Semi Truck Tires Near Me Now – We’ve all heard the phrase “Where the tires meet the road.” For any company using semi-trailers to transport products or materials, this is a point that can have a significant impact on everything from fuel economy to safety. Knowing what to look for when buying tires and how to get the most out of them without posing a safety risk can be the key to success.

Whether you’re purchasing trailer tires for your fleet or looking at leased or leased semitrailer tires, you should keep the following in mind:

Semi Truck Tires Near Me Now

Semi Truck Tires Near Me Now

In some operations, semi-trailers become a “graveyard” for worn tires that have been used as traction or steering tires before being transported back to the trailer. Then, because fuel economy tends to increase as tread depth decreases, the company will run trailer tires to the point where there is little rubber left to protect against blowouts and road hazards. Next thing you know, the tire has burst and the vehicle is waiting for help on the side of the road.

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And of course, this help is not cheap. Today, a typical tire service call costs about $1,000, including a new tire. So the money you save by getting better mileage is quickly eaten up by the money you spend getting back on the road. Additionally, when a three-hour delay in arrival time leaves a customer angry and frustrated, goodwill is lost and reputation is potentially damaged. And the driver is definitely not too excited either!

Your drivers should perform this six-point inspection every time they hit the road and after long trips:

It takes some time and effort to perform this inspection regularly, but the payoff in preventing a problem down the road will be well worth it. Additionally, the more you evaluate your semi-trailer tires and suspension, the easier it will be to spot something that’s not right and the faster you can complete all six steps on the checklist.

When we rent semi trailers in , they leave our lot with tires that are in top condition and provide excellent performance. If you have questions about our inventory of trailers for rent, lease or sale, or about our company in general, we are happy to answer them. Please contact us at your convenience or stop by our Colorado or Arizona location. For many people, their trucks are their livelihood and keeping them in tip-top shape is a priority. Jesse’s Truck Repair and Tire Service is here to provide just that: efficient service and quality repairs offered at fair, competitive prices. My professional semi trailer service and all of my other offerings are available to customers throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area!

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Whether your semi-trailer has malfunctions or it’s time for maintenance, I’m ready to help. I offer comprehensive semi-trailer repair services that may include checking tires, lights, brakes, safety mechanisms, making sure the trailer is lubricated, and more!

Although semi truck tires are built to be durable, it is still possible for leaks, blowouts, or a flat tire to occur on the road. I am equipped to perform emergency tire repairs to help my customers get back on the road.

I offer complete semi truck repair services. This includes engine repairs, transmission problems, brakes, tires, any trailer-related issues, and much more. Since my services are fully mobile, I am able to conduct all work in my clients’ parking lot to provide greater convenience to clients.

Semi Truck Tires Near Me Now

Keeping your truck’s engine running properly is extremely important. I can make accurate diagnoses and find the cause of any engine problem. Trust me to provide effective repairs, rebuilds and timely maintenance. This way you can keep your truck engines running smoothly!

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If your truck can’t shift gears, is pulling the clutch, is leaking fluid, is making strange noises, or has a burning smell, all of the above could be indicators of transmission problems. I can find the cause of the problem and provide appropriate repairs!

Your company’s semi-truck is a valuable and expensive piece of machinery. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you contact a knowledgeable trailer repair professional who can provide the level of service and quality you need. Timely maintenance and effective repair of your vehicles will increase the safety of both your driver and your transportation. Jesse’s Truck Repair and Tire Service is prepared to work diligently to uncover any malfunctions and fix them within a reasonable budget and time frame. I can work with all semi truck models and will always maintain very high standards of service!

If my customers call for proper semi truck transmission repair or other essential services, I always ensure that assistance is provided as quickly as possible. I have modern equipment and quality tools that help me make effective diagnoses and a wide range of repairs. High-end replacement parts are used when needed to ensure lasting results and maintain the safety and integrity of the vehicle. I provide on-time results!

Make an appointment directly with Jesse’s Truck Repair and Tire Service for professional semi truck and trailer repair services that are sure to meet your needs. I always look forward to providing quality results for my clients in Phoenix, AZ. Contact me today!

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This mechanic is very fast. I was truly amazed at how promptly he returned my call and provided me with excellent trailer repair when I needed it. Really highly recommended!“Remove them and send them to plating.” This is what technicians think about when inspecting truck tires with low tread depth. And they are right; That’s exactly what they need to do to keep the truck on the road and save the fleet time and money. So, as the fleet manager, are you equipping your technicians with the right tools and technology to safely get the most mileage out of your fleet’s tires? You see, there’s a fine and difficult line between pulling tires too early and pulling them too late, and it costs you money. Let’s talk about this.

Fleets should predetermine tow points based on their specific applications. For example, many fleets pull tires for retreading when the tread is 4/32” or 5/32”. These depth measurements will also vary depending on the location of the tire. For example, steering tires should be pulled out of service at 4/32″, while drive and trailer tires can be pulled out of service at 2/32″. Okay good. Easy! Right?

Well… let me bring this into the real world for a minute: With 7/32 inch tread on both front tires (raw tires) at the time of today’s shop visit (4/32), what do you think is the appropriate decision for a technician to make? What is its fleet’s tow point policy), is the suspension strict, and is next store visit within 90 days? Think, think, think…..hmmmmmm, pull the tires…no, wait – let them go….

Semi Truck Tires Near Me Now

To see! It’s not as easy as you think. Let’s talk in dollars and use the following costs as an example:

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The technician has two options; he either attracts them (Decision A) or leaves them (Decision B). If he opts for Decision A, he is actually removing the tires too early and increasing the cost per unit (“cost per 1/32″). The example above represents the cost per 1/32″ if you can actually consume the entire 1/32”, but when the recommended draw point is 4/32″, the amount you can actually consume is 19/32″; 1/32” / $39.47. Decision A will result in $118.41 worth of perfectly good tread being thrown away, resulting in fewer miles driven and an increased total cost of ownership for that truck. What if this happens hundreds of times a year? And remember, the same cycle repeats with retreaded tires because every 1/32 inch of retreaded tire has a cost, but that cost is smaller than the new tire. On the other hand, if he chooses Decision B and leaves them on, he risks losing a good carcass and ending up with a tire that cannot be retreaded, increasing the total cost of ownership. (

So where am I going with all this? The point is, technicians make decisions every day that affect the cost of your fleet. If the above technician somehow knew that it would be okay if he pulled this truck’s steering tires during the next shop visit because this truck averages 2/32 inch tread depth consumption between shop visits, he would safely maximize tire life while reducing tire costs. However, it is nearly impossible for a technician to make this decision without this very specific data and there is a risk of working at dangerously low tread depth and/or losing the carcass. Just as fleets vary preventive maintenance intervals based on oil changes and other factors, you should consider a data-driven tire platform that will help you transform your preventive maintenance program into a predictive maintenance program. Tire tread consumption occurs on the road, not in your store. Keep an eye on your tires between shop visits. Be proactive! Check out the Tire Management Platform!

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