Spine Injuries From Car Accidents – One of the worst types of injuries that can result in a car accident is a cervical injury. These injuries are often serious and life-changing. Some cervical spine injuries are common, including fractures, subluxation of the neck.

Although the neck is protected by muscles, it can be easily damaged in a high-speed car accident. For example, in a high-speed car crash, a person can be thrown forward, directly into a stationary object such as an airbag or steering wheel. The impact will cause the neck to quickly move forward and backward, which can damage the spinal cord. The cervical spine can also be dislocated (subluxated) or fractured if a person falls on the ground head first.

Spine Injuries From Car Accidents

Spine Injuries From Car Accidents

The individual may experience spinal shock immediately after the accident, or they may not be able to feel anything below the neck. While in some cases, this condition is temporary, some people may experience complete paralysis from the neck down for the rest of their lives.

Spinal Cord Injuries Caused By Car Accidents: What You Need To Know Infographic

There are many medical procedures available for the treatment of cervical spine injuries. However, often the first step in treating a neck injury such as a subluxation or fracture is to use a cervical collar. A cervical collar stabilizes the neck and prevents further damage.

The next line of treatment if there is swelling of the spine is decompressing the spinal cord. Steroids may also be given to help the process. However, surgery will often be necessary if there is a fracture in the vertebrae. The operation will join the broken parts together. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment and recovery can be extensive.

The prognosis depends on the severity of the cervical spine injury. Individuals with a fractured vertebra without injury to the spinal cord have a good chance of recovering from the injury. However, some patients may also develop arthritis and may have limited neck range of motion.

Recovery from a spinal cord injury is unpredictable. Recovery from subluxations and fractures is often slow. Some people regain use of their limbs, but weakness and numbness in the area below the neck may remain. Some people may have to live with paralysis for the rest of their lives. These people may be at high risk of developing medical problems such as infections, intestinal problems, respiratory and heart problems, etc.

Vulnerable Spine Areas In Accidents

Subluxation or neck fracture requires longer treatment and therapy. If you have suffered a subluxation or fractured neck in a car accident, your medical expenses will start to pile up quickly. It is important that you seek compensation for all the losses you suffered in the accident, including medical expenses and extended work time. Car accident attorney St. Louis’ experienced law firm can assist you in every step of the claim process.

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Spine Injuries From Car Accidents

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Car Accidents And Cervical Spine Injuries

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Spine Injuries From Car Accidents

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Spine Injuries From Car Accidents

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It’s great that you left a review. Thank you Brenda! A good case always starts with a good client. We appreciate your recommendations. It’s good to hear back from clients and ask them to refer us to other injury victims after a car accident. I wish you well!Although the spine is extremely durable, it is also prone to injury or permanent damage in certain scenarios. Car accidents are a common cause of spinal injuries because of the unnatural forces and movements that can be a part of them, and there are some common injuries that occur after an accident. Fortunately, a good spine doctor will know what to check if you’ve been in an accident to make sure your spine isn’t damaged. This guide will help you understand which part of the spine is most likely to be affected

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