Semi Trailer Air Bag Suspension – The following is a type of our air suspension, which we can design according to your trailer and truck.

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Semi Trailer Air Bag Suspension

Semi Trailer Air Bag Suspension

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X Air Suspension Air Bags For Freightliner Hendrickson 2b9 206 W01 358 6905

Language options: Español Português Français Русский язык Italiano Deutsch Nederlands العربية 한국어 日本語 हिन्दी ภาษาไท ย Türkçe Tiếng Vietnam Air suspension has a number of important advantages over traditional coil or leaf suspension on trucks and trailers. It is a system of rubber and polyurethane bags, inflated by a compressor, that replace the coil or leaf spring suspension.

Air suspension on a trailer unit with the compressor air lines leading to the air spring (the black unit).

Drivers who spend long periods of time in the cab are exposed to ‘NVH’ (noise, vibration and harshness). These can cause fatigue, a bad back, hearing loss (if the truck is very loud) and more. Fatigue is a major killer, so anything that reduces the chance of a driver falling asleep at the wheel is a good thing. Making the truck more comfortable also means less absenteeism and absenteeism due to illness.

Drivers report that trucks with air suspension slide over bumps much more easily and provide more driving confidence. The driver can also choose whether to drive softer on the highway, or drive faster for better handling and less body roll on more difficult roads.

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In short-wheelbase trucks, the tendency to bounce while empty on bumpy roads is reduced because there is more control over the suspension’s softness.

Air suspension means less vibrations through the vehicle and that means less wear and tear on parts of the truck or trailer. Tire wear is improved due to the smoother suspension characteristics, and some systems can lift axles that are not needed, extending tire life.

The ride height can be optimized based on speed, surface type and whether the truck is loaded or empty. Typically an unladen truck will be taller than a loaded truck because the suspension is not compressed, but with air suspension the ride height can be lowered. Traveling with a lower ride height means better aerodynamics (i.e. reduced wind resistance) and better cornering performance.

Semi Trailer Air Bag Suspension

Air suspension can automatically level the suspension when the load is unevenly distributed, providing better braking and axle loads.

Shocker 20k Air Trailer Tongue Mount

Because the height is adjustable, the truck or trailer can ‘kneel’ to assist with loading, or it can be raised to clear obstacles.

Fragile loads suffer less damage when air suspension is used. This is desirable for loads such as glass or antiques.

Less vibration is transmitted through the surface to the road, meaning the road surface (which includes bridges and other structures attached to the road) does not deteriorate as quickly. This means that roads need to be repaired less often; repairs lead to traffic congestion and the associated machinery and materials to carry out the repair, all of which cause pollution.

Better loading flexibility means the truck can be used for more applications and is less likely to run out of fuel, which wastes fuel.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Suspension On Trucks

Air suspension is more expensive to install and requires more maintenance than regular leaf suspension.

Air suspension weighs more than leaf springs, and this can offset other fuel economy benefits if the ride type is not as dependent on aerodynamic benefits.

Darren is an expert in driving and transport, and is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. “An air spring’s performance is measured by what is known as its ‘spring rate,’ says Chuck Boden, technical support specialist at Link Mfg. The spring rate is indicative of how the spring responds under load at a specific ride height and air springs are designed to perform optimally at a specific ride height.”

Semi Trailer Air Bag Suspension

Each manufacturer will tune their suspension differently due to different spring rates. Adam Kuiken, validation engineering and warranty manager at Reyco Granning, doubled that:

How Airbag Suspension Affects Weight…

“Adjusting the vehicle ride height for convenience, comfort or setting the platform height will potentially cause drivetrain vibration, hinder suspension performance and cause premature failure of the u-joints or early pinion bearings,” said Tyler Bernens , senior Suspension Product Manager at Meritor. Too high a setting loads the shock absorbers due to too much spring travel. A setting that is too low causes loss of driving comfort if the suspension frequently comes into contact with the axle stops.”

“If 8 inches is the manufacturer’s specified ride height and the vehicle rides at 10 inches, the ride will be very stiff, and if it rides at 6 inches, it will be very mushy,” Link Mfg. Boden said. “If you think of it as a bell curve, ride quality reaches its peak when the air spring, and therefore ride height, is set to the manufacturer’s specified level.”

Hopefully your driver will pick it up before then. “The driver should also visually verify that the ride height is correct during their daily pre-trip vehicle inspection,” noted Melanie Elliott, Hendrickson marketing manager, and John Knutson, technical services manager.

“Physical measurements for proper ride height adjustment should be performed annually or every 60,000 miles,” said Bill Hicks, SAF product manager at SAF-Holland. “Ride height should also be physically checked within the first three months or 5,000 miles of a new vehicle being put into service.”

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SEG Automotive North America announced an expansion of its aftermarket business in North America, adding 180 new SKUs to its aftermarket line of starters and alternators, which now includes 1,300 SKUs. SEG Automotive is a global supplier of starter motors, alternators and components for the electrification of more than 300 million vehicles on the road. With SEG Automotive North America, it brings its aftermarket range to the North American market.

Each set includes a 42-tooth ratchet with two extensions and a variety of SAE and metric sockets.

Because no RTV silicone (room temperature vulcanizing silicone) is required, sealing is instantaneous, so service technicians do not have to wait for reassembly.

Semi Trailer Air Bag Suspension

Your maintenance and equipment may be the best of the best, but no one can run a fleet empty.

Pro Maxx Gen 3 Air Suspension By Ridewell

And other top truck service tips from Jake Schell, FE’s regular truck service columnist and Mitchell 1 associate product manager.

Just because things are changing doesn’t mean the changes will make a dent in your profits or your ability to run smooth fleet management.TORONTO, Ont. — When was the last time you heard a driver say something positive about a trailer suspension? Most drivers would be little aware that their trailers even had suspension, but a design innovation from Hendrickson has drivers calling the company to ask what type of suspension they had. They wanted to urge their bosses to specify the same suspension for future trailer orders.

That innovation, called Zero Maintenance Damping, started about 10 years ago and was originally intended as a maintenance-saving idea. It first appeared on the Ultraa-K suspensions in 2014, where it is now standard. It is also currently available on selected Vantraax and Intraax systems.

“There are now approximately 150,000 Ultraa-K suspensions in use and nearly a million ZMD air springs available,” said Scott Fulton, director of product development at Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems. “We really expected it to just be an improvement in the life cycle costs of an air suspension, but the positive feedback we’ve received suggests it’s much more than that.”

Hendrickson Air Ride Trailer Suspension In Palestine, Tx

Fulton says at first they didn’t understand what was going on, so they took a few trailers, instrumented them and started studying what was going on. “We quickly discovered that the ZMD suspension system reduced certain forces transmitted to the trailer, and it did

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