not. A style bar is simply a bar that does more in the aesthetics department than anything in terms of protection. Usually bolted to the top of the seat belt tower only, the style bar will in most cases break at the attachment points or bend under great force. On the other hand, the rollbar is excellent both aesthetically and functionally. Adding a sporty, aggressive look to your Miata, it’s also strong enough to withstand a rollover.

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Roll Bars And Harnesses In Singapore

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Roll Bars And Harnesses In Singapore

Safety comes first. Constantly. Although Miates have a low center of gravity and are unlikely to roll, accidents do happen from time to time and can be fatal. The Miata is a convertible and the first two generations of the car 90-05 did not have rollover protection from the factory. The installation of a protective bar stiffens the chassis quite a bit, and in the event of a rollover accident, it will further protect you. Let’s not forget, having a roll bar is mandatory and encouraged at most motorsport racing events.

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Hard Dog roll bars from Moss Miata are the trifecta of providing safety, chassis stiffness and a strikingly aggressive look. Whether you want an entry-level rollbar, a sport version, or something more stubborn and attention-grabbing, Hard Dog has the choice and quality to meet and exceed your needs. For something different, don’t forget to check out Hard Dog’s Deuce bar and Xtreme.

4. Which Roll Bar should you get? Here’s a simple chart to help you choose a roll bar for your Miata:

The Hard Core comes standard with a single diagonal and optional double diagonals or X-Brace. The Hard Core will not work with an OEM hard top unless a hard top version is specified. All M3 roll bars use 1¾ tubes.

The M2 is designed to work with OEM and most aftermarket rear glass windows and has belt tabs instead of a belt bar. The M2 will also install on the first-generation Miata and is required if you’ve upgraded to an OEM-sized rear glass window.

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Track Dog Racing’s Hard Dog Roll Bars meet SCCA and NASA HPDE safety standards.

So grab some power tools and spend the day with your friend while you tackle this DIY project.

Does the cross bar that goes between the seat belt towers on 94-97 Miatas have to be removed to install the roll bar?

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Roll Bars And Harnesses In Singapore

The cross bar can be reinstalled after installing the guard bars only on Hard Dog Hard Core, Sport, Extreme and Hard Bars. The purpose of this bar was to stiffen the chassis. The rollbar also serves this purpose, so you probably won’t see any difference if you remove this bar.

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We definitely recommend professional installation if you are afraid to install the protective frame yourself. You can always check with your local Miata club or your town’s MX-5 performance shop.

All Miatas from 1990 to 1997 came from the factory with a flexible plastic rear window in the convertible top. If your first-generation Miata has a glass rear window, it’s either an aftermarket or a second-generation transplant.

The basic chassis of the Miata from 1990 to 2005 was unchanged, allowing roofs and roll bars to be replaced. A few quick measurements are very helpful when trying to determine which bar is compatible.

Measure the width of the window two inches from the top of the glass. If it is less than 34 inches, it should fit any Hard Dog roll bar that is designed for the OEM glass rear window on 99-05 Miatas.

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99-05 OEM compatible models with rear glass are M2 Hard Core, M2 Hard Core Hardtop, M2 Sport, Ace without diagonals to rear racks, Deuce, Xtreme and Hard Bar

If your windshield has built-in speakers, it won’t work. The speakers must be permanently removed. However, wind blockers without speakers will work on the Hard Core Hardtop, Sport and Hard Bar. But you may have to leave it up or down and eliminate the overlay option. Will not work on Hard Core, Ace, Deuce or Extreme.

Yes and no. One diagonal strip runs right through your field of vision when looking through the rearview mirror. So it takes some getting used to. However, in the case of the double diagonal version, depending on your height, the rear-view mirror may be absent or partially obscured. The diagonals seem to be about 1″ on either side of the mirror diagonally towards the corners, almost framing the mirror. So it’s more of an adjustment to the new setup, and after a few days you won’t even notice.

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Roll Bars And Harnesses In Singapore

From our website: Once you’re sure which rollbar you want to buy for your Miata, add it to your cart and checkout with the account you’ve registered with us. If you don’t have an account, create one or call us and we’ll do it for you.

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Call: Simply call us at 800-624-8295 and we’ll be happy to place the order for you, and our knowledgeable sales staff will answer your questions and help you choose the best roll cage for your Miata. NOTE: This item must be ordered separately from other products to ensure shipping charges are correctly calculated at checkout.

AUTOPOWER roll bars and cages meet or exceed the safety requirements of most competition sanctioning organizations. All roll bars and cages are designed for easy installation and provide maximum protection. The fit in your vehicle allows for quick and easy entry and, most importantly, quick exit, while conforming closely to your interior for a clean, unobtrusive look and feel.

All roll bars and cages are certified MIG welded and precision cut, giving you maximum strength and the best possible fit. Each rollbar or cage is designed to fit specific car models so only minor modifications are required for installation. Most applications are a straight screw and do not require WELDING.

*FINISHING ROLL BAR & CAGE* All roll bars and cages from 3/31/23. they are no longer available painted and are shipped raw without coating.

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You need to fit your bolt into a protective frame or protective cage in your car before painting or coating it. That way, during initial installation, you won’t scratch your roll bar or roll cage while drilling the holes and trimming the inner panels to mount them to the car. Once you’ve installed it, pull it back out and paint or prime it, then put it back in the car. YOU MUST INSTALL YOUR PRODUCT BEFORE COATING OR PAINTING IT. We are not responsible for any coating or painting costs in case of fitment issues. Email us pictures of your product installed in your car. AutoPower Industries manufactures a variety of seat belt protection bars and cages for street vehicles and all race cars. Each rollbar or cage is designed to fit specific car models so only minor modifications are required for installation. Most applications are a straight screw and do not require WELDING. A lot of time has been spent developing and perfecting each product to offer maximum strength and proper fit.

*All AutoPower products are shipped via freight. Please inquire for orders shipping outside the lower 48 states for exact shipping quotes*

Motorsport racing is the perfect activity for speed lovers who want to experience the adrenaline of fast driving in a closed and controlled environment. But before you get into this, you need to make sure your vehicle is well equipped to do the job. Of course, it’s obvious that you need a fast car to win, but keep in mind that safety should be your top priority. Roll cages are one of the main safety equipment your car should have, and that’s what Autopower represents.

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Roll Bars And Harnesses In Singapore

AutoPower Industries is a leading manufacturer of roll bars and roll cages. Most of their cages are SCCA and NASA compliant. AutoPower Safety Equipment knows exactly what it takes to keep you safe no matter what, especially in competition

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