Sears Outlet Scratch Dent Appliances – Specializes in new appliances in open packaging, as well as appliances with minor dents and scratches at a fraction of the retail price. We have contracts with manufacturers to dispose of their excess inventory, discontinued items, open boxes, minor scratches and dents.

We serve the entire Bay Area including San Leandro, Hayward, San Francisco, Oakland, Concord, Dublin, Walnut Creek and all areas in between. We provide delivery, installation and removal.

Sears Outlet Scratch Dent Appliances

Sears Outlet Scratch Dent Appliances

We at DFW Appliance are thrilled and look forward to helping you. Whether you’re a new homeowner, selling a home, renting out a property, or simply upgrading your appliances. We will be happy to meet your needs.

Lowe’s Opens Its First Scratch And Dent Outlet Store

You can save 20 to 50% off retail price by purchasing scratch and dent appliances from DFW Appliance Scratch and Dent Appliance, available at our San Leandro (Alvarado Calle) store. These are new devices that have received dents, scratches, or impacts in the factory, warehouse, or during shipping. In many cases, the damage cannot be seen, and often the damage is hidden after the final installation in your home. Our prices on scratch and dent appliances beat the big box stores – Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and Best Buy all year round. You’ll never have to wait for an appliance sale with our year-round scratch and dent prices! . We also have various types of new furniture and mattresses at discounted prices!

Purchasing scratch and dent cleaners from our San Leandro store (2613 Alvarado St.) can save you a lot of money. Home appliances can be a big investment and sometimes you will have to replace them unexpectedly. We understand that sometimes purchasing new, high-quality appliances at retail prices just isn’t within your budget. That’s why we offer a huge selection of scratch and dent repair tools to our neighbors in San Leandro. In fact, purchasing our scratch and dent inventory may allow you to get a higher quality unit at a lower price than shopping at hardware retailers. At our San Leandro appliance store (2613 Alvarado St.), you don’t have to settle for a cheap refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or laundry kit; You can get high-quality appliances, even stainless steel appliances, at huge discounts – all because of a little scratch and dent. We have *Scratch & Dent Refrigerators starting at $399* and *Scratch & Dent Appliances starting at $125*. Many products come with a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty of up to 5 years. We inspect and repair everything before we put it in our showroom so you can shop with confidence. We provide delivery and pickup services, as well as affordable financing.

You always save on premium brand name items, both new and used. We buy *discounted* appliances that are discontinued, open packaged, returned or overstocked. They are all new, but with damaged shipping containers and sometimes cosmetic damage, at extremely discounted prices. We have limited supply of many major brands such as Kitchenaid, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, LG, Maytag and Jenn Air. We quality check everything we sell to verify condition before we display it in our showroom. We offer these cheap new appliances to our customers at greatly reduced prices with *20-50% off *retail prices.

The majority of our discounted appliance selection consists of floor standing and display models from major retailers. In addition to these floor models, we also carry surplus and discontinued models. These are brand new appliances that we offer to our customers in San Leandro at prices 20-50% below retail. Come to our store to see this premium equipment. Open Box Appliances are not inferior or cheaper products simply because we sell them at a discounted price compared to our competitors. The cheap appliances we sell are typically mid to high-end luxury appliances, so in this case, “cheap appliances” only means *low price and big discounts*. We stock home appliances from budget brands such as Hotpoint, right through to the prestigious Electrolux Icon and GE Monogram ranges, as well as some of the hottest new refrigerators from Samsung and LG. You can easily purchase the luxury, premium and mid-range appliances we sell at unbeatable savings.

Why I Regret Buying A Black Stainless Steel Appliance

We can also deliver new equipment to your home and remove the old one. We always offer a warranty on all major appliances, with extended warranties available up to 5 years. Financing is also available. Shop our hardware stores 7 days a week. DEAR MARY: I enjoy your columns, which I read in our local newspaper. We need to buy a new washing machine and would like your recommendation. I tried to find a column you previously wrote on this topic, but had no luck. Our large family needs a powerful car. Thank you. Monica

DEAR MONICA: Go to  and you’ll find all the columns, including those that don’t appear in your newspaper. When you land on this website, a search box appears in the top right corner: “Search my blog.” Enter washing machine or some other keyword(s) and you will find what you are missing. You can always count on every Everyday Cheapskate column to be archived on this site.

I think you should go to American Freight (formerly Sears Outlet). This outlet site consistently offers some of the best deals. Here, damaged and repaired equipment is sold at very discounted prices.

Sears Outlet Scratch Dent Appliances

When you visit the site, expect to find every dented washer that Sears has on sale at the time of your search at every American Freight store in the country.

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I think American Freight is a great educational site. It’s amazing how many models each appliance manufacturer has and what the suggested retail price was before it shipped to the retailer. Household appliances in retail outlets will be new or refurbished at a price of about 50 percent.

You can study the specifications of each device and even find customer reviews for many of the products. I’m sometimes leery of reviews on this site because, as you’ll soon discover, some people give a unit a lousy review because it’s dented or scratched, which is the reason they rate it so highly. So keep your common sense handy while researching.

I love the fact that you can see and find out exactly what’s wrong with every item that comes into the store. In most cases, these exceptions are simply cosmetic, such as a dent or scratch. You can find out what it means to purchase a “refurbished” device with a manufacturer’s warranty. Then check the location of the item in store, how to pick it up if you’re local, or how much shipping will cost if you need to go that route. Please check back daily as things change quickly.

I purchased a clothes dryer from American Freight (then a Sears location) about six years ago. It arrived from Ohio on a large truck with no box, just packing material and plastic wrap. It didn’t have an instruction manual. And I didn’t care. The dryer was exactly the same as in the photo on the website, with a large scratch on the side; $557 shipped compared to regular retail price of $1,100. I downloaded the manual from the manufacturer’s website and it was brand new to me with full manufacturer’s warranty. The scratch disappeared after installation next to the corresponding washer.

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Our big move to Colorado last year turned out to be a learning experience with Whirlpool appliances. With our new home we inherited a gas stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer – all Whirlpool Gold and 12 years old. I fully planned to replace all of these appliances, but quickly changed my mind after just a week of using them. It helps that they were taken care of so well. However, these days many devices become obsolete after 12 years. The washer and dryer are great workhorses. They don’t have digital displays, just basic settings. I am very pleased with all the appliances.

When you’re looking at washing machines, I would suggest you go with heavy duty, large capacity washing machines from GE, Whirlpool or Maytag. You’ll find plenty of options and options at an American Freight store in your area.

Do not use Samsung equipment. You will regret this until the day you die. In my opinion, Samsung appliances tend to be notorious for breaking down and are very expensive to repair if you can find someone to work on them.

Sears Outlet Scratch Dent Appliances

Remember: the fewer electronics and digital bells and whistles your washing machine has, the cheaper it will be to maintain over the years because you have fewer expensive options that can fail.

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My first choice is a top loading washing machine without an agitator. However, a front loader will provide you with huge water savings. You just need to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disinfecting and cleaning the drum (or “basket”) of your front loader at least once a month. The goal is to prevent mold from growing inside the pads, which can be a problem with some front-loading washers.

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