Sears Scratch And Dent Fort Worth – There’s more sad news for Sears, which is slated to close several stores by spring 2019, including two in Dallas-Fort Worth.

On December 28, the company released a list of 80 stores that would be closing, including 43 Sears stores and 37 Kmart stores.

Sears Scratch And Dent Fort Worth

Sears Scratch And Dent Fort Worth

The Sears at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth closed in 2018. Three other Tarrant County stores — Hollin Mall in Fort Worth, Northeast Mall in Hurst and Parks Mall in Arlington — are open. Bak Bakbox 2 Fold Away Utility Box

Among the many stores closing are Sears Auto Centers, which will also close. They are expected to close in January.

About 200 Sears stores are still open in Texas, including Sears Outlet Centers. In DFW, there are also stores in South Dallas, Frisco, Mesquite, and Irving.

Sears has been in Chapter 11 since October 2018. The deadline for bidders to buy the company was December 28, but no bidders came forward.

When Chairman Ed Lampert made a last-minute bid for 435 Sears stores, Sears avoided being liquidated entirely. Lampert is a hedge fund manager and billionaire who appointed himself chairman and CEO of the company. When he joined the company in 2005, there were more than 3,500 locations. He is stepping down as Chief Executive.

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The 80 stores are the latest in a string of closings, including 142 when Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October, followed by 40 more in November. Two stores in Austin will close next week.

Dallas-Fort Worth could become the nation’s largest metro by 2100, and now a new report says Texas could be the most populous state by the next century.

A population study by migration experts estimates that by 2100 Texas will be home to about 96 million people, a population increase of 213.8 percent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Lone Star State will surpass California, which is currently the most populous state with more than 39 million residents.

Sears Scratch And Dent Fort Worth

Texas just hit the 30 million population milestone in July 2022, so there’s still plenty of time to approach 100 million in 77 years.

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Overall, the analysis says, southern states are predicted to grow rapidly by the end of the next century. Florida will come in as the second most populous state behind Texas, with an expected growth of about 68.5 million people. California is expected to drop to No. 3 by 2100 with a population of just under 50.4 million.

However, just as MoveBuddha’s 2100 population estimates for various cities are informed by the unknown effects of climate change and a general uncertainty for predicting the future, the state-by-state report contains similar caveats.

“We don’t know how climate change will affect migration patterns, and we don’t know the impact of new technologies,” the report said. “Many Americans are leaving big cities and cold-weather states for less crowded places and warmer climates, especially for the winter months.”

Additional factors that may contribute to future migration patterns include housing affordability, lower taxes, and the number of baby boomers who decide to retire over the next several decades. And in Texas, in particular, MoveBuddha says, the state will have to build better infrastructure to handle the expected growth.

How Sears Killed The Mall — Drew Recker

“Major Texas metropolitan areas like Dallas, Austin, and Houston will need to build more infrastructure and combat big-city problems like crime and expensive housing that drive Americans to Chicago and New York City,” the report said. have been forced to relocate from such places,” the report said. .

Population projections were calculated with census data between 1910 and 2023, using annual compound growth rates for all states to estimate population growth through 2100.


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