Singapore Job Visa For Indian – As a leading financial and business center in Southeast Asia, Singapore adopts an open immigration policy by offering different types of Singapore visas mainly to attract foreign professionals, business owners, high net worth individuals and investors. In addition, there are also Singapore family visa schemes that cater to family members and the Singaporean spouse.

In this section, we will look at the various Singapore visa schemes available and how foreigners can work and live in Singapore legally.

Singapore Job Visa For Indian

Singapore Job Visa For Indian

First, there are a few things to consider before proceeding with your Singapore Work Pass / Visa application:

Benefits Of Working In Singapore

The EP or Singapore Employment Pass is a type of employment pass issued by MOM for foreign professionals, directors and corporate executives to work legally in Singapore. This job pass is aimed at mid-level and senior level executives who want to work in Singapore. There is no mandatory quota but the sponsoring company must show genuine reasons for hiring foreign employees instead of local ones.

The Singapore Entrepass scheme is awarded to entrepreneurs or business owners who would like to operate or start new businesses in Singapore. The pass entrepreneur scheme is targeting highly innovative people who have a creative business idea (very technology driven idea) and the necessary business records to set up their business in Singapore. There are also a variety of requirements in the entrepass plan to look out for before applying, especially important business milestones that the applicant must meet within 2 years of obtaining the visa.

The PEP work pass is for high income earners who would like to explore employment opportunities in Singapore with the flexibility of securing the visa without a sponsoring company in Singapore. There are also other requirements of this work visa that you must remember before applying.

The S-Pass is a Singapore work visa for qualified foreign technical employees at the middle level or a junior executive. The minimum monthly salary for this work pass is 2,400 SGD per month and the subsidiary company is subject to the foreign quota requirements depending on the industry sector.

What Are Singapore’s S Pass & Employment Pass? How Do They Work?

This type of work permit is for unskilled and semi-skilled foreign workers. The main advantage is that there is no minimum wage set for the worker but the quotas required for this type of work pass. In addition, there are also other conditions for the employer to handle such as the accommodation of the employees etc.

Aside from the job above, there may be other jobs available for your situation. Especially for these consultants sent from an overseas company without the local company sponsoring their work. Do not hesitate to discuss your case with our consultant so that they can make a detailed analysis of your case and provide a visa solution that suits your situation.

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Singapore Job Visa For Indian

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Professional Immigration Services In Singapore

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Singapore will introduce the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass on 1 January 2023. It will be available to talent from any sector earning a monthly salary of SGD 30,000 and above, which is comparable to the top 5% of the Employment Pass (EP ). ) holder, or having “outstanding achievements” in the fields of science and technology, art and culture, research and academia, or sports.

Just as a Singapore student visa is required to pursue an education program in the country, a Singapore Work visa is required if you find a job or want to start a business there. Depending on your type of work, there are mainly 3 types of Singapore work visa for Indians. Tabulated below are the details-

Main Challenges Of Getting A Singapore Work Visa Approved

Now that you know the types of visas for Indian citizens to work in Singapore, let us now take a deeper look at each of the categories mentioned above.

If you are an American citizen who has recently found a job as a professional, manager, or executive in Singapore and possesses the required qualifications, then you will have to apply for this type of work visa. As a new candidate, the duration of the pass will be. must be for 2 years.

To apply for a Singapore Work Visa for Indians under this visa category, make sure you fulfill the parameters mentioned below.

Singapore Job Visa For Indian

The Singapore work pass will cost you $150 when you apply and $225 when you issue the pass.

Singapore Work Visas

Of all the Singapore work visas for Indians, EntrePass allows you to set up your own business in the country. However, it comes with certain limitations and conditions, let’s go through them.

All the candidates, who are looking forward to apply for this type of visa must meet the requirements below:

All those who earn an amount comparatively higher than $3,900 and already existing work pass holders or foreign professionals overseas, must opt ​​for a personalized work pass, from all Singapore work visas for Indians.

Employment Pass for Singapore will cost you $105 when you submit the application and $225 when the pass is issued.

Hiring Foreign Employee In Singapore: Guide To Employment Pass 2023

For foreign professionals, managers and executives. Candidates need to earn at least $4,500 a month and have acceptable qualifications.

For eligible foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start and operate a business in Singapore that is venture-backed or possesses innovative technology.

For well-earned Work Pass holders or foreign professionals overseas. The PEP offers greater flexibility than a Work Pass.

Singapore Job Visa For Indian

For students and graduates aged 18 to 25 who want to work and holiday in Singapore for 6 months.

Switzerland Work Visa: How To Obtain

Processing time for Singapore Work Visa is 4-5 days for Indian citizens excluding weekends and public holidays. Applicants are required to fill out a form and submit required documents such as:

Step 2: If you are still in your home country, your employer or an Employment Agency (EA) must apply for a work visa through EP Online. A processing fee is required.

Step 3: If your application is approved, your company will receive a letter of Approval in Principle (IPA), which will allow you to enter Singapore.

Step 4: If your application is rejected, your potential employer will receive a rejection letter in principle instead. You will not be given a work visa.

Post Study Work Permit In Singapore For Indian Students

When you arrive in Singapore, your company or an EA will apply for your Singapore work visa through EP Online. They will have to pay the price again, this time for the work Pass itself.

A notice letter will be sent to you after you receive your Work Pass. This letter specifies whether you must submit your photo and fingerprints. It also allows you to start working and leave and enter Singapore until your Employment Card is granted.

The cost of Singapore Work Visa for Indians is 30 Singapore dollars. The visa fee is non-refundable and applicants are required to reapply if an incomplete application is submitted.

Singapore Job Visa For Indian

As seen in this article, the application process for a Singapore work visa for Indians is simple. So keep the eligibility criteria in mind and you will have no problem getting a work permit in Singapore.

The H 1b Visa Issue Explained

Ans. A Work Pass renewal form is sent to the employer’s registered address 3 months before your Work Pass expires. You must submit the renewal application to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) at least four weeks before the EP expires.

Ans. Employers can apply for a work permit on behalf of foreign workers and must renew their permit.

So, we hope that through this blog, you are now clear about Singapore work visa for Indians. Want to explore postgraduation options in Singapore but are not

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