Silver Plated Items Worth Anything – Free Silver ValuationsVernon is happy to examine, appraise and value your silver items and jewelry and offers trade through listings of private buyers and silver collectors.

Silver is a precious metal that is very versatile and has been used throughout the ages to produce a wide range of items from practical items such as teapots and cutlery to elaborate jewellery. When considering the value of a silver item, there are various factors to consider and consider.

Silver Plated Items Worth Anything

Silver Plated Items Worth Anything

Is the item silver or silver? Sometimes an item looks like silver when it’s actually a silver plate (meaning the item doesn’t have a very thin silver coating, unfortunately the item isn’t as valuable as silver). If the item is silver, it is probably sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy that consists of silver (about 92.5%) and the remaining 7.5% is other metals (pure silver is very soft and as a result it is not practical to produce goods).

Vintage Wm Rogers & Son Silver Plated Sugar Spoon

Modern or antique silver. Is the item old or modern? Antique silver items tend to carry more value especially if they are from a respected maker or have unusual/obtainable markings. Labels are many and varied but can provide accurate information about the history of an item such as the manufacturer, year and place of manufacture.

Independent Antique Dealer When the family sells silver, important antiques and jewelry, from my aristocratic and well-known family; we required discreet personal selling. After much research and searching the internet for sellers and auctioneers, we found the famous realtor Vernon Ward. After the first meeting, we instructed Vernon to sell our family heirloom. Vernon is very pleasant and pleasant to work with, his knowledge is outstanding, he far exceeded our expectations. I cannot recommend Vernon enough; His character and knowledge are unparalleled. We will definitely be doing business again, I would never consider using anyone else Name withheld for customer privacy, Brighton & Hove Excellent service Vernon antique silver was very helpful when wanted the old silver to be valuable. He was very knowledgeable and helped evaluate my family’s finances. Highly recommended! Natasha P – November 2019 Vernon was knowledgeable, likable, honest and straightforward Vernon was recommended to me by a good friend when we were looking to sell our family jewelry, silver, and heirlooms. He could not have been more helpful and provided exceptional service from the first phone call to the end of the transaction. Knowledgeable, friendly, honest and straightforward, Vernon’s entire approach was very professional and without a doubt saved me a lot of money in sales fees and related charges. I would have no hesitation in using his services again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal and very high quality service. Air Vice-Marshal Bob Judson Very happy with Vernon’s visit to our country My wife and I were very happy with Vernon’s visit to our country with his assistant counselor. They arrived on time and did a full appraisal of the priceless silver collection. . His time with us was also very pleasant and very professional. He also took the time to value our jewelry. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs a personal and personalized consultation. Thank you very much Vernon and your assistant. Mr Turner, Sussex – Nov 2021 Appreciate the advice given Vernon’s advice on how best to move forward with the Cumbria PCC’s decision on what to do with the damaged silver chalice. Recommend it wholeheartedly. Rev Rodger Fox, Cumbria – November 2021 Vernon was amazing that we had the unique silver we needed, and he went out of his way to help and advise us. We have been in contact with major auction houses who have been rude and disinterested, can’t recommend vernon enough. Samuel, Richmond – January 2022 Silverware Appraisal and Experience Vernon Ward is a man who wears his talents, such as Saville Row tailored suits, well-fitting and with an authoritative and swaggering style. This comment should be taken as a description of a man who knows his stuff and is happy to share that knowledge with anyone who crosses the threshold with his stuff. If you need answers about the nature and value of these items, then with Vernon you are in good hands. I went with my inherited silverware. I knew it wouldn’t be rich and to be honest, I felt a little uneasy that I might be wasting Vernon’s time. However, not only was his reception as warm as a juiced glass of wine on a chilly Autumn afternoon, but I was immediately comforted by my offering. Vernon is the antithesis of the troublemaker. He was open, honest and true. That was all I needed and wanted. My faith in what could have been a world of indifferent and confusing antiquity was restored. Tim Johnson, London – February 2022 A dream service I live in France and want to value family silver. I sent a letter to Vernon on March 22nd and received a phone call on March 24th. I was impressed by the responsiveness, knowledge, kindness, and intellectual honesty he demonstrated throughout our exchange. I can’t recommend it enough. If anyone has an appraisal request similar to mine, I’m sure you won’t regret contacting Vernon. A very nice interpersonal exchange on a business level. 5 star service. Bravo. Michael, France – March 2022 Wonderful Service It was a pleasure to meet Vernon. A very personal service that is rare these days. He is professional, courteous, incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his time, which he gave free of charge to appraise some of our silverware. He did as he said, kept us informed every step of the way and 10 days after the meeting he sold all the items. We highly recommend him and would definitely use him again. Thank you Vernon. Wildi Sisters, Bucks – September 2022 She and her assistant could not have been more helpful wanting to know the value of the “family silver” after my father died at 105. I contacted Vernon Ward. He and his assistant could not have been more helpful. I went to see them on Friday and talked about what was for sale and what wasn’t. Excellent service. Wynne Aveling, Sussex – October 2022 Jewelery and silverware Great experience from start to finish. Vernon exuded confidence. He was completely honest and never made false promises. He worked tirelessly to get the best price for all my items and kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with the results. All items were sold within the time frame specified in the terms and conditions and the funds were immediately transferred to my bank account, minus a very reasonable commission. My thanks to Vernon and his team. I have no hesitation in recommending them and wish them the best in the future. Monique S, Sussex – March 2023

Letter received from The South of England Agricultural Society – Patron: Her Majesty the Queen regarding a large collection of silver valued for insurance.

Dear Vernon, I am writing to thank you very sincerely for making the trophy value for the community during the South of England show.

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Not only was it a huge task both in researching and valuing each trophy, but working in the very limited space where the trophies were displayed in the pavilion. A challenge in more ways than one!

We greatly appreciate your expertise in valuing each bundle and the detailed evaluation documents that describe each bundle with its weight and value.

It should be noted that you have correctly calculated the revised estimate that allows for climate change over the next 10 years.

Silver Plated Items Worth Anything

Vernon, we are very grateful to you for all your help and assistance and the professional manner in which you carried out this work.

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Vernon was selected as the top of all the major auction houses and insurance companies to produce this important report and schedule. Silver items such as silver salver, silver candlesticks, important and rare silver figurines, silver bowls, silver bags and more have been found and Vernon has recently approached a company in London.


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