Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens – Having experienced the visa application process to enter Canada for Malaysians twice, here is my rough guide for Malaysians applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa to visit Canada.

First of all, Canada is beautiful, people! From east to west, south to north, each province has something special. In different ways, he is amazing. The people are, oh, so nice and so friendly. In my opinion, he is very humble and approachable. Go to Canada! I forgot my bag in the cabin (2 laptops, 1 camera and 1 hard drive) and returned it without missing anything. Remember, the account is not closed.

Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens

Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens

I know, apart from the high cost of the plane ticket (yes, it costs a lot to travel to this part of the world), another reason why people don’t travel to Canada is the culture apply for a passport. Yes, I have to admit that it is a bit tedious and time consuming compared to most European countries to grant us, Malaysians a visa exemption or entry, but don’t let the visa application process be prevent you from visiting Canada. .

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Second, this rough guide is for those applying in person at VFS Global, the Canadian Visa Application Center  (CVAC) in Kuala Lumpur.

Third, this guide is for those who are applying for a tourist visa, whether for pleasure or to attend meetings or events. Of course, we are talking about the category B-1 visitor-Business visa here. This access does not benefit those seeking to work, study or migrate there.

Fourth, the main idea that comes with this guide is that you, the applicant, do not have any acceptable reasons, for example, to be in good health, to earn money, not to look at living time, there is no criminal record and other criteria listed in Citizenship and Immigration. Canada (CIC) website.

This guide is also helpful for those who plan to pay their visa fees using Travel Bank. I don’t know how to pay online for visa payment by credit card.

Citizenship By Investment Programmes & Residency

The passport you will receive is a multiple entry pass. The validity of the passport will be the same as the rest of your passport. So if you are planning to visit Canada several times in the coming years, it is better if you apply your passport in a new passport, to extend the visa validity period. . Of course, if you change passports or make a new one due to the loss or theft of a passport, the passport of the old passport cannot be transferred to the new passport.

Last but not least, some of the images in this entry may look different on the website page as I am currently visiting mobile sites.

To get started, you may want to visit the VFS Global website. On this page, we will tell you some information about who and what services VFS Global, CVAC and Citizenship and Immigration of Canada  (CIC) provide.

Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens

In the middle of this page, you will see a header (green and red) Processing Visa / Permit and Travel Documents.

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To start applying, you click on the CIC website link in Step 1 or the Online Application Form link in Step 2. Both will send you to the Canadian High Commission in Singapore. What is Singapore you ask? The Canadian High Commission in Singapore is the agency responsible for issuing visas to Malaysians.

Click on “Check – Request to visit Canada for tourism or business, or to find out what you need to bring to transit Canada”.

To do this, you will now be directed to the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada’s (CIC) website. You will see a notice (in teal) stating that in March 2015, Canada has introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for unauthorized foreign nationals to travel to Canada.

Please note that as of September 2015, Malaysians are not foreign nationals. Therefore, you should apply for a tourist visa before you travel. Forget about the whole eTA thing now.

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Now that we are clear and the eTA is out of the picture, let’s proceed with your tourist visa application. You can see a list of links on this page. When you click “View as a tourist” (even if you are going to business meetings or conferences, click this option).

This will take you to a page that explains how to apply for a tourist visa, what you want to bring to Canada etc.

Again, forget about the whole eTA thing. You are applying for a visitor visa. Expand  the “Apply on paper for visitor visa” option.

Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens

At this time, I advise you to expand all the tabs and read them. Don’t forget to choose Malaysia from the drop down menu under number 3 – Submit your application.

Canadian Visa For Singapore Citizens

The CIC does a good job by providing an application package for the country (although I have one complaint about this, which I won’t get into now). This package contains all the forms required by the CIC that you will need to fill out while traveling to Canada. The reason I say it’s better than desirable is because there are some features that some of you may not experience. I will explain those later.

Under this section, click on the “Download application package” link. The page will open in a new  window.

You should read the “IMM 5256 Instruction Guide” before you start filling out your forms. I suggest you do this by right-clicking on the link and opening it in a new tab.

There should be a drop-down menu where you can select the country you are applying for a tourist visa. Select “Malaysia” from the list. Then, click on the “Get Document” button.

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· Using a Representative [IMM 5476] June 2015 – It is necessary if you appoint someone else to deliver and collect your passport and application at the CVAC office of VFS Global.

Make sure your laptop is properly powered. Applies to Form IMM 5257 and Form IMM5257-Schedule 1.

Why are you authorized to ask? First, because the CUC requires you to validate the forms before reading them to make sure that you have answered all the questions in the prescribed format. This will help you avoid delays in processing your application

Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens

The visa fee itself is CAD100, which must be in a Bank Draft, payable to the Consignee for Canada.

Rob Reilly’s Passport Pages

Go to a local bank, tell them you want to make a bank draft in CAD. Fill it up and pay the amount + bank charges + GST.

All your forms and supporting documents, photos and bank samples must be submitted in person to the VFS International CVAC Office.

If you are applying by appointment, you must fill out Form IMM 5476 and complete the certification section in the VFS Authorization Form.

Pay your passport processing fee and collect your receipt. DO NOT lose the receipt as this is the document you need to collect your passport later.

How To Apply Canada Travel Visa For Malaysians

Please note that you cannot bring your phone or mobile phone to the visa processing office of the CVAC center. They have a pigeon hole where you leave your wallet. Forms and small bags are accepted. When we were preparing for our trip to Asia, we spent a lot of time researching how long we would be staying in each country and the requirements for entry. One of the most confusing and difficult parts of travel is finding the procedures for entering and exiting foreign countries, and hours have been spent in advance, while pouring over websites. government and Google searches to try and find out what we need. For all our Canadian friends, here’s what we found:

Philippines – Visa free, 30 day stay. Must be qualified to fly abroad. Apparently you can extend your stay by 2 months.

Singapore –  Visa free, 30 Day stay, requires onward flight and proof of non-Singapore residency.

Singapore Visa For Canadian Citizens

Thailand  – No visa required, 30 day stay. It is not possible to leave and re-enter to extend your visa-free period. A 60 day tourist visa is available and you can stay for up to 30 days. It costs 1900 baht and you need to get it from the embassy or consulate before you enter Thailand.

Visa Free Countries For Singapore Passport Holders In 2023

Macau – Visa free, 30 day stay. Apparently it can be extended beyond 30 days once you get there.

Vietnam – A visa must be obtained from the embassy or consulate. A one-month or three-month, single-entry or multiple-entry visa can be obtained. It is possible to get a Visa on arrival if you use an agent and fly internationally. → here.

Myanmar – E-visa for 28 days. It is issued online and is valid for three months from the date of issue to the date of entry. It only works for some major border crossings and airports

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