Singapore Colleges For International Students – As a global city university, SMU offers you the unique opportunity to learn in the heart of Singapore. Come experience our technology-enhanced, interactive and experiential pedagogy and exchange perspectives with our international community of faculty and students. If you are a student at one of our partner universities, spend one or two academic terms on exchange in Singapore.

SMU has resumed in-person semester exchange from Term 2 AY 2021/22 and welcomes international students to join us on campus for face-to-face classes. Singapore has begun living with COVID-19, and students and partners are advised to check the Ministry of Health’s webpage for the latest updates and the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s webpage for the latest border requirements.

Singapore Colleges For International Students

Singapore Colleges For International Students

Established in 2000, Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognized for its teaching excellence and world-class research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance. Our distinctive pedagogy of small class sizes and seminar-style teaching at our lush city campus, located in the heart of Singapore’s cosmopolitan cityscape, delivers a transformative education to help you discover your full potential.

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The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is applicable for the duration of one semester or two study periods. Each session lasts for 16 weeks, including a one-week midterm break and two weeks of revision and exams.

The language of instruction at SMU is English. Students from non-English speaking countries or institutions where the language of instruction is not English must meet SMU’s English language proficiency requirement. Please consult your home university for further advice.

This includes, but is not limited to, class attendance, class participation, individual and group projects, presentations, midterm tests, and final examinations.

Compulsory for all classes; Absences must be supported by medical certification or valid reasons, and must be subject to the approval of the teaching instructor

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Students can choose from the list of selected undergraduate courses. The final course list will be sent to students approximately two weeks prior to course enrollment. Only graduate courses are offered for exchange/visiting students (course codes 001-499, 1200-4038).

For more information about course descriptions and outlines, please visit the SMU Course Catalog. Please note that the catalog is for reference only, as not all courses are offered.

Enrollment into the course is done through a bidding process. Course enrollment is not guaranteed and is subject to SMU’s academic policies and the following conditions:

Singapore Colleges For International Students

Students are encouraged to be proactive and flexible in their study plans. To optimize bidding opportunities, students should:

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The SMU campus is located in the heart of the city, with many private housing options within walking distance. It is easily accessible to facilities and transport networks. Students have the flexibility to source and arrange their own accommodation based on individual budget and needs. All arrangements are at the responsibility and discretion of the student.

In accordance with student exchange agreements with our partner universities, exchange students are not required to pay tuition fees to SMU. However, other administrative fees are applicable i.e. Student Pass (Visa), Miscellaneous Fees etc.

There will be a non-refundable processing fee of S$30 for each application, a S$60 issuance fee for a student pass and a S$30 fee for a multiple journey visa (if applicable). Approval is subject to terms and conditions.

A one-time miscellaneous fee of approximately S$250 per session or S$400 per year applies. The fee covers the cost of SMU medical insurance, IT services, registration and matriculation as well as student activities. Miscellaneous fee is mandatory and not refundable.

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Estimated monthly living expenses for an exchange/visiting student in Singapore are around S$1,800-S$3,000. Listed below are some expected monthly expense items.

Singapore is a multicultural and cosmopolitan country, consistently praised for our excellence in quality of life and safety. Learn more about living in Singapore here.

The laws of Singapore may differ from the laws of your home country. Understand the types of prohibited, controlled or dutiable items in Singapore (such as drugs and electronic cigarettes) on this Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Singapore webpage.

Singapore Colleges For International Students

All international students are required to hold a valid student pass during the period of study in Singapore. The Student Pass enables the student to live and study in Singapore, and also serves as a multiple-entry visa to Singapore (subject to terms and conditions).

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The SMU Center for Global Education and Opportunities (SMU) will facilitate the application of the student pass. Nevertheless, students must be responsible for completing the application requirements for the Student Pass before arriving in Singapore. The student will be provided with further information on the application two months before the start of the academic session.

For information on immigration matters that may affect your stay in Singapore, please visit the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website.

According to regulation, student pass holders (exchange and visiting students) are not allowed to undertake any form of internship or work (whether paid or unpaid) during the period of study in Singapore. Offenders are punished according to the laws of Singapore.

It is mandatory for all students to purchase SMU Medical Insurance. The cost of this insurance is included in the SMU miscellaneous fees. Learn more about SMU Medical Insurance here.

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If you wish to purchase additional medical, accident and travel insurance coverage, please consult your local insurance provider.

SMU has engaged the services of International SOS to provide 24/7 assistance to its students in case of any emergency, whether locally or abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to download the ISOS Mobile App. In case of emergency, students can seek assistance through the app or contact the ISOS 24-hour hotline +65 6337 6517, or SMU Campus Security +65 6828 0343.

Yes, it is mandatory for international students enrolled to study in Singapore to apply and hold a valid student pass (student visa).

Singapore Colleges For International Students

Am I able to extend my student pass after the period to continue working or doing an internship in Singapore?

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No, student pass holders (exchange and visiting students) are not allowed to undertake any form of internship or work (whether paid or unpaid) during their tenure in Singapore. Additionally, the student pass cannot be extended for work-related or internship purposes. Offenders are punished according to the laws of Singapore.

Campus housing is limited. SMU’s unique location in the heart of the city offers plenty of accommodation options within walking distance of SMU, and with easy access to amenities and transport networks. Students have the flexibility to source and arrange for their own accommodation based on their budget and needs. All arrangements are at the responsibility and discretion of the student.

Yes. Students are required to purchase SMU Medical Insurance, regardless of whether they are covered by their individual insurance plans or their home university’s plans.

Acceptance letters will be emailed to successful applicants approximately four weeks after the application deadline for each position.

Student Support Services

Limited plans are available. Students who wish to apply will be informed through their home university.

No, not all courses are offered to exchange students. Only graduate courses from the prescribed list are offered.

Students enroll for courses through course bidding through BOSS (Online Bidding System). Students will be given e-Dollars (E$) to bid for the courses they want to enroll in.

Singapore Colleges For International Students

Exchange students will undergo one round of boss bidding approximately four weeks before the start of the semester (Round 1C), and two further rounds during the first two weeks of the study period (Round 2 and 2A). There are a few bidding windows in each round. BOSS Round 1C is for exchange/meet students only, while BOSS Rounds 2 and 2A are open to all SMU students.

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The final list will be available approximately four to six weeks prior to course bidding. In the meantime, course lists from previous academic years/terms are available for reference on the application portal when you complete your application.

A course description is a summary of what the course is about, while a course outline includes a detailed description of the course, reading list, and grading.

You can view previous year’s course outlines for the respective term in the SMU Course Catalog. You can use the course outline as a benchmark and reference.

Exchange students are responsible for ensuring that they meet the required pre-requisites of the SMU course they wish to enroll in. If the pre-requisites are not met, the student will not be allowed to enroll for the course.

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Pre-requisites, if any, will be clearly stated in the course catalog or in the detailed course outline in the SMU course catalog. Students are required to consult with SMU teaching instructors on the pre-requisites of the courses in which they wish to enroll. Emails from teaching coaches are available in the course outline.

Credit transferability is determined by your home university and at its discretion. 1.0 SMU credits consist of 39 contact hours per term and 0.5 SMU credits consist of 18 contact hours per term. Please consult with your home university on credit transferability and credit transfer rates before applying for the International Student Exchange Student Program at SMU.

Yes. The digital transcript will be emailed to your SMU campus email within two months of the release of the final exam results, i.e. in mid-March.

Singapore Colleges For International Students


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