Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore – Many accidents called bumper benders might better fit the description of bumper benders. Bumpers on the front and rear of your vehicle play a vital role in minimizing damage caused by automobile collisions, but they can do so at the expense of their own beauty and structural integrity.

Whether you recently experienced damage to your car’s bumper or want to know what to do in the event of future bumper damage, a little knowledge can help you make the right decisions. Let these frequently asked questions (and answers) get you on the right track.

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore

Although bumpers can reduce the overall impact forces transmitted by a collision impact, they do not actually protect the occupants as their primary purpose. Instead, the car’s frame is recessed in strategic areas to protect you and your passengers from injury. Bumpers serve to minimize the extent of damage to the front or rear of the car.

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Today’s bumpers offer a combination of light weight and shock absorption. Although classic cars and modified vehicles may have steel bumpers, most bumpers on modern cars consist primarily of plastics supported by a steel or aluminum inner bar. This assembly goes on a metal frame fixed by hooks to the outside of the car.

In a light collision, the plastics inside the bumper can prevent serious damage from occurring. Even so, a glance can scrape the paint, crack the plastic, or leave a layer of the other car’s paint on the bumper. More severe impacts will cause the bumper to open, bulge, or crinkle inward.

A crash can also damage the hooks that hold the bumper to the car. In this situation, one end of the bumper may fall awkwardly or drag along the floor. If both hooks break, the entire bumper assembly can simply fall off.

A damaged bumper can’t protect your car from damage like it normally would. While you may not have any trouble driving with the damaged bumper, the next impact could cause serious damage to critical components. As a result, you may need to repair or replace parts of your cooling or exhaust systems, hood, trunk, or grille.

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A loose bumper presents its own set of potential hazards. Even if the bumper hasn’t come off the car yet, the vibrations from continued driving can loosen it further. If your bumper comes off, it could collide with another vehicle or pass under the wheels of your own vehicle, causing you to lose control of the vehicle and potentially cause another accident.

A bumper that has suffered only scratches or other surface damage may respond to repair efforts. Auto body technicians can often tap or tap out the mouths of old steel bumpers. An instrument called a nitrogen plastic welder can correct deformities in modern plastic bumpers.

Auto body experts know how to repair bumper scrapes and scratches quickly and effectively. Auto body technicians will clean and sand the area that needs repair before applying filler and paint to create a flawless finish.

Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore

However, if the repair requires extensive work, sometimes you have no choice but to replace the entire bumper. This situation can occur whenever the metal support beam or hooks have suffered irreparable damage. You may also need a complete replacement if your bumper contains a damaged airbag, lighting, parking assist or blind spot monitoring system.

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The auto body experts at Automotive Super Sports have the skills, tools, and experience to assess the bumper damage, recommend the appropriate solution, and then perform the necessary repairs. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

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Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore

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Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore

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Sports Car Insurance Claims For Bumper Replacements In Singapore

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